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85 Housewarming Invitation Wording Examples

After any change in our lives, we may need to move to a new house. Maybe you need a job change, maybe you need a different home for your newborn baby. In this post, we list hand-picked housewarming invitation wording examples to brighten their days up.

For whatever reason, and hopefully, for a good reason, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t celebrate after we move into the new house. Housewarming is a long-standing tradition and, in our opinion, a very intimate activity. It will help you both get used to the house and establish new friendships. Your friends who come to your housewarming party also bring you gifts and wish you a pleasant living in your new home.

85 Housewarming Invitation Wording Examples

All you need to do for this party is prepare the drinks, food, choose music, make a list of friends you will invite and send invitations. Well, have you thought about what to write in this invitation you will send?

You can create a classic invitation if you want or you can invite your friends with a funny message. Since all of the people who will come to the party will be your favorite friends, you can create fun messages as you feel like it.

85 Housewarming Invitation Wording Examples

We have prepared housewarming invitations for you, which you can use either directly or as a source of inspiration. We wish you a happy life in your new home forever.

Here are 85 housewarming invitation wording examples we prepared for you:

1. Our family has a new member now and we have to move. Are you ready to see our newborn baby and have fun with us? Then we invite you to our housewarming party.

2. You have to come to our housewarming party early or someone else will eat all this delicious food. We’ll try to hide some for you, but we can’t make any promises. See you at our party tomorrow night.

3. I just moved to a new house and not if I don’t have a housewarming party. I’m getting the whole team together and we want to see you at the party tomorrow night.

4. The best thing about moving to a new house is that it’s a great excuse to party. Food and drinks are ready, get ready and don’t miss this party.

5. We didn’t want to celebrate our move to the new house without our loved ones. We want to see our dearest friends among us at this party. Cancel all your plans and join us.

6. Our new home would of course be meaningless without our friends. Why don’t we party while we’ve invited our friends? We only send this invitation to our dearest friends. We have made our preparations and we are waiting for you.

7. We’ve already decorated our backyard for our housewarming party. We have completed all our preparations and we are waiting for you, our dear friends.

8. We could not imagine that one day we would be able to buy our own house. But we finally made it and now we have a house too. Now it’s time to get together with friends for the housewarming party. We want you to understand that we’ll be happy to ascertain you among us.

9. Do not send letters to our old address because we have moved to a new house. We already want to host many parties and we look forward to welcoming you to our housewarming party.

10. We packed our things into boxes and headed to our new home. We shared this with you and finally settled in our house. Now it’s party time, we can’t wait to see our dear friends like you at our party.

11. My friends who helped me move, I would like to invite you to a wonderful party in return for your kindness. Let’s get together for our housewarming party and enjoy the fun.

12. We know your favorite foods and drinks. We have made our preparations accordingly and are ready to disturb our neighbors at the housewarming party. Join us with all your energy and joy.

13. Moving was not an easy task, but it’s finally over and the house is ready to live. More importantly, the house is now ready to party. Now it’s time to have fun and of course, this fun wouldn’t be possible without you. The most delicious food and drinks are ready, don’t miss this party.

14. Now I can say “home sweet home” too. Now that we’ve got our beers and barbecue ready, we can start the housewarming party. Get ready for a great conversation and be sure to be at this party.

15. Take a loved one with you and join our housewarming party. At this party, our families and friends will meet and have fun and dance.

16. Our friends who stood by us in our worst days and supported us, now is the time to be together on our best day. Come to our housewarming party and let’s forget all the bad days and toast to the good new days together.

17. It would be a lie if we invited you because there was a housewarming party and we didn’t think about doing the housework. But luckily, all the housework is done and all that’s left is to have fun. Come in your most natural state and join us at our party.

18. While our new house was empty, it has now become a home to live in. We have fulfilled our dreams and we will celebrate them with a party. We want to see you at this party, chat and have fun together.

19. Homes are beautiful with people inside and you are one of our best friends that we want to see in our home. We just moved to a new house and we’re having a great party, I hope you have no other plans and you’ll join us.

20. Thank you so much for helping me move into my new home, but this is not just a thank you message. This is a great party invitation message. You can also take your best friend and join the party.

21. Barbecue, drinks, and music are ready and waiting for you. We’re going to celebrate our move to our new home with a party and we want to see you among us.

22. We’ve moved into our new house, settled down, listened enough, and are now ready to party. If we’re not going to have a party, then why did we move into such a big house, right? We are waiting for you to the first party at our house.

23. Postpone your weekend plans and join us for the party we prepared for you. We have moved into our new home and are ready to throw a party. Get ready and don’t forget to join us at this party.

24. We have moved into our new house and from now on great parties await us. But you should not miss the first party, which is one of the most meaningful of these parties.

25. Our new home will make sense when we welcome you, dear friends. We wonder how it feels to disturb our neighbors from day one, join us and let’s do it together.

26. Everyone prefers their new house for different reasons, but we chose this house because it is suitable for a party with our friends. Now it’s time to see what a good choice we made.

27. Would you like to have new and good memories with us? Then you shouldn’t miss the first party we’re throwing in our new house. We have selected the most delicious dishes and drinks, we are waiting for you.

28. We’ve moved into our new home, but most importantly, we’ve stocked the fridge for partying. You know what this means, we are definitely waiting for you tomorrow night.

29. What’s the point of moving out after not spending time with our friends in our new home? We are ready to welcome you with the best food and drinks.

30. We are throwing a wonderful party to share the happiness of finding the house of our dreams with you, our dear friends. Bring your loved ones and double the fun.

31. Now that the move is done, it’s time to party. A new house deserves a nice party and we will be happy to see you at it.

32. We have planned a fun evening and will throw a party fit for the new home. At this party, of course, we want to see our dearest friends with us, so don’t cancel your plans and leave us alone.

33. I found the house of my dreams and settled in. I cannot describe my current happiness, but the important thing is that I can share this happiness with my friends. I have planned a party where I will see my favorite friends together and I am waiting for you too.

34. Home is not just a place to sleep. Having fun and having a good time with friends makes the house meaningful. We are waiting for you at our party to collect new memories.

35. We decided to celebrate our new home with a party and we want to see all our friends among us. You don’t need to bring anything, just take your fun spirit and come.

36. That house isn’t yours until you throw a housewarming party. You are invited to our party to make us feel that our new home really belongs to us, we will be happy to see you among us.

37. The walls were painted, the floors were wiped, and the furniture was placed. Now it’s time for that amazing party. Since we have filled the refrigerator, all you have to do is come back and accompany us and share our happiness.

38. We have one good news and one more good news for you. The good news is we have found our dream home, the better news is we are ready to celebrate our new home with a very nice party. Take your family and join us at this party.

39. We would like to see you among us at the housewarming party, which is proof that we will have a great time together. Don’t forget to bring your family and loved ones, we have enough beer for everyone.

40. Our new home deserves a good celebration. Beautiful celebrations are also made with beautiful friends. So don’t make any plans for tomorrow night and take your place among us at this amazing party.

41. We want to see you among us at the first party in our new house because this is our first party with our dearest friends. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our party on this meaningful day for us.

42. We consider you a part of our family and we want you to attend our first party in our new home. We moved to the house of our dreams and planned everything to have a good time with our dearest friends.

43. Our house may be modest, but our party will be absolutely gorgeous. Drinks and meals are ready, take your family and join us.

44. The best place to throw a party is, of course, in our own home. Admittedly, we chose our new home as a party fit. Come and let’s prove we’re right.

45. We worked hard, dreamed, and succeeded. We found our new party space, um, sorry, our new home. Now it’s time for fun, you should never miss this beautiful night and accompany us.

46. We have very nice friends like you and they will all come to this party. We want you to meet them too, and we’re going to celebrate our new home.

47. We moved into our new home and made all our plans for a fabulous party. Our closet is full of food and drink for everyone, and don’t forget to accompany us with your conversation.

48. If there’s anything better than a big house, it’s a big house with a pool. Because it creates the perfect atmosphere for the party. We have prepared this environment, now it’s your turn, come and join our fun. You have nothing to bring but your swimsuit.

49. Even though we have moved to the house of our dreams, this house would be meaningless without you. We would like to see you among us as you are one of our favorite friends at our housewarming party where we will bring all our loved ones together.

50. Since we moved to our new house, we decided to throw a party, but we got excited and bought a lot of food and drink. We would like to admit that you will not find us so generous again, and we would like to state that we will be happy to see you at our party.

51. There is really nothing like a house, but we do not want a house where we do not have friends. We have made all the preparations for the first party we will throw at our house, and we are waiting for you to our party with your family.

52. We are very happy to move into our new house and we want to bring this happiness to the top with a nice party. The party is meaningless without our beloved friends, come and let’s teach the neighbors how to make noise.

53. Home is not a place where we should shut up. Home is our living space where we can spend time with our friends. Then our friends come to our housewarming party and add meaning to our house.

54. A house is not a building with four walls. For us, the house is a living space where our joys and sorrows are experienced and all our problems are solved. We bought our new house with these thoughts and now it’s time to party.

55. We bought our new house and we want our friends to come and feel comfortable here like their own home. Join us at our housewarming party tomorrow night and join in the fun.

56. We made our dreams come true and bought our house. We decided to have a nice party to share our happiness. We want you to know that we will be happy to see you and your family at this party.

57. We have moved into our new home and we want you to see it as your own home. You are invited to chat and taste delicious food in a warm atmosphere.

58. We have moved to our new house and I would like to say that the door of our house is always open to you, our dear friends. Join our first party and join the fun we’ll have in our warm home.

59. We believe that a house will be beautiful with friends. For this, we will throw a party in our new house where we will host our dear friends. Cancel your plans and share this warm atmosphere with us.

60. Our new home is our biggest treasure chest and the most precious jewels in this treasure chest are you, our dear friends. Come tomorrow night and let’s chat, dance and have a nice party together.

61. Peace and happiness do not come true in a big house but a big family. Come and create our big family. Together with you, our new home will find true peace and happiness.

62. Our new home will be our kingdom, and our door will be open to anyone who is depressed. Now it’s time to get rid of the stress and tiredness, we are waiting for you at our housewarming party.

63. Our new home will be the perfect place for all of us to be comfortable, unexamined, and be ourselves. We are opening with a party tomorrow and we plan to continue like this.

64. There is no room for worry, tension, worry in our new home. We plan to prove it by throwing a party full of fun, amazing people, and we’d love to see you join us.

65. Our greatest luxury was having a peaceful home, and we succeeded. Now we want to get together with our friends, with whom we can chat and have a drink, and continue our fun.

66. We have prepared a warm home environment where you will feel safe and not afraid of anyone, just like us. A nice party and delicious food are waiting for you in this environment.

67. Our new home will mean nothing without you. Come to our party over the weekend and add meaning to our home. We will have good memories and you will want to repeat this party as soon as possible.

68. We want to make memories with our friends as soon as possible in our new house and we have planned a wonderful party for it. You’ll really regret it if you miss this party.

69. We bought a new house, but you, our dear friends, are the real owners of the house. Because without you, the house means nothing to us. We planned a nice party for us to get together, don’t promise anyone for the weekend.

70. I want to say that our new home is a haven for all our friends. If you even have a headache, come to us and listen, but now it’s time to make a mess and you’re invited to our weekend party.

71. We were happy and peaceful in our previous house, but this time we got the house of our dreams. Come share this excitement with us and enjoy a nice party. You can also bring your family and friends.

72. We have just moved to our new house with a pool, where we can party. Please do not ask for spare keys. Come to our party for the weekend and let’s have fun together until morning.

73. You will not want to get out of the pool of our newly moved house. We will be the friends you want to visit the most from now on. We decided to start these visits as soon as possible and plan a party for the weekend, we are waiting for all our friends.

74. Although there are many difficulties in going up to a big house, we will forget all of them with the perfect parties we will throw. You can run away from the house after the party, don’t worry, we’ll take care of the cleaning.

75. We bought a new house and as far as we can see, our neighbors are very quiet people. To bring some excitement to the neighborhood, we’re having a party honoring our move-in tomorrow, come and spice up our party.

76. Other people may be thinking of their families when buying a house, but to be honest, we bought our new house only with the dreams of the parties we were going to throw. Now it’s time to make these dreams come true, you are with us for the weekend.

77. Everyone’s destiny is different, but we are destined to have a house where we can throw great parties. It probably couldn’t get any better than this. Now it’s your turn, come and spice up our fun.

78. We decided to live in paradise on this earth and chose our new home accordingly. We have prepared an environment where all our guests will feel the warmth of their own home, and now it’s party time.

79. Bring your friend, family and anyone you love, because this weekend we are throwing an amazing party where all our friends will mingle. This party could be better, but it’s not a repeat because this is our housewarming party.

80. We ask you to cancel all your plans right now and not to promise anyone for the weekend. This weekend all our good friends get together and celebrate our new home

81. That day came and we finally got home. Now it’s time for the next great event, party time. We will get together with our beloved friends, including you, for dreamlike entertainment, you should not miss this night.

82. We had to move to a bigger house for our newborn baby. Since the moving process is over, we thought it would be nice to throw a party for both our new house and our newborn baby.

83. I hope you are well rested on Friday night because on Saturday we will be throwing the most amazing housewarming party in history. Don’t forget to get your sleep so you look good in photos.

84. Your social media accounts will be very colorful because we are having our first party in our new house. We will be happy to see all our friends among us on this crazy night, don’t be late.

85. Don’t promise anyone on Sunday morning because, after our Saturday night party, no one will get up early on Sunday morning. Food and drinks are ready, we are waiting for our friends to come and mess up.

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