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17 Talented Pets that Outcompete Toonces the Driving Cat

Toonces the Driving Cat was launched in 1989 as sketch in Saturday Night Live Show. After airing in season 14’s episode 20, It quickly gained a considerable amount of attraction from the SNL fans and of course, cat lovers!

Would you let your cat drive your car? It sounds like crazy even if I guess I just assumed it. This couple played by Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson saw no harm in driving their pet cat’s car.

Who Played in Toonces the Driving Cat Sketch?

Steve Martin and Victoria Jackson played the husband and wife in the Toonces the Driving Cat Sketch. Kevin Nealon had the role of the driving instructor. Toonces was a puppet made up of three pieces in total (Body and 2 paws).

Toonces the Driving Cat Sketch

Steve Martin, born in 1945, is an American actor, comedian, musician, and producer. He was the frequent host on Saturday Night Live.

Victoria Jackson, born in 1959, is an American actress, comedian and singer. Her role in sketch comedies broadcast on NBC made her quite popular.

Who Wrote Toonces the Driving Cat?

American humorist Jack Handey wrote Toonces the Driving Cat. Apart from this famous SNL sketch, Handey is also known for his one-liner jokes presented as Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. He also wrote “Fuzzy Memories” and “My Big Thick Novel” shorts.

A part of the dialog from the sketch:

Husband: Honey! You won’t believe it! Toonces can drive a car!

Wife: Toonces, our cat?!

Husband: Yeah! Come on! I’ll show ya!
[cut to Toonces taking his owners for a drive]

Husband: What a perfect day for a drive.

Wife: Isn’t that pretty?

Husband: It’s a fantastic day.

Wife: Yeah.
[Toonces skids along the street]

Husband: See! I told you he could drive!

Wife: Toonces, look out! 
[screams] [show car flying over cliff]

What is the jingle in Toonces the Driving Cat?

That jingle we can’t forget:

“Toonces the Driving Cat
The Cat who could drive a car.
He drives around
all over the town
Toonces the Driving Cat!”

Who is Toonces’ Enemy?

It’s Spunky. A family friend. Unlike Toonces, Spunky is an A+ driver which makes Toonces jealous. Did I forget to say Spoiler Alert?

Can a Cat Driver A Car?

The short answer is no. It would be amazing to have a cat that can drive, though. Maybe he or she can even do ride-sharing and bring some income to the household.

Giving our car to a cat, which we sometimes cannot trust even our own friends or children, is a normal thing for this genius couple. There was only one problem about the cat driving. Toonces was a novice driver. Although it’s entertaining to see Toonces driving Lyle and Brenda’s car, it’s not safe. Proof? In the sketch, the car falls off a cliff and explodes.

So please don’t try this at home. Your cat is likely to disappear in the wild once you let him or her out, anyway.

Looks like someone still gave it a try…

What is Your Pet’s Talent?

A bird that can talk, a dog that can walk backward… These are traits we already know. Although it is fun to watch, it does not help us cope with challenges in life. It feels good watching them though. It also helps children engage in fun activities. But your pets could have more useful skills waiting for you to discover them.

Can Your Pet Help You with Household Chores?

You come home and find your dog washing the dishes. Oh, good boy. Now you guys are truly best friends forever.

Can birds iron clothes? Not a bad idea If you don’t need to go through this struggle again. Additionally, lunch can be prepared by your turtle. It will take some time but it’s okay. There is no free lunch.

Expecting our pets to drive might be an exaggerated request but hey, there are pets that go above and beyond to help their parents!

Pets that Make Their Parents Product with Their Skills

1. Folks who can ride a skateboard are crying now (me too)

2. Tag a colleague who doesn’t like handshakes

3. Fetch on water. Do you think he made it?

4. Well, that’s what I call hair care

5. Someone said there is a finder’s fee?

6. Advanced level acting

7. Wondering what skills is it? Look at that bad boy pose!

8. Talking about talented pets…

9. And the Oscar goes to…

10. We all know what happened after a second

11. No need a box opener (or eater?)

12. The new Toonces the Driving Cat?

13. Reportedly she made a house for herself

14. I have friends who can’t ride scooters

15. Wait for the end of the concert

16. A dog or a goat?

17. I protec hoomans

What about celebrity pets? Are they supposed to be more skillful? Gronk’s girlfriend has a cat that will make you think twice.