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4 Color Personality Test: Blue vs Green vs Gold vs Orange

Many types of personality tests can help us understand personality traits, both about ourselves and about other people. Hundreds of measurements can be made from our mental skills, social abilities, perception level, diligence, and focus, and thanks to these tests, we can get to know ourselves better. In this post, we explain 4 Color Personality Test and compare Blue vs Green vs Gold vs Orange.

Personality tests, beyond knowing ourselves, make us feel like we belong to a group and create the feeling that we are not alone. Learning and comparing each other’s results is an activity that we can call both useful and fun.

The most popular and valid test at the moment is the “True Color” personality test, which is a temperament determination program. This test evaluates many aspects of you and your behavioral pattern through a questionnaire. The results from the survey are transferred to a table and it is determined which of the four different colors represents you. Thanks to this test, you can have a very comprehensive personality analysis.

4 Color Personality Test: Blue vs Green vs Gold vs Orange

4 Color Personality Test: Blue vs Green vs Gold vs Orange

Each of the colors Blue – Green – Gold – Orange represents a different personality type. People have all four personalities, but one or two of them are usually more prominent. If you have a personality of any color, you can read the characteristics of that color and analyze yourself or your acquaintances much more easily. In addition, in the rest of our article, we will explain which celebrities have which color personalities, and you will be able to see which celebrity you have the same personality type with you.

But you should know that no matter what the test result is, people can act in a contrary way. This is the best part of being human. We can train our minds to do what is right, not what we feel like. Learning our personality type can show us in which direction we are inclined and what kind of changes we can make in ourselves.

#1 Blue Personality Type – Relationship Oriented

1. Affectionate and Extremely Compassionate

People with blue personality types have a very developed empathy feature and do everything they can for the benefit of the group they are in, they are team person and they become great colleagues. They have a circle of people they can trust and people they can get help from.

Their biggest weakness is that they put other people first in their lives. They can be so helpful to others that they lose themselves. Although these traits put them in difficult situations, they are seen by other people as a great friend and partner.

Blue personality type people stay away from discussions because they can be overly sensitive, they want the problem to be resolved as soon as possible. That’s why they prefer to live with a small group of friends, thinking that they will have fewer problems. They do not withhold anything from their friends, they do not hesitate to share any of their belongings or even their money with you.

2. They Are Consistent People And Have Their Own Rules

Consistent nature is both an advantage and a disadvantage for people with the blue personality type. If the path they follow is right, they can be very successful because they continue in a disciplined way, but if the path they take is wrong, it will not be easy to turn them away from this decision. If you have encountered a blue personality type, you can predict the decisions they will make after knowing them for a while because they like to progress regularly.

Although they have the sense of justice and ability to lead, they do not prefer to be leaders. It is difficult to see a person with a blue personality type who wants to embark on a new adventure, but it is much easier to see a blue person who wants to continue without breaking old orders.

3. Who Are the Famous “Blue” People?

The blue personality type is stated to make up only 15% of the world’s population, making it about 1.16 billion people. Among these people, the world-famous names we know are; Mozart, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi.

#2 Green Personality Type – Intellectually and Cognitively Independent

1. The Smartest People You’ll Ever See

People with the green personality type who are experts in analytical thinking can learn everything very quickly and put them into practice. Especially learning new things is great fun for them.

There are times when they have a hard time keeping their focus because they have so many interests, but they are still far more successful than the average person. They are very successful in games such as chess that need to be considered after a few steps. They also live a comfortable life economically because they know how to invest.

2. Very Stubborn and Willful People

Even for the problems, they encounter for the first time, the greens are capable of making the right decision and implementing the solution quickly. When you say something, they can read your true intention and plan accordingly. What they don’t like is to drown in the details, they want to go straight to the conclusion and they do not want to waste time on small tasks.

As mentioned earlier in this Color Personality Test post, they are very good at relating events, so they can anticipate and take action before something bad happens to them. They are very strong leaders and if you have a green personality type employee, don’t be afraid to give them responsibility.

Their biggest weakness is that they rely too much on their own ideas. Although they are usually right because they do a lot of analysis, when they do wrong, they may continue to make this mistake because of their stubbornness. It is an interesting contradiction that people with green personality types, who do not act emotionally while making decisions, have such a hard time changing their decisions.

3. Charming and Loving People

People with the green personality type are indispensable friends and great spouses because they are loyal to themselves and their environment. They are loved and respected because of their kindness and their characters who can express their feelings well. People enjoy being around people with the green personality type because they reflect a positive atmosphere.

You cannot persuade them to do something wrong, they will continue to do the right thing if they know it will result in negativity for them. Although they are strong people, we can say that even though they prefer to be a part of a group, they need to see that they are loved.

4. Who Are the Famous “Green” People?

The green personality type is stated to make up only 23% of the world’s population, making it about 1.78 billion people. Among these people, the world-famous names we know are; Thomas Edison, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg.

#3 Golden Personality Type – Strong Leadership

1. Planning Specialist

Look at the person who was chosen as the best employee of the month in a company, he/she is definitely a golden personality type person. They are like real soldiers with features such as hard work, discipline, and reliability. They plan all their affairs and stick to these plans, but they do not tolerate unexpected developments. They are also quite good at showing their affection and expect mutual respect.

2. They Always Follow The Rules

The hardest thing about being at work or in the same house with a person of the golden personality type is that their rules are immutable. They distinguish between right and wrong very clearly, and they do not give up on what is right at any cost. They may give up on you, they may give up their jobs, but they do not give up on doing what they think is right.

Their behavior following these rules allows them to be promoted very quickly in the workplace and they have a successful career. They do not shy away from taking responsibility and completing their work before the deadline. Thanks to their hard work and ability to avoid work, they rise rapidly in business life.

3. Traditional and Valuing Family

We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say that people with the golden personality type are in love with the orders, family and traditional common values are very important for them. They may be thought to be callous in terms of these features, but as you get to know them, you will see that they are not callous, they are just very loyal to the rules. For them, this world should be lived in a certain order and no one should oppose this order because they believe that this is the cause of all problems.

4. Who Are the Famous “Golden” People?

The golden personality type is stated to make up only 35% of the world’s population, making it about 2.71 billion people. Among these people, the world-famous names we know are; George Washington, Florence Nightingale, Henry Ford, Joan Rivers.

#4 Orange Personality Type – Adventurous and Energetic

1. They Do Not Afraid To Take Risks

We can say that people with orange personality type act without much calculation. Although these features enable them not to miss any opportunity and make big profits, they can also cause them to experience big losses. Their courage and determination may fascinate you, but chasing them isn’t always good because they could get in trouble for not analyzing their act well enough.

2. Let’s Try and See

People with the orange personality type do not follow the path of others, they create unique life experiences for themselves. Because they are addicted to excitement, they do not engage in a job with obvious results. Making future plans is not for them, they do not experience the future anxiety that many people experience and they are very good at spontaneity.

People with the orange personality type need to participate in dangerous activities in order to feel alive. They are constantly chasing a new adventure because they get bored very quickly with the work they do and the environment they are in. They always have enough energy and great courage for this.

3. They Can’t Stop Socializing

People with the orange personality type are extroverts due to their adventurous nature and can make friends very easily. They drag a group of friends with their energy and can be a very fun group if their friends adapt to their personality.

They are fun, carefree, and popular people that anyone would want to be friends with. Because they are very energetic and constantly in different environments, they have difficulty in establishing relationships that require effort.

As discussed earlier in this Color Personality Test article, no one is a stranger to them and they can make friends with anyone at any time. Attractive and charismatic turn them into human magnets and they are never alone in any environment. Even if they are not in a place for a long time, they continue their friendship without losing any of their popularity when they return.

4. Who Are the Famous “Orange” People?

The orange personality type is stated to make up only 27% of the world’s population, making it about 2.09 billion people. Among these people, the world-famous names we know are; Elvis Presley, Winston Churchill, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy, John F. Kennedy.

Where You Can Know Your Friends Best: Vacation

It’s easy to get along with your friends at a cafe, beach, or nightclub, but everything changes when you have to live together. You can’t say you know them very well until you share a room with your friends on vacation. Using this holiday scenario, we will show you how personality types behave.

1. Vacation with a Golden Personality Type

If you are going on vacation with someone with a golden personality type, everything is planned weeks in advance. Everything from the museums to be visited the activities to be done has been considered and what you will do day by day has been determined.

People with this personality type not only want to prepare themselves but also want to make sure that all their friends are ready for the holiday. It will remind you many times on the day you will go on vacation, the departure time of your plane, and what you need to have with you for the journey. They may overwhelm you, but we guarantee you will have the most complete vacation.

2. Vacation with a Green Personality Type

We assure you that you will never get lost and waste time on this holiday. A person with a green personality type dominates all the roads, reads all the signs, and does his/her best to get you to the destination in the shortest way. Sit back and enjoy a comfortable journey, as people with this personality type are also quite good at dealing with unforeseen problems. Since green people will be dealing with this kind of work during the holiday, you should give them time to clear their heads and rest from time to time.

3. Vacation with a Blue Personality Type

The person with the blue personality type is ready to make all kinds of sacrifices to have a good holiday. They always do their best for the good of their friend group. They try to solve the problems that arise, make up for the deficiencies of their friends, if necessary, they sleep in the bad bed.

We are sure that you will have wonderful holiday memories with the person with the blue personality type, whom we will call the most well-intentioned person in the world, and he/she will be very happy about it.

4. Vacation with an Orange Personality Type

Get ready for the busiest holiday of your life because if you are going on holiday with someone with an orange personality, you will not have free time. Even if you are in a city that you have visited many times before, he/she may find a restaurant you have never been to, an activity that you did not know about before. Due to their social personality, you will make many friends during the holiday and you will never be alone until the holiday is over.

Why is Color Personality Test Important?

Personality tests are the quickest and most effective way to discover what kind of person you are. These tests can be used not only for human relations but also for recruitment. If there were no such tests, we would have to interview thousands of candidates one by one during the recruitment process and it would be impossible for us to find the right candidate.

With these tests, we can find people who can be part of a team other than just a leader or a good employee for a particular position.

When you take the personality test, remember that it only measures skill in a particular area. If you are measuring a person’s technical ability, you cannot learn from this test how he/she will work under pressure. When you take a test that measures social skills, you can’t find out how much that person has control over his work. These tests only allow you to buy time before the face-to-face interview to find a suitable candidate.

If you are managing the recruitment process, you should know who to test and which test, otherwise, the results you will get will not benefit you and you will lose time. If you are hiring a new graduate, there is no need to test his/her experience, or if you are hiring someone with 15 years of experience, it may be unnecessary to measure his/her ability to learn the job. You should choose the appropriate test for each position and give the candidates a chance by analyzing the test results well.

Multiple Choice Testing and Fill in the Blank

Some tests are long and complex, and some tests can be plain and simple. The difficulty of the tests may vary depending on the quality to be measured. There are usually fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice questions. In a question with 4 Color Personality Test options, the options have points and a result is reached according to the total score.

What Do the Test Results Mean?

According to the test results, you rank the colors according to the highest score and the lowest score, and you will learn which color is your most dominant feature. This color is your personality type, you read the characteristics of your personality type and then you can look at the list of celebrities with the same personality type as you.

According to the test result, you can both know yourself better and learn how you leave an impression on other people.

The accuracy of the test is very high, so you can trust the result. You can compare your own personality traits with others and see the differences.

Relationship of Colors to Each Other

If your personality type is blue, it doesn’t mean that you can only get along with people with the blue personality type. There are so many variables that people can get along with each other. In addition, everyone has the characteristics of the 4 personality types, but different characteristics show dominance in different people.

The overly thoughtful attitude of color can overwhelm a freedom-loving color and cause arguments. Two people with the adventurous personality type can tire each other and their friendships can be short-lived. There is no guarantee that any color will get along with each other.

Different people can complete each other’s deficiencies or put each other in a more difficult situation. Green can do a great job in distributing information, a blue can be fair and prevent you from being wrong. Working in such a team will make everyone happy. The person who manages the recruitment process needs to establish a great team by analyzing the test results correctly.

What to Do to Be a Better Team Player?

As each individual in the team takes tests, they will start to know themselves better, but this is not enough to be a good team player. After learning their own test results, they should look at the test results of their other friends and try to understand them better.

They should analyze who can benefit from which aspect and who can cover which deficiencies in terms of Color Personality Test. The harmony within the company will gradually increase and a much more efficient working system will begin to emerge.

Through various tests, you may find that you are perhaps not a good fit for your dream job. For example, if you are working in the financial sector and you are not successful enough, maybe you are not very suitable for that sector. Sometimes you may feel like being in a different job in a different place, but you can’t find out what it is. These types of tests can guide you and help you find the area you are more prone to.

Conlusion of 4 Color Personality Test

These tests are useful tools for everyone. Do not hesitate to take the time to take advantage of these tools. Remember that tests alone are not enough and your personal observations and analyzes are also necessary. Your work needs to be multi-faceted, so you can get much clearer results.

Do you know of additional Color Personality Test? Share with us!