33 Unusual Ways to Save Big Money at Menards

Menards is heating up the competition with Home Depot. From weekly sales to daily discounts, customers love to save big money at Menards.

How Do I Save Big Money at Menards?

The most popular way to catch huge sales is that visiting the Weekly Ad. You can also sign up to the newsletter for receiving weekly ads and other specials in email.

I would high recommend regularly checking Ray’s List for clearance and mail-in-rebate items as well. It’s kind of a hidden gem on the Save Big Money Center.

While talking about discounts, I know that Menards jingle started playing in your head too!

Speaking of the catchy jingles, do you remember the iconic SNL sketch Toonces the Driving Cat?

There is also 11% off on most items once a month. It’s one of the best ways to save big money at Menards!

To learn about big discounts on certain items or storewide, make sure to follow Menards’ social media accounts.

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Other Unusual Ways to Save Money

You graduated. You got to work. You started making the maximum amount of money you can earn. What will you do if you don’t have the energy to do additional work and your family is out of wealth?

It’s time to save money. If you obsess, you cannot live your life. If you don’t care, you’ll regret it when you’re old. So you should start saving as soon as possible.

Here are 33 unusual items to help you save money.

1. Don’t eat out. Ask for tea or black coffee, even if you’re in the most luxurious restaurant. What are you doing in the most luxurious restaurant anyway?

2. When you go to a cafe, don’t order unless the waiter comes and asks. If the waiter never comes, be happy. Get up before ordering

3. Charge your phone, tablet, laptop at cafes and restaurants

4. Turn off all the lights in the house. The phone’s light is sufficient. You already charged it at the cafe

5. Sell ​​your fridge. Have you ever seen animals save food for several days? Buy your daily need only

6. Take extra napkins with you every time before you leave a restaurant or coffee shop

7. If you have to stay at a hotel, take shampoos when you leave

8. Don’t wear underwear. It will become dirty and old quickly. Washing or buying a new one is always costly

9. Sell ​​your washing machine. Air out your clothes every day. Hand wash if it gets very dirty

10. Walk in the rain. Not because it’s romantic. Both you and your clothes will be washed. Besides, the neighbor’s daughter may fall in love with you. Don’t be lovers though. It’s enough if she brings you the food only

11. Do not accept guests at your house. Do not buy forks, knives, and plates. Anything you can eat with a fork, you can also eat with a spoon. You can use the edge of the spoon instead of a knife

12. Sell ​​your dishwasher. What will you do with the machine for 1 spoon?

13. If possible, don’t have any sex. Being with a prostitute, lover, or wife all come with a cost. You may say “But she’s my wife.” Look, even in the ranking, I put the prostitute first

14. Leave your boyfriend or girlfriend so you can save the money you pay for the movie theater, food, and holidays. If it’s a very serious relationship, get rid of it as soon as possible. Marriage and children are a huge expense. If you divorce, this time you will deal with alimony

15. Don’t use a condom. Learn to pull back yourself at the right time instead of giving money to a 1-pack condom. Warning: If you cannot pull back yourself, you will incur a much greater expense

16. Ask to borrow money. Put on saving account for a month. Don’t touch it. Pay your debt after 1 month

17. Sell ​​your books. You read them already

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Today and tomorrow @americanbooksellers is celebrating their National “Don’t Box Out Booksellers” Event to promote independent small booksellers. 📦 By the time you read this post, Amazon will make $1.75M. While online retailers offer discounts on retail price, they don’t offer the services and community that independent bookstores offer to the community. Some things that independent bookstores can offer that online retailers cannot: •Host author events (in person or on zoom) •Sell signed (and sometimes personalized!) books the same price as regular books •Host Saturday morning story time for children •Help you remember the name of that one book someone recommended to you (I think it has a blue cover?) •Donate to local charities and participate in local cultural initiatives •Provide a cozy space for you to browse their shelves Meanwhile, this is my kind of PRIME DAY! This summer @friendsofthearlingtonlibrary has hosted Saturday sales once a month at the local farmers market and has been selling used books for $1-2! 📚 The profit has been going to support the county library, which provides so many educational and community resources. So, I have been able buy copies of those books that have been on my TBR forever while supporting my local library!!!! Here’s a reminder to buy used whenever possible!!! And if you’re buying new, choose to support local businesses or online retailers like @bookshop_org that give a portion of their profit to independent businesses. And, if I’m being honest, I use Amazon Prime a lot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But, I’m trying to be a better consumer and educate myself about whether I can purchase the same items from a local store. I also love my Amazon Kindle, but I choose to use my device to read library loans from the Libby app or Netgalley ARCs. I believe that there’s a balance between taking advantage of the benefits of the online world and supporting the local community. 💜

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18. Walk all distances of less than 1 hour. Don’t use the bus, taxi, or your own car. Sell ​​your car already

19. Look at the ground while walking. Collect the coins you find on the ground. Pretend as if it fell off you

20. Get a bike. You can go to places longer than 1 hour very comfortably with your bike

21. Stop eating bread. 1 bread a day, 30 breads a month. 360 breads a year. It will damage your health and your pocket

22. Stay away from disposable items like wet wipes

23. Don’t throw away your faded clothes. Paint if the fabrics are solid. It will be like new

24. Buy shoes in black or white, one color, without a logo. They will not understand how cheap it is and they go well with any outfit

25. Don’t wear shoes for nearby places. Travel in slippers

26. You can look stylish enough with a simple t-shirt, jeans, and a few cheap necklaces and glasses. Don’t look for the more expensive one

27. Quit alcohol and smoking but it’s not enough. Stay away from drinks other than water

28. Get the cheapest hair cutting device. Shave your hair yourself. Cut it very short. If someone asks, you can say “I’m a fan of Vin Diesel”

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29. Eat a lot of eggs. It ll keep you full. You won’t be hungry for a long time

30. When you crave sweet, grab the cheapest chocolate. They are all the same anyway

31. Tell everyone around you have no money. No matter what product they talk about, tell them you find it expensive. Over time, they will start making donations to you

32. Follow people who get up before they finish their meals in restaurants. When they’re gone, sit at the table and continue to eat

33. Don’t take a towel or a hair dryer. Wait for a while after shower and you will dry out anyway

I hope we have been a source of inspiration for both to save big money at Menards and saving money in general. May health and wealth be with you!

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