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112 Effective I Am Worthy Affirmations

Our thoughts affect our emotions and our emotions affect our behavior. If we think something won’t happen, we really reduce the chances of it happening. The more we believe in ourselves, the higher our chances of success. We should act by thinking that we will be successful, not thinking about how we will behave if the work we do is negative.

Now you have this knowledge or maybe you knew it before, but knowing is not enough. You need to be aware of this issue and remind yourself of this during the day. You will not believe the power of even 5-minute suggestions that you will make into your daily habit.

112 Positive and Effective I Am Worthy Affirmations

Here are the phrases that will keep you positive throughout the day:

#1 I want the best for myself because I deserve it.

#2 My own existence is enough to get better.

#3 Past mistakes are in the past. It has lost its meaning. I am always very valuable.

#4 I am aware of the great power I have.

#5 I forgive myself for any time I have doubts about myself.

#6 I am naturally competent and talented. I will surely succeed.

#7 I know how to live life within the limits I set myself.

#8 I am valuable and I don’t need to hear it from others.

#9 There is nothing in this world that will shake my self-confidence.

#10 I am like a lion king of the jungle. I am strong and noble.

#11 No one can take away the value I have from me.

#12 I am aware of the immeasurable value of the human spirit.

#13 I let all my past wounds heal.

#14 I forgive myself for the moments when I think I am worthless.

#15 I am valuable for being who I am. I am real.

#16 I don’t hide my talents or mistakes from anyone.

#17 Being yourself is a reason to be proud.

#18 The limits I set for myself remind people how valuable I am.

#19 I don’t have to prove anything to anyone.

#20 I accept all the good feelings in the world.

#21 I know how to enjoy life and say “yes” to things that are good for me.

#22 I feel very comfortable right now. This comfort spreads to all my cells.

#23 I make time for things that give me pleasure.

#24 I have not the slightest doubt about the perfection of my being.

#25 I am always brave but not stupid.

#26 The reason for the distance between me and people is because I love myself.

#27 I am worthy of happiness, peace and health.

#28 My worth is immeasurable and priceless.

#29 If there is a situation where I have to say “no”, I always say “no”. I am not afraid to do what is best for myself.

#30 My worth doesn’t need anyone’s approval. I forgive anyone who doubts.

#31 What I learn can change me, but my value always stays high.

#32 I love and value who I am.

#33 There’s not another one of me and I’m letting the whole world see it.

#34 The more I value myself, the more the other values me.

#35 I don’t pretend. I am what I am.

#36 I pride myself on not trying to be like others.

#37 I feel the love and support people have for me.

#38 I am happy with what I see when I look in the mirror.

#39 I never doubt my own worth because I have it naturally.

#40 I erase the embarrassment of past experiences. I am not living in the past.

#41 I am an amazing person.

#42 I am proud of my own world.

#43 I am a unique being.

#44 I’m here for everyone to see my glow.

#45 I have a true spirit and I’m proud of it.

#46 My fears lessen as I realize my worth.

#47 I do everything by believing in myself because I am strong and talented.

#48 I reject bad things that come my way.

#49 An amazing life awaits me.

#50 I have left behind the negative experiences of my previous relationships. I wait for the happiness that I deserve.

#51 I don’t waste time on people asking me to prove my worth.

#52 I go on with my life with those who value me as I deserve.

#53 I don’t make decisions that cause me to lose my self-respect.

#54 My existence is a gift to the world.

#55 Where I am is a better place.

#56 As long as I respect myself, I get respect from others.

#57 I know I deserve more than I get, but I’m also grateful for what I have.

#58 I accept love, respect, and happiness.

#59 I open my soul to unlimited love.

#60 I always want the best because I know I deserve it.

#61 I appreciate the positive words others say about me, but I don’t need it.

#62 I am proud of all my achievements, big or small.

#63 I have great experiences thanks to my unlimited resources and skills.

#64 People love and need me.

#65 I am happy for my contribution to the world.

#66 People feel happier around me.

#67 My presence is the reason other people have peace and smile.

#68 I am free and that makes me strong.

#69 I am worthy of all positive developments.

#70 I share my knowledge and experience with the world.

#71 I have more to contribute to the world.

#72 I offer love and respect to people and receive love and respect in return.

#73 I have a unique spirit.

#74 My divine presence is noticed by others.

#75 I can add fun to my work.

#76 I am not afraid of falling in love and experiencing love.

#77 I love and accept my past, present and future versions.

#78 I’m a boatman for all the beauties in life.

#79 I have qualities to be respected.

#80 I deserve to be happy.

#81 I don’t meet people who don’t understand my worth.

#82 I never settle for less because I know I deserve more.

#83 I let the universe be generous to me.

#84 I don’t act on other people’s opinions.

#85 I know a good relationship will find me.

#86 I am at peace because I love myself.

#87 I have no problems with myself.

#88 I look around recognizing my own worth.

#89 I know I am worthy of all kinds of compliments.

#90 I deserve to be treated with kindness.

#91 The values I believe in keep me going.

#92 I pay attention to my diet and exercise regularly.

#93 My soul is full of peace and my heart is full of love.

#94 I am ready to have a beautiful relationship, love and be loved.

#95 I am worth more than the rarest jewels.

#96 I don’t run from adventure and I know the value of experience.

#97 I will always work for more.

#98 I set goals for myself and take turns achieving them in order to achieve my dreams.

#99 I deserve to be loved enough to be pampered.

#100 I will never stop improving myself.

#101 I don’t allow sadness and grief.

#102 People experience satisfaction with my presence.

#103 I add color to my environment.

#104 My self-esteem affects other people as well.

#105 I have a unique aura.

#106 There is no limit to what I can do.

#107 Glad I’m in.

#108 I am the right person to get this job done.

#109 I can if I want to.

#110 I don’t let people discourage me to reach my goals.

#111 I don’t hesitate to take action.

#112 I am worth being appreciated and loved.