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Four Temperaments: Sanguine vs Choleric vs Melancholic vs Phlegmatic

Some beliefs emerged before modern medicine and are thought to be science-based on many personality tests. Personality tests that are popular now show similarities with personality types that emerged years ago. It is believed that there are 4 main personality types, these four temperaments are sanguine, choleric, melancholic, and phlegmatic.

Throughout this post, we have explained these four personality types in detail for you.

Sanguine Temperament Traits, Good and Bad Aspects

#1 They know how to live in the moment – They trust their feelings

They are the most social people you will ever meet, their extroverts make them the center of the fun. They gain people’s trust by not hiding their feelings, but this can sometimes put them in difficult situations. It happens that they are perceived as unstable because they have no effort to control their emotions.

Everything new and exciting appeals to them, they want to experience it as soon as possible. Their minds are not preoccupied with the future and the past, they are focused on what they are doing and they do not want to miss the fun. They tend to go after anything that will change their feelings and they are brave.

#2 The stories they tell never end – They’re usually cheerful

If you are friends with someone with this character, you should know that you will never be alone. We are not just talking about him/her, he/she will make you have a large group of friends because he/she will establish intimacy with everyone in the places you go. If you want to be alone sometimes, you have to tell him/her.

Because they are energetic and talkative, they can talk to you for hours without getting bored. We can’t say it’s always a good thing, but at least their conversation is good. They need to learn that being honest is not always telling the truth everywhere.

#3 He/She wants everyone to be interested in him/her

People with this character often pretend to be in a show. They prefer to focus on fields such as theatre, cinema, or music because they love to receive attention from other people. There’s nothing they can’t do to get noticed, so some of their behavior may seem silly to you.

If you want to get along well with people of this character, you must make them feel loved and noticed. If they’re telling you something, they’ve come to trust you and they don’t talk just for the sake of talking, even if they talk a lot. They really want you to listen to what they are saying and understand the emotions they are feeling.

#4 Their most distinctive trait is their optimism

They have an innate ability to see the good in every situation. We’re not talking about self-deceived optimism, but still, their optimism may seem too much for a normal person. Sometimes they can be accused of being pretentious, but they don’t mind as they will find something good in that accusation as well.

When everything is going bad, they can revive everyone with their positive energy and make everyone start again. Such a colleague is needed in every office, if you meet optimistic people, include them in your work immediately.

#5 Communication skills are top-notch

You can find out what’s on their minds because they never hide it. Because they don’t shy away from being judged, they openly express their opinions, which makes them trustworthy people.

Playing their cards face up is very risky and can get them in trouble at times, but they often reap the benefits. People are comfortable around them because they can predict what they’re going to do.

#6 They go after the fun

Every person can go after things that make them happy, but not every person makes it almost their only goal. For them, beautiful things are a passion and when they see something good, they cannot control themselves. They want to be a part of all good things and they wouldn’t change that for anything.

These people, who spread joy around, are sought after people in every environment. No one wants to organize an event without them, they are the first to be invited to every party. When their sense of fun gets a little out of control, they start to lose their sense of reality, but this is not something they can’t fix.

#7 They have self-respect and high self-esteem

While it’s true that they love attention, they don’t fall apart when other people don’t approve of what they’re doing. Their optimism is like their shield and they come out of even the most difficult social situations with their honesty and courage.

Because they are optimistic, they can easily see the good aspects not only around them but also in themselves and focus on these good aspects. Negative inner voices are almost non-existent, they prefer to immerse themselves in new experiences.

Four Temperaments: Sanguine vs Choleric vs Melancholic vs Phlegmatic

Choleric Temperament Traits, Good and Bad Aspects

#1 They were born to lead

If you want your company to be managed in line with its vision, you can trust someone with a choleric temperament. They can gather all company employees around a purpose because they know the natural attractions and where and what to do. With their energies, they can change the atmosphere of the environment and make everyone focus on success.

It is not possible to see people with choleric characters sitting around doing nothing. As long as they don’t sleep and eat, they go after new problems and are happy when they solve problems. People with this temperament who love to struggle are always seen as leaders by their friends.

#2 They don’t run from competition

When they can’t be the best at something, they think other results don’t matter. Being successful in a job is not enough for them, they always want to be the best. Their need to win is never-ending and they enjoy having stronger opponents.

They also feel obliged to be right in discussions, they do not change their minds easily. Being obsessed with their own moral values makes them seem like reliable people, but also causes them to be perceived as stubborn. Such obsessions can sometimes turn them into difficult people, and they will suffer the most from this.

#3 They seek depth in communicating with people

Choleric people’s energy source is other people, and it’s not just about good communication. They enjoy all kinds of interaction with people, they are motivated, and always want to see strong people around them. They do not shy away from any social struggle, they do not hesitate to speak at business meetings.

When you tell them something, they really listen to you, you can tell how attentive they are from the answers they give you and the questions they ask about the subject. You feel that your conversation is deepening and connecting you, and they draw energy from this.

#4 They are realistic people

Problem-solving is a passion for choleric people, thanks to their high level of attention they do not miss any detail. At the same time, they can look at the subject from different angles and see the big picture, and they are really talented at it.

They are patient and do not start another job until they have finished, they almost always succeed because they stick to the plan. They do not make decisions with their emotions and do not behave differently to show off. They follow the plan at work best and are very punctual and hardworking.

#5 They find quick solutions

They are masters of analysis and quickly find solutions from the moment they encounter problems. They can evaluate the problem from many angles and have a natural ability to choose the most beneficial solution. As long as no unexpected problems arise, they continue to work faithfully to the plan.

They can be successful in professions that require creativity, and they can do world-class jobs as engineers or designers. If you have such an employee in your company, they will positively affect other employees and enable you to achieve greater success.

#6 They have high moral values

Although their excessive loyalty to their own values is generally perceived as positive, it can sometimes cause problems. When they come across people who grew up in a different culture, defending their own values excessively can cause them to create a negative impression.

Their self-confidence enables other people to respect their values. They have an obsession with being right and a character to match. Although these aspects affect their relationships negatively from time to time, it is difficult for them to change their minds.

Their need to win every argument is their weakness. Because of their self-confidence and aggression, they may find it difficult to compensate when they receive an unexpected attack from the other side. Pretending to be invincible can sometimes tire them out.

#7 They can be menacing

Their biggest problem is their ego, and they may even blame others for their own failures. They may resort to manipulating people to justify their own behavior. They can use their authority to display narcissistic attitudes towards others. While criticizing your behavior, they may be so inconsistent that they can act in the same way.

It is difficult to win against them in arguments because they try every way to win and there is no limit to what they can do. If you want to deal with them, you should know their weaknesses well and discuss them with high self-confidence.

Melancholic Temperament Traits, Good and Bad Aspects

#1 They want everything to be perfect

Their standards are so high that it’s no surprise that they’re disappointed. They perceive situations that would be considered successful for other people as the beginning of the road. They get angry when they don’t get what they want, when their expectations are not met, and they struggle to control their anger. They keep working and trying their luck until they get what they want. They want everyone to work and be selfless like them, but they have to admit that it’s not easy for everyone.

#2 They have organizing skills

Melancholic people are generally realistic and do not fear the truth. They can focus on too many details while thinking and can make very good decisions as a result.

When faced with a problem, they can think of all the possibilities, the details do not tire them. They do everything they can to make a project successful, do not be lazy, and do not think of short-term results. They consider all possibilities against success and failure and make their plans accordingly. If you have such an employee, do not hesitate to give him responsibility because they will work until they get the best result.

#3 Most emotional personality type

They hide their feelings until the last moment because they don’t want to disappoint others. They can experience their joys and sorrows to the extreme, and this can be tiring for them. They try to appear unaffected as much as possible, pretending they don’t care about good or bad.

They prefer to show their feelings with their behavior rather than verbally expressing them. This would make more sense, but other people around them also need to be able to understand these behaviors. This can bring a lot of benefits to them if they become proficient in hiding their emotions over time.

#4 They can be successful in the arts and music

Unique problems demand unique solutions, and melancholic people are highly skilled at finding those solutions. They like to try different things, not only in finding extraordinary solutions but also in their hobbies and all other businesses.

If they are encouraged in their creativity, they can be successful in many different branches. Their different approaches may be strange from time to time, but we can say that you will benefit a lot when you understand their logic. You can provide them with the different perspectives you need to reach better and more beautiful.

#5 They don’t get tired of working hard

If there is a job that is constantly repetitive and that they can see themself improving as they do it, give it to melancholic people. They enjoy continuity and repetitive tasks. It makes them happy to see that they do the same job better than the previous one. They turn work into a game and after a while, they start to get results that you can’t believe.

These behaviors enable them to be successful in both school and business life and to be highly desired employees at all times. If you can give them the right job, they can become the employees you will get the most from.

#6 They live life simple

They want to spend years in order, it is not for them to go on adventures and discover new places. They eat the same food, go to the same job, and participate in the same activities every day. This may seem boring to other people, but for them, it is a very peaceful state. Because they live their lives as a routine, they can focus more on other problems they face and be more successful in solving their problems.

They are not interested in the big gains that can come from taking risks, instead, they prefer to follow the path they know with firm steps. No matter how high the realization rate of other possibilities is, they are not interested, so they always gain, even if a little.

#7 They may have a hard time adjusting

Melancholic people find it very difficult to change the order they are used to, a new system and a new change can make them uneasy. Just because they don’t like innovations doesn’t mean they can’t adapt. Moreover, once they adapt, they will be the most successful in the new order, but you have to give them enough time for this. The more patient and calm you are, the easier and faster it will be for them to adapt to their new functioning.

Phlegmatic Temperament Traits, Good and Bad Aspects

#1 Most balanced personality type

For them, situations such as peace, understanding, and friendship are priorities in their lives. They stay away from fighting and when a problem arises, they do their best to resolve it. They are loved by their environment and have a respectful relationship with their friends.

It is quite easy to deal with them, they do not tire you and they do their best to avoid any problems. As long as you do not disrespect them, they are ready to befriend you and to help you in any way possible.

#2 They don’t like to socialize

Some enjoy spending time with friends and interacting with other people and are full of energy, but phlegmatic personalities do not enjoy such situations very much, they even get tired and need rest. They are not against sociability, but they are not as sociable as we can say sociable.

If you are befriending someone with this personality type, you should give them time to renew themselves. They need time to themselves, this allows them to discharge and digest their experiences.

#3 They like to observe and gather information

People with this personality type examine their surroundings, trying to understand the existing system and how things work. They want to make sure they’ve gathered enough information before making a decision or making a judgment about you. They don’t want to be mistaken by making a biased decision, which is usually right because they already have too much time to make a decision.

#4 They live a modest life

They are the people who will answer the question of whether they are comfortable shoes or stylish shoes, without thinking about it, comfortable shoes. For them, the priority in everything is that it is useful. As long as they choose what works for them, they are very happy, other options are meaningless to them.

These people, for whom comfort and safety are a priority in their lives, never take risks, as you can imagine. They do not want to be under pressure socially or financially, and when they realize that they will face such a situation, they leave that environment. A life that may seem monotonous to many people is a reason for happiness and they do not want their routine to be disturbed.

#5 They don’t want to draw attention to themselves

If people with this personality type were working in the movie industry, they would prefer to be screenwriters instead of leading roles. They would be very happy if the script they wrote was appreciated and not directly themselves. Although they have the skills to lead, they do not want to take this responsibility and continue to live calmly by staying in the background.

They find it sufficient to support the leader and be a part of the team. They are also extremely loyal to the people they support, preferring to applaud the players instead of taking part in the game. Since they have humble personalities, they are not perceived as a threat by anyone.

#6 They want everyone to be happy

Even though this is a behavior that makes them look very weak, they still try to make everyone happy. They accept and support the opinion of the majority, as there are times when they do not dare to defend their own opinion.

Due to their risk-averse nature, they cannot make friends easily and have difficulty maintaining relationships with people. If they can make friends with you once, they will stick with it and become your most trusted friend.

#7 They don’t strive to achieve great success

They lack the energy, enthusiasm, and hard work required to achieve great success. If we think that socialization also makes them tired, we should know that they will not take any initiative in business life. Jobs, where they go in the morning and come in the evening and regularly deal with other things, are ideal for them. They stay away from jobs that require creativity or have to deal with new people.

This social laziness makes them much more attached to their already existing friends. They will do their best not to lose you because making friends with someone new feels like torture to them. What they want in social relations is a harmonious and trouble-free friendship, any situation that may develop outside of it disturbs them.


According to this information coming from cultures of thousands of years, there are these 4 characteristics in every person, but some of them are more dominant in some people. You must have felt close to one of these four temperaments. Reading your own characteristics can increase your awareness.

No matter which temperament you are closer to, you can always improve yourself and have better traits. We can improve our school, work and friendship relations and live a more social, happy and peaceful life.

We wish you all a wonderful life for a lifetime.