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135 Positive Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day

You can start your day with powerful morning affirmations and make the best out of it. Check 135 of these affirmations and get ready to live the best day of your life every day!

135 Positive Morning Affirmations

#1 Today I have a new beginning in my story.

#2 The unpredictable beauty of life brings me peace everyday.

#3 Being myself with no inhibitions makes the world brighter today.

#4 I let go of the old and welcome the new for today.

#5 I allow myself to be open to all the possibilities that arrive before me.

#6 Today is all I have, so I live it like there is no past and no future.

#7 I always look ahead and expect great things.

#8 I will not waste my time. Again, I was given the gift of life.

#9 Forgiveness, genuine love and compassion are welcome in my heart today.

#10 I stand my ground as I reflect on the possibilities that today brings.

#11 I accept the present that is perfect. I do not get lost in the future or the past.

#12 I do not wait for the myth of perfection, I choose to take the imperfect act today.

#13 The present moment is everything I have and here I am, all in the now.

#14 The energy in my body flows with each breath I take.

#15 I am infinite today.

#16 There is no day like today. I look forward to the good moments.

#17 I am grateful for the gift of a fresh start today.

#18 I flow with the day, effortlessly.

#19 Today I can genuinely feel alive.

#20 Each day is a new opportunity to learn new things and expand my perspectives.

#21 I am alive and pulsing.

#22 I value each moment of today because they are perfect.

#23 Today is a miracle waiting to be discovered.

#24 I have the power to create my own life story and reinvent myself every single day.

#25 I am whole today. In my mind there is no thought of yesterday or tomorrow.

#26 The truth in my heart is all that matters. I do not live under other people’s rules.

#27 Everyday we receive the precious gift of human life.

#28 I am brave and kind.

#29 I am open to receiving the gifts the universe is preparing for me.

#30 Although I cannot see them right now, I know there are many opportunities waiting for me today.

#31 I am unique and essential. I am a fundamental part of an even bigger picture.

#32 I allow love to get in and out of me easily.

#33 I breathe deeply and feel life flowing through me.

#34 I am allowed to make plans, but I am aware and I accept that unforeseen events and experiences can happen.

#35 I have the power to decide the story I want to live today.

#36 I am capable of doing whatever I decide to do.

#37 I thank the gift of life that offers me a new chance everyday.

#38 I am well-founded in the present moment.

#39 I do things calmly, productively and at my own pace, and that is fine.

#40 Every challenge is an opportunity to grow. I do not fear them.

#41 I greet today with all my love and gratitude.

#42 The ritual I do in the mornings helps me define how I will live the rest of the day. #43 Authenticity is present in my routine, and I am not afraid to shine brightly.

#44 I am marvelous.

#45 I am excited to explore the possibilities that this new day brings.

#46 I am willing to take chances.

#47 I trust and follow my intuition.

#48 No other day is like today.

#49 I am alive and that is a miracle that the everyday brings me.

#50 I am grateful for the feeling of being alive.

#51 Great things happen all the time, everyday.

#52 I look at things with eyes of love and comprehension.

#53 I am worthy and valuable.

#54 I am grateful for each ray of light, like a seed is grateful for the bless of the burst through earth. 

#55 I am prosperous and I take a break to take in all the good things I have in life.

#56 I welcome life as it is. This is the final destination.

#57 I am alive, I am here, I am me, and I breathe peacefully knowing that.

#58 I value each breath I take.

#59 I let go of every negative thought and pattern. I welcome the fresh start today brings.

#60 What happened yesterday cannot hit me today.

#61 I am a free soul.

#62 I will always choose the path of happiness.

#63 I let go of the and embrace the now.

#64 I am prosperous in every way.

#65 To cherish every little miracle is a great way to appreciate life.

#66 I am cherished and appreciated by others.

#67 Today is the day my destiny reveals itself.

#68 Where I am today is exactly where I am supposed to be.

#69 Things in my life have perfect timing. I am patient and calm.

#70 I actively contribute to the world by living my life authentically.

#71 I am completely full of love and I pulse positive energy.

#72 I really cherish my life by using positive morning affirmations.

#73 Today is a beautiful day with all human experiences and its variants.

#74 I am ready and open to new experiences.

#75 I feel power in each breath I take.

#76 I embrace life with kindness and love and I let go of every past hurts.

#77 Life is a unique journey and mine is incredible.

#78 I am ready to face the world, I feel safe.

#79 I am incredibly powerful.

#80 I am fearless because I feel the power of love inside of me.

#81 I put out the old life and I breathe in the new one.

#82 I deserve good. I do not accept any guilt.

#83 The happiness I feel inside is reflected in my life story.

#84 Today I feel like I am new once again.

#85 The past is forgotten. Today I open up to the new.

#86 I do not fit any labels and I am not defined based on assumptions. I let go of this.

#87 My curiosity is renewed everyday.

#88 I am capable of many things. Things I have not discovered yet.

#89 My life is not a race. I take my steps carefully and calmly.

#90 I am the hero of my life.

#91 Another day, and with it, many new chances.

#92 I am fortunate. I look around and appreciate the great things I have achieved in my life.

#93 When I put myself as my first priority, I can offer better support to others.

#94 I am brave and strong and this carries me through the day.

#95 By having a positive attitude I ensure a brighter day.

#96 Like the sun, I rise every morning.

#97 I always look forwards and welcome the new day.

#98 New days brings me excitement and many possibilities.

#99 I am delighted.

#100 I am ready for the adventures that a new day brings.

#101 I accept the simplicity of today and I flow with life.

#102 I allow love to guide me to consider the best interests of everyone today.

#103 I am happy inside just for being alive.

#104 Birds singing reminds me of the miracle of life.

#105 I enjoy listening to the morning noises. I am much alive.

#106 I am here right now, and I am essential.

#107 I renew my energy and heal my wounds when I sleep. Today is a fresh start.

#108 I pay attention to the little things that delights me and it fills my day with ease.

#109 I am amazing, and each day I surprise myself.

#110 I am deeply worthy and I understand that. This also makes me feel powerful.

#111 I accept moments of vulnerability as well as moments of courage.

#112 Today I open up to the new possibilities of life with the power of morning affirmations.

#113 A new day is a chance for a whole new life.

#114 I will not hesitate any longer. Today is my day.

#115 I am well supported and I can rely on myself and others near me.

#116 My new story starts today.

#117 I am completely open to receiving life’s amazing gifts and surprises.

#118 Today is a blank piece of paper. I have the power to decide what happens next.

#119 Everyday is a sacred day. I understand the value of my life.

#120 By understanding that the breath that flows through me gives me life, I am completely at peace.

#121 I am entirely at peace, no matter what happens today.

#122 Because of my authenticity, I touch other people’s lives today.

#123 Appreciation and love makes life worth living.

#124 Everyday is a chance to grow and learn. Today too.

#125 Life is not a checklist, I enjoy the most of it.

#126 I have the power to write my story and my happy ending.

#127 The things I learned today are what I was supposed to learn. I am grateful.

#128 Life is a ship and I am the captain.

#129 Right now is the only possible moment, and I do the best I can.

#130 I am grateful because I was able to open my eyes in the morning.

#131 I embrace every moment as if it was the last one.

#132 I am strong, I am kind, I am brave, I am loved.

#133 No one can dictate my story. I have the power to write it.

#134 There is no one like me. I appreciate how far I have gone.

#135 I am grateful to start a new day with infinite possibilities of love and happiness.