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113 Effective Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Relief

If you often feel anxious and stressed, you must find ways to deal with these feelings. There is power in our words, therefore, you can create the habit of saying positive affirmations for anxiety and stress relief.

113 Positive and Effective Affirmations for Anxiety and Stress Relief

#1 My concerns are just in my head, they will not necessarily happen nor are true.

#2 I can only live one moment at a time.

#3 The past has already passed.

#4 I am very easy to like and people really like me. I can always be myself.

#5 I let my body remember that I am safe by breathing slowly and deeply.

#6 I am sorry for being rough with myself. The words I have said are not true.

#7 I take a break to breathe and remember my sense of self that goes beyond my thoughts.

#8 Each breath makes me feel more relaxed and comfortable.

#9 My body becomes more at ease, my mind empties.

#10 I give myself time to recover from hard times. I allow myself to do so.

#11 What it is right now, it’s what it was supposed to be. I accept it.

#12 What I deeply am is always safe, and always full.

#13 My breath brings me home to peace when my thoughts want to go wild.

#14 I let the sun warm me as I let go of the worries of today.

#15 I let myself be present and quiet as I step out of thoughts.

#16 I choose to see things through a different lens with appreciation and positivity.

#17 I am doing my best, and that is enough.

#18 Bit by bit I release all the tension and stress from my body. I am free.

#19 Despite any external distractions, I am open to feel the peace deep inside my soul.

#20 When my wild thoughts are running like crazy, I feel stressed and I know it’s time to slow down.

#21 Because I am a human being I know I am valuable. No one can take that away from me.

#22 To fail at something is part of the process of living. I know there is nothing personal about it.

#23 The present moment is the only time I can live right now.

#24 In order to release myself from any feeling of anxiety and stress, I ask myself: where are you right now?

#25 I accept things as they are supposed to be and release any fixations with what I should do.

#26 I do not need any external validation, I am a success.

#27 It is okay to let go of some things so that I can find more peace.

#28 I accept help, I do not have to do it all by myself.

#29 I can ask for help, I am not alone.

#30 I am responsible for the life I want to live. There are no set-in-stone rules.

#31 What I know about myself is much deeper than I think.

#32 What I do is more than enough, I am doing my best.

#33 Things are different and never as bad as I lead myself to believe in my mind.

#34 Thoughts come and go in my mind, and I am mindful about them.

#35 It is okay to allow myself to take a break when feeling overwhelmed. I respect my need for space.

#36 Being fully present and upset at the same time is not possible for me.

#37 When I talk about my thoughts and feelings, I release tension.

#38 I have a self-care routine and I accept that I need this time for myself.

#39 I become one with nature and I allow myself to be adventurous when I get outside and release my concerns.

#40 I am worthy of love and support.

#41 When I shower I let go of heavy thoughts and I become fresh and renewed with the help of positive affirmations.

#42 The words I write onto the paper have the power to free my mind from any heavy thoughts and tensions.

#43 Everyday is a fresh start. My story is yet to be written.

#44 I do not need to carry the responsibilities of others. They are not mine.

#45 I keep safe boundaries that remind myself what is not mine to worry about.

#46 I allow peace to come when I sit quietly.

#47 I am exactly who I am supposed to be at this moment and I accept this. There is nothing I need to do right now.

#48 I am kind with myself today.

#49 I have the support system I need around me, and they are great.

#50 I accept the way I feel and I do not rush to avoid it. I am at peace.

#51 I observe the deeper reactions that my mind triggers without any judgement.

#52 It is okay to be vulnerable and ask for support.

#53 I can only focus on the things I can control. The rest I put aside.

#54 I take some time to enjoy the simple beauty within my view.

#55 When my thoughts are running I take breaks to see nature in its genuine beauty.

#56 I carefully choose how to act as my thoughts dictate my reactions.

#57 My thoughts are like butterflies, simply passing by.

#58 I am aware that, like humans, we tend to worry, and that this is often irrational. 

#59 Everything passes. My thoughts, worries and feelings are temporary.

#60 I am aware that I need to slow down sometimes to live life to the fullest.

#61 The future is not predictable. I let go of my worries and assumptions.

#62 I invest time to understand what is really important to me.

#63 My worrying thoughts do not define the beauties within my life. My life is much richer.

#64 I live my life to the fullest because I know thinking is not the same as doing.

#65 I accept moments of heavy and grey clouds as well as life-giving rains. They are both important in life.

#66 I do not need to control everything around me. I release this need.

#67 I am here, at this moment, entirely.

#68 When I write down all my thoughts, I feel instant relief.

#69 I am human, and it is normal to feel pressured and tense sometimes.

#70 My perspective is fundamental to see things in a lighter way.

#71 Isolated events do not define my expectations for the future. I always expect great things and I don’t hesitate to get help from positive affirmations.

#72 I am always open to seeing things in a flexible, different and healthier way.

#73 I look back with pride at all my achievements and the obstacles I overcame.

#74 I do not feed negative assumptions. I always assume people think highly of me.

#75 No one is perfect, and that is ok.

#76 I am very understanding of myself, and I accept that I can make mistakes like everyone else.

#77 Small events can trigger bigger events. I understand that and I treat myself kindly when that happens.

#78 I know how to identify when I am responsible for something or not.

#79 I always try not to doubt myself, even in hard times.

#80 The emotions that come and go are valid and I accept them. They are not bad.

#81 I open some room in my mind between thoughts.

#82 I know how to honor my limits. And although I set high standards for myself, they are achievable ones.

#83 Perfection is an overrated concept.

#84 I am worthy, capable and well supported, even if sometimes life can be tricky.

#85 I honor my feelings and emotions and I take some time to monitor my reactions.

#86 I am much more than what I feel and think.

#87 I know how to identify the important things in order to release myself from moments of unnecessary stress and tension.

#88 Sharing my feelings makes the problems seem smaller.

#89 I am open about getting to know new ideas and perspectives.

#90 When I am under stress things may seem different from how they really are. At these moments, I wait and see.

#91 Feeling uncomfortable is part of life sometimes. I accept that.

#92 I am proud to be open to try something new, although it can be scary sometimes.

#93 My reactions are messages my body is sending me. I listen to them carefully.

#94 I clear my mind of messy thoughts until they make sense once again.

#95 When I am afraid I know it is okay to ask for help.

#96 I do not cling to thoughts, rather I observe them kindly and let them go.

#97 I know that my reactions and emotions can be intensified when I get too attached to my thoughts.

#98 I always look for the good in things. Life is better this way.

#99 I accept that hard feelings will come and go and I sit with them until they go.

#100 I am safe and everything is great.

#101 I do not regret the things I had to go through. I accept myself and where I am right now.

#102 I feel comfortable in my own skin and thoughts.

#103 Life can be hard sometimes, but I know heavy moments will pass by.

#104 I look at the mirror and I kindly welcome all of my being.

#105 I know life has its ups and downs, I accept that and take the best out of each moment.

#106 When I feel anxious, I embrace myself kindly until I feel better.

#107 This moment too will pass.

#108 I feel blessed to have such a strong support system who helps me get through heavy times. 

#109 When I respect the way I feel, things work out smoothly.

#110 All I have is the present moment and that is enough for me.

#111 I allow myself to feel the feelings that arise.

#112 Every moment has its value and is important to my growth.

#113 I validate every experience I have in life with kindness.