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4 Personalities: Type A vs Type B vs Type C vs Type D

People were defined as Type A and Type B as difficult and easy, but this was not enough, Type C and Type D were added to Type A and Type B for more detailed definition. Each person has the characteristics of these four personality models, but usually one of them is more dominant than the others. In this post, we explain the characteristics of these 4 personalities understandably for you.

In this article, you can learn which type you belong to and gain a different perspective on yourself. You can also analyze the people around you and find out which of these 4 types they belong to.

If you know which character group the people around you belong to, you can understand their behavior and the reasons behind their behavior. In this way, you can be advantageous by anticipating many of their reactions to situations.

4 Personalities: Type A vs Type B vs Type C vs Type D

Type A

1. They want to be the best

People with this type of personality are constantly in competition and do everything they can to win. They desire to be recognized for their achievements and after each successful job, they seek a new challenge for themselves. These competitive aspects are not limited to business life, they want to be a winner in every field.

Even though they take responsibility for the most difficult tasks, they still don’t want to get into jobs that are less likely to win. Since their desire to win is as high as their desire to compete, they make their job choices accordingly. If you see the Type A person getting into a struggle, you can be sure of success.

2. They never stop

For people with Type A personality, being successful at a job is never enough, they immediately move on to the next goal. If there is no struggle, no challenge, they will not get into that job. They are always at the forefront and are willing to take part in all social situations.

There is no such thing as getting tired in their lives, they never see the money they earn enough, they constantly want to add a new one to their field of expertise. They spend their whole life working because their desire to be successful will not be satisfied no matter what they do.

3. 24 hours is not enough for them

Type A people feel uneasy if they have nothing to do. Not doing business is wasting your life for them. They constantly check the clock and try to catch up with the next job. They are constantly busy throughout the day and being busy is a sign of success for them.

Their obsession with work can prevent them from forming strong friendships, they have little time to socialize and they do not make good use of it. They may see the time they spend for other people as a waste of time even if it does not contribute to their work. If you’ve met a Type A person, don’t be surprised if business starts talking.

4. They don’t even want to take a lunch break

Type A people who come to work early and are the last to leave and spend every second focused on work, unfortunately, cannot eat even at lunch by checking their e-mails. The best option for them is to have lunch at the office so they can keep working. Because even lunch is a waste of time for them and they want to live without sleeping if they have the opportunity.

They gain energy not by rest but by being successful. They are extremely obsessed not only with their work-life but also with their hobbies. They can work for days, months until they are successful, and that makes them extremely happy. They tell everyone they’re busy, they really are, but it’s their personal choice not to take a break. In the long run, these behaviors may harm themselves and they may face many health problems.

5. They are not interested in simple goals

They don’t pursue goals that won’t be talked about by other people when they’re accomplished. They seek the greatest goal they can achieve, do not deal with tasks that they consider unimportant, and often put off such tasks. Once they focus on their goals, there is nothing that can stop them, they will work with all their strength until they succeed.

They prefer long-term projects because the longer work, the greater the success. They like jobs where they have to think a few steps ahead and they proceed by planning very well. Successfully exceeding the small goals that stand in their way motivates them as they move towards their big goals.

6. They like to plan ahead

In order to devote all their time to their work, they live the rest of their lives according to a schedule. Since things such as what to wear, what to eat, what day to clean the house are planned every day, they do not waste time with this and they use the energy in their minds in more efficient works than themselves.

Even their knowledge of the job is in a row and they can find and bring the information they need from their minds. Type A people who don’t want to act without planning have a hard time acting spontaneously when they encounter an unexpected problem, but if they find a small clue, they can solve all problems.

7. They want to deal with many projects

Type A people want to deal with a very big project, but they can manage the project in a planned way and if they have time to do other things, they want to advance another project at the same time. There’s only one reason they want to do this because they’re equipped to do it. By working on several well-planned projects, they both minimize their free time and experience the happiness of completing much more work at the same time. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that the word workaholic originated for Type A people.

Type B

1. They are the most relaxed people in the world

B Type people stay away from arguments, they don’t try to finish any work right away, they don’t try to fill every weekend with an activity. Since they do not live their lives with a busy schedule, they can keep up with spontaneous situations. When you suddenly want to go to the movies, you can call a B Type friend, you can most likely find them at home.

Type B people who enjoy having free time do not like to rush and be asked to hurry. They don’t mind that some work is late, they prefer things to take a few days longer than stress.

2. No one will have problems with them

It is almost impossible to see a B Type person fighting, they are always solution-oriented and patient. No matter the problem, they can always find a solution and are liked by other people for being friendly. They are relaxed people, but not reckless, they value people, they care about what they do, all they want is to live a stress-free life.

They are not touchy people, they don’t mind when you do something wrong to them, and if they see you realize your mistake, there is no problem. They are people with character who can be anyone’s best friend.

3. They are very creative people

Since they prefer a stress-free life, their minds are open for creativity and they can produce unique ideas on any subject. If a job-related problem needs to be solved, they can approach the problem in many different ways. They want to be successful, they do their best, but they have no ambition to win.

They do not focus on the result, they enjoy the process. In artistic fields such as music, they love the process of the work until it comes out and they manage it very well. Since they prefer to live alone, they can find enough time to devote to creative work and use this time very productively.

4. Problems do not affect them negatively

B Type people know what to do in the face of unexpected problems and can stay calm. From the moment they encounter a problem, they begin to think about how to solve it, and they also calm their surroundings. They use their creativity in these situations as well, and even when they can’t solve the problem completely, they at least find a temporary solution to keep things going.

It’s important for them to keep moving forward and they don’t mind reaching their goals late. Because they enjoy the process of every job, they don’t mind reaching their dreams a little late. They can be ideal employees and managers, they manage crises very well.

5. They don’t hold grudges

There are hardly any unforgivable mistakes for B Type people, they do not get angry easily. Some situations where other people panic are not even a real problem for B Type people. They don’t get angry when things go wrong, they think about what to do and act knowing that this bad day is temporary. There is no room for worry in their lives, which makes it easier for them to solve problems.

6. It’s easy to be friends with them

Type B people have no drama in their lives, they have peace and happiness, which attracts other people to them. Their behavior ensures that the people around them stay calm all the time, and due to these characteristics, they become indispensable friends. They do not hesitate to make fast friends because making friends with the wrong person does not affect them badly, they can correct their mistakes and move on with their lives.

7. They would rather stay away from work than get stressed

B Type people try to anticipate the stress they will experience from this job, even if there is a great job opportunity in front of them. If they think it is a very stressful job, they stay away from that job, they don’t care how much the job will give them. For B Type people, inner peace comes first, if they realize that they will lose their peace in a job, that job is not for them. Type B people see jobs that other personality types see as unmissable opportunities, as unnecessary.

Type C

1. They like solitude

They are people who are afraid to show their feelings and make demands on others. They have difficulty in establishing friendships, since they are introverted people, their communication aspects may not develop much. Being in a social environment for a long time makes them tired and they need to be alone and come to their senses as soon as possible. It is not easy for them to trust others, they prefer to be alone than to meet new people.

2. They want to solve all problems

The introversion of C Type people leads to the development of their observation skills. They can notice every detail of a job and see even the smallest problems. If you want a perfect job, you should work with C Type people, they are perfectionists and they are equipped to do the job in the right way. They do not see it as a waste of time to deal with solving small problems to make a job perfectly and can work on it for days.

3. They are not sensitive

They try not to show their feelings, but that doesn’t mean they are insensitive. They are as understanding as possible and can control their anger when they are angry. They are not affected by the wrong done to them, they tend to solve the problem.

They want to take responsibility for things themselves because they are most self-confident. Even if other people give a job, they want to check the last job done by them because no one can analyze it as perfectly as they do.

4. They see the negative side of things

Type C people do not experience mood swings, but negative perspectives dominate. Having a negative point of view does not prevent them from doing business, and even allows them to realize in advance the negativities they may experience in the future. There are 10 conditions required for a job to be done and if 9 of them are fulfilled, they become obsessed with the remaining 1 possibility and do not start the job without solving it. Thinking about the worst-case scenario will always make them do less harm, but it can also cause them to miss opportunities.

5. They don’t want change unless they have to

They do not want to change the order in their lives and prefer to live in a certain routine. Making lifelong friendships with the same people is safer for them than meeting new people. It takes a long time for them to get used to a change in their work-life or relationships. After they get used to the new situation, they start living it as a routine and they are successful no matter what the situation is. When you ask them for a change, you should know that it will not happen easily and you should give them the time they need.

6. They care more about others

Happiness and peace for them are in a small group of friends, if this group of friends starts to get crowded they will be disturbed. Since they are very devoted to their friends, the increase in the number of people begins to tire them. The increase in the number of people turns into a social situation that they cannot cope with, as they are people who do not forget about special days, choose wonderful gifts, and are always ready to help. They do not want to put up with anyone, they don’t have to know too many people.

7. They follow the decisions of the majority

They are people who do not mind their own wishes and are not stubborn about them. It’s okay for them to do what the majority says if it’s important to the peace of the group. They are comfortable people and they do not want their comfort to be disturbed by minor disagreements. They are very preferred people in the workplace and the environment of friends, they are very good at adapting to the environment in group activities.

Going in a different direction on their own when everyone has taken a common decision is a cause for unrest for them. For Type C people who like to be comfortable, this behavior is completely wrong and the priority is always to follow the decision of the majority.

Type D

1. They only see the negative aspects

No matter how well things go, they always focus on the shortcomings and think that it should be better. If they earn 1 from a job, they worry why they can’t earn 10 instead of focusing on their earnings. Even though this constant dissatisfaction and negative point of view consume their energies, we can also say that they are also sources of motivation to achieve better.

2. They have difficulty expressing themselves

If you’ve ever seen someone standing alone in the corner with a drink at a party looking around or looking at their phone, it’s most likely a Type D person. They have trouble relating to others and do not want to interact with other people.

Since they are people who avoid interaction, their communication aspects do not develop, and because their communication aspects do not develop, they have problems in getting along with people and expressing themselves. They don’t talk much about themselves when they have to talk to someone because they think meeting new people will make them vulnerable.

3. They avoid difficult situations

When things get tough, D Type people get stressed first, and this stress affects them much more negatively than other people. When things pile up and they realize they can’t get it done on time, they want to quit. They want to get away from a difficult situation and take care of simpler things. Struggling, solving problems, having to explain the mistakes made are torture for them and they try not to fall into such a situation as much as possible.

4. They are not good teammates

They do not want to deal with anything other than doing the given job, they do not want to worry about the problems of their colleagues. Even standing in the office with their co-workers can make them uncomfortable from time to time, due to their inadequacy in social issues. They don’t want to chat with people they don’t like beyond greeting, anyway, they are not people who interact too much even with their loved ones.

They try to stay away from anything they see as a source of stress, they can wear out very quickly emotionally, making them feel vulnerable.

5. They always think they’re unsuccessful

D Type people do not focus on the things they have accomplished, but on the things, they could not do when they could have been better. Because of this wrong focus, they think that they are not successful in anything. They lack satisfaction in all areas of their lives and constantly compare their work.

Even after they have achieved a job they want to accomplish, they start to think that it is not enough, and they may have such a negative judgment that they wish they had not done this job. Although their social weaknesses prevent them from pursuing too much work, they can achieve success in business that will earn the admiration of others.

6. They act like there is nothing good in their life

If you see someone who is constantly in negative thoughts, pessimistic, and acts as if the world has come to an end, you can say that he/she is a D Type person. They do not know how to be grateful, they belittle every job they do well, they have the perception that everyone else’s work is perfect but theirs is going badly.

This wrong mindset they have consumes their energy and prevents them from enjoying life. They have negative thoughts that can even lead to depression, so they need to be around positive people.

7. Their negative thoughts cause physical problems

As a result of living in constant negative thoughts, they experience a process that starts with a headache and gradually turns into bigger health problems. They feel tired all the time during the day and this fatigue does not go away with rest. Because they are tired not because they work hard, but because they think too much. They can’t get over this feeling of burnout until they give up some control and start to see the positive side of things. If they continue like this, they may end up in such a bad situation that they need professional support.


Learning 4 personalities including Type A, Type B, Type C, and Type D allows us to help our friends around us and be prepared for our enemies. Every person has some characteristics of these four personality types, but one type is much more dominant. Even if you have learned these types, we recommend that you do not be prejudiced against anyone.

Humans are creatures that can behave unusually by nature, so instead of acting with complete confidence in your decisions about people, it is useful to look at your impressions as helpful analyzes.