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125 Inspiring Gratitude Affirmations to Brighten Your Day

Gratitude affirmations are described as realizing everything we have, big or small, and thanking for them from the breath we take to the water we drink.

Positive words offer positive thoughts and positive thoughts lead to a happier life. It’s in our control to change our thoughts and feelings by getting help from gratitude affirmations. It results in an instant impact on our lives.

Gratitude is an effective positive way of thinking. We must take advantage of such great power. In fact, we should make it a part of our daily routine because our mind is affected by what we hear and what we think.

125 Inspiring Gratitude Affirmations

#1 Life is the most beautiful gift.

#2 I add meaning to this life.

#3 The world excites and motivates me.

#4 I am thankful for everything I have.

#5 The order and complexity of the universe fascinate me.

#6 I embrace everything positive and negative.

#7 I view my background as a lesson and keep learning.

#8 I feel the love that comes to me.

#9 I know a good life is made up of good and bad days.

#10 I love the little joys that make up life.

#11 I’m grateful for the sun, cloud, rain, and snow.

#12 I am thankful for the situation I am currently in.

#13 I’ve had a lot of miracles and will continue to live.

#14 I accept life with love.

#15 I’m happy to be who I am.

#16 The world keeps changing every second.

#17 I have a nature-friendly personality.

#18 A new day, a new life.

#19 I have enough love for everyone.

#20 I’m ready for the adventure I’ll live today.

#21 I am so peaceful as I let myself go with the flow of life.

#22 I enjoy feeling nature.

#23 Order and chaos don’t bother me.

#24 I may not know the future but I’m grateful for today.

#25 It makes more sense to share life with loved ones.

#26 I feel belonging to life.

#27 I’m glad I’m alive.

#28 I can see that everyone is connected.

#29 I can find something to be thankful for even on the worst days.

#30 I appreciate all the events that make up this world, big and small.

#31 I am grateful for my body’s self-healing power.

#32 I also enjoy quiet and still moments.

#33 Life is full of miracles and I am a part of it too.

#34 I have unique qualities of being human.

#35 I pride myself on having compassion and empathy.

#36 I am aware of the moments when I breathe and exhale.

#37 I am one of the many miracles in this world.

#38 I am grateful for the thousands of smiles I have encountered.

#39 I can feel my joy of life.

#40 I am one with my surroundings.

#41 I’m grateful for the feeling where I touch the ground where I feel.

#42 I feel lucky for new people to come across.

#43 My wonderful friends make life meaningful.

#44 I am grateful for all living things in nature.

#45 I’m grateful that my mind and body work as one.

#46 I am in love with the scent and color of flowers.

#47 I’m grateful for the moments and people that excited me.

#48 I love everything between sky and earth.

#49 Nature gives peace to my soul and serenity to my mind.

#50 I don’t lose love under any circumstances.

#51 I’m grateful to know people who are interesting and different.

#52 The radiance of the moon and stars fascinates me.

#53 I love all forms of love.

#54 Spending time with good people makes me happy.

#55 I am grateful for the conveniences technology has created.

#56 It excites me to hear bird chirps.

#57 I am amazed by the size of the universe.

#58 Having a clean heart gives me peace of mind.

#59 I start the day with gratitude.

#60 The number of things I’ll be grateful for is growing every day.

#61 The whole world feels like my home.

#62 I’m grateful for the business and friendship opportunities that come across.

#63 I peacefully rest my head on the pillow at night.

#64 I wake up every morning with a peaceful spirit.

#65 I don’t miss small opportunities for joy.

#66 I start every morning with new hopes.

#67 I have a free spirit.

#68 I feel lucky for the gratitude I experienced during the day.

#69 I am grateful for all the change I have experienced since my birth.

#70 I care about every lesson I take.

#71 I’m grateful for every moment I’ve had good experiences.

#72 I respect tradition.

#73 I use time to gain wisdom.

#74 I never lose hope.

#75 I meet great people every day.

#76 I trust my feelings.

#77 I am grateful for the money I earned.

#78 I believe differences make life better.

#79 Thank you to everyone who wants to make the world beautiful.

#80 I am grateful for everything I have experienced and will experience in the future.

#81 I am thankful for the summer, winter and spring seasons.

#82 I see every moment as a fortune.

#83 I am grateful for small success.

#84 I love living gracefully.

#85 I see every trip as a new adventure.

#86 I’m grateful I have time of my own.

#87 I understand the difficult people I run into.

#88 I am part of all people.

#89 I am grateful for the moments when I cried and laughed.

#90 I am happy to be hugged.

#91 Silence and slowness give me peace.

#92 I appreciate childish conversations, purity and cleanliness.

#93 I’m grateful that learning has no end.

#94 I enjoy discovering who I am.

#95 My experiences make me have a beautiful character.

#96 I enjoy being a ray of hope for others.

#97 I know I can do much better things in the future.

#98 I appreciate people who can apologize.

#99 I’m grateful for every moment I’m in contact with people.

#100 I have no regrets for the decisions I made.

#101 I love myself.

#102 I know I am someone to be loved.

#103 I appreciate people who love unrequited.

#104 I’m glad I came into this world.

#105 I appreciate people who add value to life.

#106 Enjoying the moment I live.

#107 I know I will always face better.

#108 I trust my luck and what life will bring me.

#109 I am grateful that I can dream when I sleep.

#110 I thank everyone who loved me and made me love.

#111 I keep working to make the world a better place.

#112 All seasons are part of nature’s cycle. I acknowledge the beauty of each.

#113 I wake up every day grateful for the everything I have and everything the nature around me offers.

#114 Food in my fridge, supportive friends I have, and laughs we have together make me content.

#115 The more I pay attention to all the good things in life, the happier I am.

#116 I may not always know where things are headed to but I am grateful for the moment.

#117 Whatever I experience in life, I trust that the world is supporting my highest good.

#118 I choose to see peace in everything I come across. I trust that my life is as it’s meant to be. I can take live with the flow and be thankful for what I have.

#119 I appreciate and feel grateful for all the amazing things my body and mind help me achieve each day.

#120 I shine the light of gratitude on a dark situation. I know that there is no darkness that can escape that light for long.

#121 I find little joys continuously throughout the day by taking in each moment as it comes.

#122 I see the hardships in life as opportunities for growth. Universe helps me evolve through these obstacles.

#123 I am blessed for being able to what I love in life.

#124 Thank you to the lovers and the dreamers for chasing a better world for us all.

#125 I appreciate the heart-warming sound of children’s chatter and laughter that bring me joy and happiness.