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Fudgie the Whale Cake from Carvel: Recipe, Delivery, Cost, and History

Craving for a 5-layered treat that has been loved by people of all ages for decades? We do our part to continue telling the tale of Fudgie the Whale cake. And yes, we included a recipe at the end of this post for those who want to make the magic happen at home.

What is a Fudgie the Whale Cake?

Fudgie the Whale Cake is a legendary ice cream cake to satiate the gourmet soul. The enticingly fragrant vanilla ice cream, decadent fudge, befitting crunchy, luscious chocolate ice cream, and the delightful sweet frosting is a palate pleaser. The creamy smooth texture delectably paired with the crisp crumble and chilled effect is remarkable!

Happy Birthday Cake - Fudgie the Whale Cake from Carvel

Carvel Ice Cream

Interestingly, almost a century ago, in 1929, Carvel was driving around Hartsdale, New York in his frozen custard truck. A flat tire in 1935 made him open up his first cake shop in Hartsdale, where the large freezer space was a bonus. He founded the “Carvel Brand Corporation” in 1936.

By the 1950s, the brand had more than 50 shops. To beat the competition from fast food, he began creating uniquely innovative cakes. Therefore, the mastermind behind the popular ice-cream cakes “Fudgie the Whale” & “Cookie Puss” was none other than Mr. Tom Carvel himself! By 1985, with income sky-rocketing, the company had 865 shops running successfully!

When was the Fudgie the Whale Cake Created?

The magic happened in 1977, on Father’s Day. A genius Greek man Mr. Tom Carvel decided to create something non-flowery & manly to acknowledge the Father’s role in everyone’s life. He chucked the goldfish cake idea presented by the chef and asked for a whale!

Thus, “Fudgie the Whale Cake” was frozen in time forever! Shaped like a whale and adorned with frosting, Carvel’s inspiration phrase- “to the whale of a dad” was piped on the ice-cream cake as a special touch.

Check out this Carvel commercial from 80s!

Fun Fact

Once Mr. Carvel shared his idea about a fish-shaped cake, many people were skeptical.

“People said ‘this is fish and ice cream; it’s never going to work,'” Kathy Dumas, a teenager working at Carvel in Yonkers, said. But the founder Tom Carvel insisted. “I can’t tell you how many fish we made that never made it out of the pond” Dumas mentioned.

They finally got the shape and recipe right. Since the creation of the cake, many TV shows made a reference to Fudgie the Whale. Some of them:

  • The Office (Season 4, Episode 11)
  • The Simpsons (Season 8, Episode 6)
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Season 11, Episode 2)
  • Speechless (Season 2, Episode 14)
  • Billions (Season 3, Episode 5)
  • Looking (Season 2, Episode 3)
  • Drift Problem (Season 3, Episode 7)
  • House Call (Season 5, Episode 4)
  • Heart of Archness: Part 1 (Season 3, Episode 1)

How old is Fudgie the Whale?

The beloved cake is now over 44 years old but the age is just a number. It is still the favorite of many families across the country.

Where can I Find Fudgie the Whale?

The legendary cake is sold in 21 states: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia. Find the location near you.

You can also order it from Uber Eats.

Currently, Carvel’s signature whale cake has become an inseparable part of New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania’s Father’s Day party!

The cake’s simplicity, deliciousness, and the childhood memories attached to it have etched it in the heart. It still sells in millions per year and is no longer limited to the Tri-state area or Father’s Day. Now, it seems unbelievable that this cake wasn’t an instant hit among the public during the late 1970s!

How Much does a Fudgie the Whale Cake Cost?

It’s currently sold for $24.99 in bakery shops. If you want to add a custom message on it, there will be extra $21.99 cost.

What Supermarkets Carry Carvel Cakes?

Carvel cakes are available at Publix, Harris Teeter, Giant Eagle, ShopRite, Food Lion, and BJ’s Wholesale Club.

Fudgie the Whale Cake Recipe

This ice-cream cake is a super easy recipe where all you got to do is layer & freeze. An amateur piping skill comes in handy too!


  • 8 cups of vanilla ice cream (½ gallon tub)
  • 3 cups hot fudge (18 oz can)
  • 15 Oreo cookies
  • 15 chocolate wafers
  • 8 cups of chocolate ice cream (½ gallon tub)
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Sugar sprinkles (optional)


  1. Firstly, chill a 9-inches spring form pan (or whale-shaped tin if available) for 15 minutes. Also, take out the vanilla ice cream from the fridge and let it soften for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Grease the pan with non-stick spray and then line it with parchment paper. Ensure that the parchment sheet sticks out of the pan’s top by 2-3 inches.
  3. The vanilla ice-cream should have a soft-serve texture. So, whisk it for a few seconds and spread it out evenly on the lined pan to form the base layer. Put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes or until its firm.
  4. Now, remove the lid of the fudge can and microwave it to achieve a thick runny consistency. Pour 2½ cups of the fudge sauce on the set vanilla ice cream.
  5. Prepare the chocolate crunchy by crushing the Oreo cookies & wafers in a food processor. Sprinkle 2/3 of the prepared crumb on top of the fudge till nicely covered and press lightly so that it sticks in place. Put the pan in the freezer again till the layers are firm.
  6. Next, whip up the chocolate ice cream to get that soft-serve texture. Layer it uniformly on top of the chocolate crunchy. Freeze the cake again to set.
  7. After the cake is nicely set, remove the pan. To do so, put the springform pan on top of a bowl/stand. Unlock the hinge and press the sides downwards. Carefully remove the bottom and place the cake on a cookie sheet.
  8. Quickly coat a thin layer of the remaining fudge sauce on the sides of the cake. Freeze the cake for a few minutes until the sauce is no longer dripping.
  9. At this stage, take out the cake, remove the liner, and transfer the cake to a serving dish.  Stick the leftover chocolate crunch on the sides of the cake over the recently layered sauce. Freeze again for 30-60 minutes.
  10. A couple minutes before removing the cake from the fridge, fill the frosting in a piping bag, and keep it ready.
  11. Pipe the frosting all around the top & bottom edges of the cake as fast as possible. (or decorate as desired)
  12. Serve “Fudgie the Whale Cake” right away topped with sugar sprinkles!

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