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INFJ and INTJ Compatibility for Males and Females

The INFJ and INTJ personalities are both referred to as two of the rarest personality types out of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. We dive deep into details of the INFJ and INTJ compatibility for males and females in this post.

These two types share three qualities: introversion, intuition, and judging. Although the shared experience of having three similar preferences allows for the INFJ and INTJ to understand one another deeply that can be successful for a relationship, the way in which they process the world around them might hinder that success.

INFJ and INTJ Compatibility for Males and Females

INFJ and INTJ Compatibility for Males and Females

Let’s explore the compatibility of the INFJ and INTJ personality types.

Their Shared Attributes

As established, INFJs and INTJs share three, out of four, characteristics that play a large role in their personality–hence it should be no surprise that these two types attract one another. Both personalities share introversion, meaning they enjoy and need time to themselves to truly feel complete.

The shared introversion within these types is a win as each will respect and understand the need for space. An argument over needing space and alone time will be rare.

Introversion also means that both the female and male of the INFJs and INTJs type will be great listeners, especially when it comes to shared interests. In addition, the shared preference of intuition also means that both types find the exploration of new ideas important. When in a pairing, the INFJ and INTJ will ensure that they truly engage and listen to the conversation.

It is worth mentioning that the shared attribute of judging is beneficial when it comes to decision-making. Both types value the need for organization when it comes to decisions and daily life. Since INFJs and INTJs share this commonality it is likely that they will appreciate the balance that they create for one another.

Their commonalities allow for a greater deeper understanding of what their partner needs, which is what makes an INFJ and INTJ pair so successful and compatible.

The INFJ Male

The INFJ male is a rare find, and what makes them extra rare is that they do not tend to input themselves into stereotypical gender roles. The INFJ personality type prioritizes their feelings and the emotions of those around them, and this is no different when it comes to the INFJ male.

Everyone knows that society has a perception of what a “man” should be and what their role is in society, especially when it comes to emotions and relationships. Men are not typically referred to as emotional. If one thing that should be clear is that an INFJ males will not pressure themselves to fit into these roles, and they actually despise when people are forced into gender roles and stereotypes.

As an INFJ, the male has a compassionate nature and they will without a doubt help those around them that need it. Their comfort with their emotions allows them to become quite strong individuals through their compassion and considerations. It should not be mistaken, however, simply because they stay true to their emotions does not make them automatically irrational or illogical.

The INFJ male, although rare, is guaranteed to make a great companion, platonically and romantically. Their sensitivity and kindness for others are what attract women, as they are qualities that are often sought after.

The INFJ Female

Much like the INFJ male, the INFJ female is emotional, however still rational. If it comes to it, the INFJ female will favor their emotions, as they want others to be aware that they do indeed care for the feelings of others. They often think about how their actions and decisions will impact those around them.

The INFJ female is very passionate about her beliefs and morals and she will stand alone if she has to in order to protect those values. That being said, because of that passion and honesty, the INFJ female may make enemies, simply because of the tendency to be blunt when advocating for what they believe in.

Their sensitivity and nurturing features often attract suitors as those qualities are typically expected from women in relationships. The INFJ female tends to follow the role of what is expected of women in society, to be nurturing creatures.

The INTJ Male

The INTJ male is often deemed attractive for their desire and focus when it comes to their passions and goals. Their need for growth personally also reflects their relationships. The INTJ will always strive to improve a situation, so when it comes to their partner, they will do what is necessary to ensure that they and their partner are both happy and thriving.

Unlike the INFJ male, however, the INTJ man is not as emotional and they value logic far more than emotions. In fact, overly emotional people can sometimes become too much for the INTJ to handle. This is usually because when it comes to struggles or frustrations the INTJ male will try their best to clearly express themselves, which might not be the case with people that are too emotional.

However, once in a relationship–or when pursuing someone, the INTJ man is extremely loyal. Once they have connected with an individual they will do their best to always try to alleviate any stress from their partner. Their way of showing they care is through actions. The INTJ male will not really bother with trying to comfort their partner with words but rather solutions.

As mentioned earlier in this INFJ and INTJ compatibility post, their desire to find solutions to problems rather than wallowing reflects in relationships as they would much rather show someone how much they care rather than say it. For the INTJ male, actions speak louder than words.

The INTJ Female

The INTJ female is similar to the INFJ male in that it is not common for them to subscribe to gender roles and norms. The INTJ female does not often fit into the stereotype attached to women, that they are too emotional or often really feminine. Instead, the INTJ woman is practical and independent who doesn’t allow emotions to cloud their analytic mindset.

Although breaking from gender norms is revolutionary and should be applauded the INTJ woman will often struggle for this quality. Some men will not rejoice that these women do not submit themselves to common roles set forth by society. Intelligence and logic are very important for any INTJ, so being so outwardly independent can cause that disconnect for the INTJ woman.

This independence however is something they cherish and it guides them from day to day. Once their mind is set to a goal, the INTJ woman will do everything in their power to obtain it, even if it means having to challenge those around them. This may make others uncomfortable but the drive that these women have is far more important than someone’s comfort.

Now just because INTJ women tend to break from that gender role of being really emotional beings does not mean that all INTJ females do not fit into roles of femininity, because some do. What is more important to them is their thirst for knowledge and being their most authentic self.

INFJ and INTJ Compatibility

Let us explore INFJ and INTJ compatibility. This pairing works so well as one usually has something the other lacks. We already established the INFJ as emotional beings, they don’t shy away from their feelings and they are great at detecting the emotions of those around them. The INTJ, on the other hand, are not as emotional, they prefer to remain practical. When paired together there is a possibility for balance between the two.

For instance, where the INFJ, whether it is female or male, can be quite emotional about a certain situation or problem, the INTJ partner compliments them as their reflex would be to think of a solution. The INTJ male specifically will not bother with trying to comfort their INFJ partner but rather look for any solution or help that will make their loved one feel better.

This juxtaposition of logic and emotion might also cause a rift. When in distress, the INFJ might need that emotional support, however, the INTJ male and female do not really like to dwell in emotions when problems arise.

However, when an INTJ will get too into their head about what is logical or practical an INFJ partner is great at bringing them to their emotions. Not to mention that both INFJ and INTJ, male and female, value their romantic relationships. Once they have established a genuine connection with someone, both personality types prove to be loyal and dedicated partners.


Evidently, the INFJ and INTJ are compatible pairs that can create a great balance for one another. Like any couple, they will have disagreements and problems will arise, however they can always count on each other to respect their boundaries, especially when it comes to having time alone.

They will naturally attract each other, and when together they can create such deep connections.