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30 Best Interview Outfits for Women: Business Attire for Job Interviews

Do you know the saying that says first impressions matter? It is real, and when talking about interview outfits for women, this is a must.

Our looks will speak before we even have the chance to say a word. So, you better look good when making a job interview and choose the right outfit for the occasion.

But if you’re kind of lost in all of this and want some insights and inspiration on what to wear for a business interview, be sure to keep reading this article and take a look at the most impressive business attire we’ve gathered for you.

But First, Why Pick an Impressive Interview Outfit?

The work formats have changed after the global change we’ve experienced in the past years.

Business attire at work became sweatsuits at home, with remote work growing fast.

And although that suit and tie dress code has been put in a drawer by several companies that now adopt a casual dress code, picking an impressive and well-thought-out outfit in a job interview is really a must.

19 Best Interview Outfits for Women: Business Attire for Job Interviews

So maybe you just need a push to remember how to dress up for this type of occasion. After all, appearances do matter, especially when you’re applying for a job interview.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, and next, you will check the best interview outfits for women so you can rock that interview you’ve been waiting for.

But before that, check out some things to consider when choosing the perfect outfit!

Think About the Position You’re Applying For

When selecting an outfit for a job interview, whether it’s for a corporate job or for a completely different area such as commercial modeling, one thing to consider is to think about the position you’re trying to get in that company.

Considering this can help you define your outfit exactly how it is supposed to be for that specific position, showing that you really care about the job and are willing to comply with the job rules.

Another piece of advice is that you pay attention to the company’s culture and check the dress code they adopt there. This way, you can go to the job interview using their dress code and cause an excellent first impression.

General Rules You Should Keep in Mind

Before we get to the actual business attire, learning what’s generally accepted in the business world when going to a job interview is essential.

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  •  Colors like navy blue, gray, black, white, and brown, nude, beige are well accepted in job interview outfits;
  • Clothes like pencil skirts, dress pants, blazers, sweaters, suits, knee-length dresses, tights, one-color blouses, or blouses with interesting patterns and details, etc. will make you stand out;
  • Don’t choose something too flashy that gets away from the image and message you’re trying to express: a professional and neat look.

30 Best Job Interview Business Attire for Women

Now, let’s get to the job interview outfit ideas we’ve prepared for you!

#1 Pick a Button-down Shirt and Be Creative With It

Button-down shirts are always an excellent choice for job interviews, especially because you can combine them with pencil skirts, dress pants, or even high-waisted or cigarette-style pants and play with colors in many ways.

Remember that you can also experiment with textures and run away from the conventional models without being too flashy and adding a personal tone to the outfit.

#2 Wear a Patterned Blouse

Of course, neutral-color blouses are more accepted than patterned ones. However, if you know how to choose it, you can be creative and use patterned blouses to have a more elegant and unique look.

Dots, stripes, animal prints, asymmetrical forms, etc., can be good choices. You can wear them with a pair of dress pants, a pencil or textured skirt or a cigarette-style pants.

#3 Combine a Sweater With a Classic Dress Pants

A sweater is a classic option that will look good with dress pants and will create a sophisticated look.

Add a button-down shirt underneath the sweater and some mule shoes, and you will be ready to rock your interview.

#4 Add a Blazer to the Mixture (Interview Outfits for Women Favorite)

Blazers never go wrong when the topic is interview outfits for women. Combine them with a neutral-color blouse or knee-length dress, and you’re set.

These are versatile options that can go well with many outfit ideas for a job interview.

You can mix a neutral-color blouse with a high-waist, knee-length skirt and add a navy blue blazer to the mixture. Or simply substitute the skirt with some sophisticated trousers.

The amazing thing about blazers is that you can play with them in several ways.

#5 Wear a Black Knee-Length Dress with Tights

Dresses are not the most recommended option when getting dressed for an interview. However, if you know how to choose it, everything will go fine.

We recommend that you look for a black knee-length dress and maybe add a blazer to the equation to make everything more sophisticated. You can also add tights to this look to make it even more elegant.

The thing is, black dresses are always a good option. So, don’t be afraid to use them!

#6 Pick a Light-tone Outfit with a Pleated Skirt

A light-tone mix or monochromatic light-color outfit transmits a sophisticated and elegant look.

You can choose a nice blouse or turtleneck shirt and pleated skirt in beige or nude, like in the image, and add a beautiful coat to go above everything, and you will look stunning for your interview.

#7 Go With a Light Turtleneck Shirt and a Black Blazer

Black always expresses sophistication, and when you add a turtleneck shirt in a lighter tone in an all-black outfit, you’re definitely showing you’re dressed for success.

Like in the picture, you can add black dress pants paired with a scarpin and a black blazer, and you’re set to go.

#8 Pick a Neutral-tone Bow Blouse

Neutral-tone bow blouses, whether in white, nude, beige, black, or other neutral colors, will make you look suitable for your job interview.

As they’re versatile, you can easily pair them with skirts or pants and a nice blazer above all.

You can also play with textures and opt for a satin blouse in neutral tones, for example.

#9 Opt for a Checked Blazer

Checked blazers go well with several combinations. For example, you can wear more casual business attire with dark jeans, a white turtleneck or a satin blouse shirt, and a pair of loafers with the checked blazer.

But remember, this option might not go well with all job positions, so be sure it is suited for the job you’re applying for. Interview outfits for women should always be appropriate for the role you apply.

#10 Give a Shot at a Statement Dress

Statement dresses are remarkable. Therefore, they can make you look stunning in your job interview.

An excellent thing about this outfit is that you can experiment with different colors to make it more unique. For example, you can try lighter tones or darker, neutral tones.

Each color will make a different impression and send a distinct message, but you will look ready to succeed regardless of your choice. Just remember to pick a knee-length model that covers your necklines.

#11 Experiment with Gray Pieces

Gray always adds an upscaled, fancy look to the outfits. So, it is an excellent idea to experiment with them.

Here are a few options you can consider:

  • Knee-length dress in gray with nude Scarpins (https://pin.it/3mnNsuY)
  • Gray pencil skirt or dress pants, white blouse, and gray blazer (https://pin.it/7qiCCQy);

#12 Pick a Business Attire Suit

The idea that suits only look good in men is highly outdated, and we all know it.

After all, this outfit looks fantastic on women too. And the best aspect of it? You can have it in several different colors!

Navy blue, dark green, gray, black, white, nude, beige, etc. A business attire suit will definitely make you look more professional in your job interview.

You can wear a nice belt and high-heels, mules, or loafers to complement the look, and you’re set!

#13 Go With a Cardigan

Cardigans add a fancy vibe to your look and make you look more elegant and sophisticated.

They are also the right choice if you want to keep things comfortable without losing the style and professionalism that a job interview requires.

Therefore, you can experiment with them in several outfits, like dress pants and a neutral tone or patterned blouse, or even a knee-length dress.

#14 Choose a Piece of Clothing With a Color that Stands Out

If you want to run away from the obvious choices, here is a suggestion: pick a blouse or a blazer that will stand out from the rest of the outfit.

For example, if you picked a gray pencil skirt and blazer, try an orange blouse like in the picture to keep yourself out of the obvious neutral tones and add a little bit of personality to the outfit.

#15 Go With an Animal Print Piece to Your Outfit

An animal print piece can definitely add personality to your outfit. So, don’t hesitate to play with it.

You can mix and match a pleated knee-length skirt with an animal print blouse, go with an animal print pleated skirt and a button-down shirt, etc. The options are endless!

#16 Accessorize!

The good thing about basic outfits is that you can accessorize them to make them more unique and elegant.

Your outfit doesn’t have to be boring if you know how to match the right accessories. For example, you can add a nice-looking belt to a neutral-tone suit and make it stand out from the crowd.

#17 Complete Your Interview Outfits for Women with Even More Accessories

You can also focus on picking the right shoes to make your outfit impeccable.

Necklaces and purses are also excellent accessories to consider when dressing for a job interview.

#18 Try a Dark Green Suit

Picking a dark green suit with a black top can be an excellent choice for business attire for a job interview because they are unexpected, chic, and elegant, making you look innovative and, at the same time, sophisticated.

Adding a dark scarpin to the mix will just make everything better, so don’t be afraid to go for it!

#19 Combine an Off-White Business Attire Suit With a Bow Blouse

This all-off-white outfit is screaming success. Why? Because it is sophisticated, it makes you look confident and transmits the message that you are powerful.

A monochromatic off-white suit is chic, and you can bet that it will cause an excellent first impression on your job interview.

#20 Classic Winter Outfit

Classical black pants in a combination with a sweater is always a good fit. To be more stylish you can always pick a sweater with a pattern to stand up from your classic outfit.  For a winter outfit, bundle up the whole outfit with a nude trench coat.

#21 Pepito Pattern Pants

You can wear Pepito pattern pants on many occasions as well as on job interviews. Depending on the time of the year, pattern pants will look good with a silk blouse or even with a one-color sweater. Colors that go with pattern pants are black, white, nude, and even red if you want a bold kind of outfit. If you choose a black and white combination, to add more style to your outfit pick colorful red shoes.

#22 Monochrome Suit

One of the most popular business outfits is definitely a woman’s suit. They come in many colors, from black, dark blue, dark green, and all the way up to the pink one. You can never go wrong with it, but to stand even more chose bright and fresh colors such as monochrome pink.

The suit goes well with any one-color shirt or blouse, and for extra points, you can even choose a blouse with stripes or dots. If you don’t feel comfortable in high heels, wear white sneakers with your suit and still look professional.

#23 Elegant Jumpsuit

For a long time, jumpsuits were considered casual and comfortable home outfits. Since fashion is moving on, jumpsuits can also make your outfit business professional. Wear it with or without a blazer, with or without a blouse underneath. With the right accessories, you can transmute your jumpsuit from business lunch into an evening look as well.

#24 Business Smart Jeans for Job Interviews

Talking about business outfits, jeans probably wouldn’t cross your mind. If you are looking for something between casual and business outfits, jeans are perfect for you. To make them more professional, match them with blazer and high heels. Don’t forget accessories as well, purse and jewelry will make your outfit stand even more.

#25 Floral Shirt as Women Business Attire

Depending on the job position you are going for the interview, you might need to show your open and friendly personality. The best way is to pick a floral shirt that will make you look friendly but at the same time professional. Match colors from a floral shirt with flared pants and you will have a perfect business outfit.

#26 Long Skirt

No matter if it’s a high waist, line pleated, with or without pockets, a long maxi skirt will be always a must-have in women’s wardrobe. Match it with a white shirt, blouse or even with a jeans blouse, and you are good to go. Depending on the season, wear boots or high heels with your long maxi skirt. To quickly turn a long skirt from a business outfit into a casual day outfit, just wear it with a printed T-shirt.

#27 Vivid Colors for Great First Impression at Interviews

To show brave and bold style, wear vivid color to your work interview. Vivid color represents excitement and optimism, and everyone wants that kind of person in their team to work with. Choose your style red, orange, yellow, or even purple. All those colors are a good match with the nude, white, and black rest of the outfit.

#28 Less Formal but Still Professional

Sometimes you don’t need a formal style, but you still need a professional style to show you are a mature and reliable candidate for the job. If you are applying for the job as an art director or anything else related to creativity, your outfit doesn’t need to be formal. To make it less formal, instead of black pants, wear black jeans with a printed T-shirt and add a blazer with a pattern or regular black color with a casual cut.

#29 Trendy Pencil Skirt

A pencil skirt it’s ideal to swap the winter outfit into a spring outfit. Match it with a lighter fabric shirt or blouse, and for the summer outfit add a summer top to complete a modern work outfit.

#30 Leather Pants for Confidence Boost

To show your confidence, wear leather pants. No matter what season is on, leather pants can look professional with a sweater for the winter look or with a blouse or shirt for the warm season. Choose classic black leather pants or go with brown ones and complete your look with one color shirt or sweater.


Dressing for a job interview has never been so easy with these tips and inspirational ideas.

Now you know where to find the best interview outfits for women and can start making your picks on the ones that best match your job application descriptions and your own personal style. 

And remember, the outfit you choose must be comfortable before anything else.

After all, imagine doing an interview in a business attire that is clearly uncomfortable and that you decided on just to comply with the dress code of the company? Nightmare!

As we mentioned before, it is essential to understand the company dress code and the job position you’re applying for. Still, it wouldn’t make any sense if you just follow that without finding your own personal style inside these factors.

So, don’t be the person that goes with the flow and forgets your identity in this process.

If you pick the right interview outfit for women that transmits your personality and complies with the company’s requirements, you will undoubtedly succeed in the end.

So, good luck in your business interview, whether it’s in-person or online and dress up for success!

And if you enjoy reading this article, be sure to keep following our blog to check more valuable tips!