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111 Heartwarming Baby Congratulations Card Messages

Finding someone you love and moving your marriage relationship is a wonderful thing, but even more amazing is having a baby with the person you love. A family whose babies are born experiences incredible happiness. For them, their baby is now the most valuable asset in the world. In this post, we list hand-picked baby congratulations card messages to brighten their days up.

They waited patiently for more than 9 months, they struggled a lot, and they finally got their baby. At such times, you can congratulate your friends by sending a nice message.

111 Baby Congratulations Card Messages

Here are 111 “baby congratulations” messages we have prepared for you:

1. We welcome a new member of your family. We can’t wait to see him and take him in our arms as soon as possible. We are sure you will be great parents, congratulations.

2. We wish your child a long, healthy, and happy life. May you have many beautiful days together and spend every moment with joy.

3. He is a very lucky baby to be born as your child. May health and happiness be with him for the rest of his life, congratulations.

4. I know how hard you struggled until today. What follows will be the happiest years of your life. I welcome your baby and wish him a very good life.

5. I am so glad that wonderful people like you have brought babies into this world. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see the new member of your family.

6. You’ve been waiting for this moment for months, and it’s finally here. She will be a very lucky baby to be born into a loving family. We look forward to seeing him and taking him in our arms.

7. I give all my love to your newborn baby and congratulate you as well. From now on, there will be much better excitement in your life, I wish you all happiness.

8. We are very happy for you that you have a beautiful and healthy baby. We wish you a healthy and successful life, hug him for us.

9. We are very happy and excited that our guest, which we have been waiting for, has finally arrived. I am looking forward to hugging our little guest and show our love.

10. Two waiters for a baby! It must be an incredible feeling but don’t worry, we will come to help you and we will love the twins to the fullest.

11. We welcome your baby and give him our love. We send our kisses. We predict how happy you are and wish you a healthy, happy and long life.

12. If you are looking for a volunteer babysitter, I am ready because I want to spend a lot of time with that beautiful baby. He is now in the most beautiful place in our hearts. Welcome baby, congratulations beautiful family.

13. We sincerely congratulate you and welcome your baby. We are sure that your next life will be much more fun and exciting.

14. Words are not enough to describe how emotional we are. So your little baby is finally born. We know that he was born in a family where he will grow up with love and care, we congratulate you.

15. I can’t believe you have twins, it’s so exciting. We also want to congratulate the mother of her babies, she gave birth to two wonderful beings.

16. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter and sending her best wishes for a healthy, happy, loving life.

17. We welcome your baby, who has opened a new page in your life, and congratulate this beautiful family. Now there is one more person in your life and whatever he says will be done for a long time.

18. Your life will not be the same anymore, there will be a little man in the house who will decide when you will eat, sleep and rest from now on. We know you will take very good care of him and we congratulate you.

19. A wonderful period of your life is beginning, but let us warn you that this wonderful period will be a little sleepless. Have a nice day together, we congratulate you very much.

20. We were very happy and emotional when we heard the news of his birth. We are sure that you will be a great mother and your daughter will see you as a role model. We know that he will raise a wonderful person and we wish him a healthy life.

21. We are very happy for you on this wonderful day. Congratulations to your baby born to a wonderful family and we want you to know that we will come running when you need help.

22. May your newborn baby brings joy and peace to your family. May your life be much more beautiful and fun from now on, you will be great parents.

23. There is nothing better than the healthy birth of your baby. You guys will already be great parents and your baby will be proud of you when he grows up.

24. I congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful daughter and I understand very well the feelings you are experiencing right now. You must be experiencing moments of mixed happiness and anxiety, but don’t worry, everything will be fine and we are with you.

25. Wow, it must be an incredible feeling to have a daughter. I am ready to do anything for our little princess, please remember that if you need help, we will be right back.

26. Congratulations on your baby’s birth and we know that she will be a wonderful person when she grows up with your love.

27. A new baby means a new life and it must be amazing to witness that life. Now is the time to calm down a bit and enjoy the moment.

28. We warmly greet the newest member of your family and look forward to welcoming you into our arms. He will live a wonderful life thanks to a great world to learn and explore, and a wonderful family.

29. When I learned that you have a son, I was very excited and announced the news to everyone. Because now we have a new Real Madrid supporter. I hope he doesn’t get influenced by his uncle and pick the wrong team. I’ve already started to dream of taking him to the games.

30. The best news I’ve heard in a long time was the birth of your son. I will come to you as soon as possible and take her in my arms and tell her what a lucky family she was born into.

31. We are so happy that your baby was born into a loving, warm home. May luck always be with him in his next life.

32. We know that it is not an easy process, but we are sure that you forget everything as soon as you hold your baby in your arms. You will witness that it grows rapidly in front of your eyes and you will have very good days.

33. You are experiencing the most amazing development in your life. You brought a wonderful baby into this world and that baby will bring you joy and excitement, congratulations.

34. You are truly one of the most beautiful families a baby can grow into. Congratulations on your newborn baby and we wish our little princess a happy life.

35. May your baby bring more luck and happiness into your life. We are very happy that he was born healthily and we congratulate you.

36. After a baby is born, he needs a warm home and self-made parents. You guys will be the most amazing parents we’ve ever known, and you’ll raise the little guy so beautifully.

37. Join your family, we offer a lot of love to your new and tiny member. Now life will be more beautiful and meaningful, we congratulate you.

38. The new period of your life is beginning and this period will be much more active. We wish you a healthy and long life with your new mini pup, who has just joined your family.

39. We know you will be an amazing mother and we are sure you will have many great memories with your little boy.

40. It made me very happy to see my valued friends like you become parents. I can’t wait to come and play games with the little member of our family as soon as possible.

41. I’m learning that the most amazing person I’ve ever known also has a wonderful baby. I haven’t been this happy in a long time, congratulations to you young parents.

42. I don’t believe there is a better family than you for a child to live with. I wish you a long life in which you will collect new memories with your baby.

43. Welcome baby, you’ve already brought joy and excitement. A beautiful life awaits you in your home where you will grow up with love and trust from now on.

44. You will be great parents and your extended family with our little friend will continue to collect great memories.

45. Congratulations on the arrival of your baby and we know that it will make you very happy with the riches it will add to your life. Congratulations to the most beautiful parents in the world.

46. We welcome your baby and wish you a life full of happiness beyond your dreams.

47. Congratulations on the birth of your son, it must be a wonderful gift for you. We wish you a long and healthy life with your son, congratulations.

48. We are all very happy with the birth of your baby and look forward to meeting him. I bought the Barcelona jersey, I don’t want any objections.

49. I want to congratulate you on giving birth to a very healthy baby. Enjoy every moment of your life because it will grow much faster than you think.

50. Thank you very much for bringing a baby into the world and giving us this happiness. We wish you and your baby a happy life, which will be the next source of joy in your home.

51. A perfect couple like you needed to give birth to a child. We are sure that you will raise this beautiful baby in the best possible way and she will be a wonderful person too.

52. When we say hello to your baby, you say hello to sleepless nights. It may not be easy to get used to at first, but then excellent fun days await you.

53. The cutest child is your friend’s child because we’ll just come to love and play while you deal with things like putting up with her crying and changing her diapers.

54. Kiss your baby’s tiny hands and feet for us and breathe in the scent. May your happiness last forever, congratulations.

55. You are naturally perfect parents and you don’t have to worry about anything. We know that you will raise your baby most wonderfully and give him an amazing future.

56. Your life will change forever and will never be the same again because it will be so much better than before. Now that you have your baby in your arms, the rest is fun and happiness.

57. One of you has been a great mother and the other a great father. We wish you to adapt to your new life order as soon as possible and have happy days with your baby.

58. A wonderful couple like you would of course have a wonderful baby. You have such a beautiful daughter that it’s like an angel, may you have many long and healthy days together.

59. Having a baby really feels like a miracle, and you’ve managed to experience it. May you have a healthy, happy, and long life, collect good memories and share them with us.

60. Now there is a princess in your house and this princess will keep you awake for a while, but at the same time, it will be the most beautiful treasure of your life.

61. The happiness of having a child is priceless, and the antique vase that he will break once he starts walking is priceless.

62. We welcome this little person who will grow up quickly in front of your eyes and we want you to know that we are very happy when we receive the news.

63. I am sure that it is not possible to express your current feelings in words. All we have to do is congratulate and come and play games with that little man as soon as possible.

64. We are very happy that the baby you gave birth to after a very beautiful pregnancy is healthy, we congratulate you and wish you a happy life.

65. Every newborn baby makes this world beautiful. We are sure that the baby of a mother and father like you will continue his life as a wonderful person.

66. Forget everything you ever had because your source of happiness will be your newborn baby from now on. We wish your baby a long and healthy life with his parents.

67. Don’t be fooled by the fact that your newborn baby is so tiny because he is now the new boss of the house. We welcome the new boss and congratulate you, his precious family.

68. From now on, your house will smell like heaven because the scent of the little princess will spread everywhere. Now you are one of the families with children, congratulations beautiful family.

69. Your baby has been born and will be your greatest love from now on. We are very happy that people as valuable as you experience such happiness, we congratulate you and wish you a long and healthy life.

70. Your baby has been born and will change your life with a smile from now on and make you happier than ever before. We leave you alone with these beautiful feelings and congratulate you.

71. We congratulate you on your baby, whom we wish to have a long life that will spend each age with a different beauty.

72. We welcome the amazing babies of a wonderful couple like you. Congratulations on your baby who will add many colors to your life.

73. Glad you met and got married, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to love such a sweet baby. Congratulations on bringing this beautiful creature into the world.

74. You have a fragrant and beautiful baby. We wish you a happy life with the cute little one, we will come to see him as soon as possible.

75. Dear friends, we were very happy when we learned that your baby was born. We love you very much, but now someone we will love more than you have been born.

76. The moment you see your baby for the first time, we would love to be with you and witness your excitement. But from now on we will come often to love the little one, we wanted to warn you in advance.

77. Now that your baby is born, we are sure that there will be nothing more important in your life than him. Congratulations and we want you to know that we will be happy to help if there is anything we can do.

78. I remember the day you found out you were pregnant like it was yesterday, how fast time flies. Now it’s time to take our little baby in our arms and love, congratulations beautiful mother.

79. The best news we’ve had in a long time has been the birth of your baby. We congratulate you on your baby who will grow up in a wonderful family and wish you a healthy and happy life.

80. There is nothing in this world more beautiful than the birth of a baby. We are so happy that a wonderful couple like you has a baby.

81. It is incredible that a small baby can occupy such a large place in your life and your heart. We wish you a very long and happy life with your princess.

82. The birth of your baby is a wonderful event, you may be a little worried now, but trust your feelings because you will be great parents.

83. Now you will have a baby at home who can make you do whatever he wants with a smile. As he grows rapidly, you will also collect beautiful memories, may your happiness be always, congratulations.

84. Now you have a miraculous being in your arms looking at you with his pure soul and shining eyes. Congratulations on giving birth to such a beauty.

85. A baby’s smile reminds us of innocence and now you have the chance to see that smile every day. We wish you to experience this happiness to the fullest.

86. Seeing the baby in the arms of the mother and the man she loves next to her can be the most beautiful painting in the world. We wish you a lifetime of happiness in this family painting.

87. Your baby born today will bring the whole family together and will create more beautiful bonds between you. May he have a healthy, happy life and be happy for life together.

88. From now on, when we want joy and peace, we will come to you to love your baby. We do not accept objections in this regard and we offer our congratulations.

89. The most beautiful thing your love can give this world, your baby is welcome to the world. Don’t let the sparkle and smile in your baby’s eyes disappear for life.

90. Your baby, who just opened his eyes to the world, doesn’t know right now, but he will grow up in a truly amazing family and have a wonderful future.

91. Congratulations to you and your wife and we can’t wait to see our little prince. We will want to visit you very often from now on, you know why.

92. We welcome your baby and congratulate you on becoming a parent at such a young age. We wish you a lifetime of happiness with the little beauty of the world.

93. We are very happy that you have a baby, we know that he will grow up with the courage of his father and the nobility of his mother, and we congratulate you on this happy day.

94. We can feel how happy you are right now and believe me, we are just as happy as you are. May your little one have a healthy, happy life and never lose his beautiful soul.

95. The birth of your baby has made us incredibly happy. May health, peace, and happiness always be with you in your life that you will continue as 3 people.

96. My dear friends, we have finally received this good news that we have been waiting to hear for a long time. We congratulate you and wish you happiness in your life that you will continue with 3 people.

97. We will have a lot of photos and videos with your newborn baby, we don’t want any objections because there is nothing more beautiful in this world than a newborn baby.

98. You were a beautiful family before you had a baby, but now you have grown into a much more wonderful family. We congratulate you on the birth of your baby, wishing you this happiness forever.

99. May your little baby’s little heart be filled with peace and happiness, and may he have a long life in which he collects great memories with you.

100. We wish you to experience the feeling of motherhood and fatherhood in the best possible way, and we congratulate you on the birth of your baby.

101. We welcome the youngest member of our team and want you to know that from now on we will be visiting you often to spend time with your little one.

102. You left the pregnancy and birth behind in a healthy way. Now a new period of your life begins, we know that you will spend this period very well and we congratulate you.

103. We really wanted a family as valuable as you to have a child. We have been waiting excitedly since the first days of your pregnancy and finally, we met our little prince.

104. We feel the happiness you experienced when your baby was born and we congratulate you on your special day.

105. Welcome to the world with your baby, whom we wish to have a long and successful life with the luck of growing up in a family like yours.

106. Now even the sunrise will be more meaningful to you because every morning when you open your eyes, you will go to a little princess.

107. We welcome your baby, who we are sure has changed your perspective on life from the first second he was born, and congratulate his whole family.

108. We are very happy that your baby, whose birth we are looking forward to, is born, you will have a new life from now on, enjoy it.

109. You are a very well-bred couple, so we know that you will raise your baby very well.

110. We celebrate the arrival of this angel, who will make you fall in love with him with his tiny hands and warm smile and will make you strive for his happiness forever.

111. Your newborn baby is now the real owner of the house and you are the employees responsible for serving him. In return, you can get a smile and maybe a kiss from your little baby in the future. We know that everything will go very well and we congratulate you.

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