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125 Encouraging I Am Worthy of Love and I Am Enough Affirmations

Sometimes in life, we need to remind ourselves to be positive and kind with ourselves and remember that we are worth and enough.

Here are 125 positive and encouraging I am worthy affirmations for you to repeat to yourself in times of difficulty, or when you don’t believe you are worthy of something good.

I Am Worthy of Love and I Am Enough Affirmations

#1 I look forward only to the best things for myself.

#2 I am worthy, just the way I am.

#3 I am worthy and valuable, past mistakes won’t affect me.

#4 Because I know that I am worthy, I hold great power.

#5 I know I am worthy, and I forgive myself for any previous doubt.

#6 I hold immense power by having my birthright matched with a generous heart.

#7 I respect my boundaries and they are healthy.

#8 I don’t need any external validation because I know I am valuable.

#9 I know myself and nothing can shake my self-confidence.

#10 I glide through the skies, and like an eagle, I am proud, regal and peaceful.

#11 Since I was born I was granted with worthiness, and no one can take that away from me.

#12 A human soul has immeasurable value. I see this when I look into my own eyes.

#13 I let the wounds that made me forget my true worth be cured by love.

#14 I forgive myself completely if someday I didn’t understand my value and worthiness.

#15 I am worthy as I am. I do not wait for the approval of others.

#16 I am glorious and imperfect and I let the world see me just like this.

#17 I feel honored to be me. There is no other person I wanted to be.

#18 I value myself and I have boundaries that remind others of this.

#19 I do not have to prove anything to anyone.

#20 I am completely fine about accepting acts of love, help and gifts from others.

#21 I can enjoy life to the fullest. I say “yes” to things that make me happy.

#22 I accept myself as I am and I feel totally comfortable with how I am right now.

#23 I enjoy treating myself with things that make me feel good.

#24 I am a perfect being; I free any old thoughts that ever thought otherwise.

#25 I am proud of bravely being myself at all times.

#26 I have boundaries with others and this is an act of self-love.

#27 I am valuable and I am open to receiving happiness and peace.

#28 No one can quantify my worth.

#29 I can say “no” because I value myself and I know when this is right for me.

#30 I do not need validation from others. I forgive them if they ever doubted me.

#31 My worth will never change, even if I change over time.

#32 I listen to myself, I respect my feelings and I value who I am.

#33 I am ready to accept different things coming my way.

#34 I have a unique soul and I let the world see me. There is no one like me.

#35 I recognize my value, and others value me too for this.

#36 I do not hide my true self.

#37 I proudly accept myself for who I am.

#38 I accept help and I am strong. I let others show they care about me.

#39 I respect my body and I love it just the way it is.

#40 I know I am worthy and I know this is my birthright.

#41 I reveal my pure radiance by clearing shame and conditioning from others, and past experiences.

#42 It is magnificent to be who I am.

#43 I am proud to declare who I am to the world.

#44 There is no one like me. I am unique.

#45 I shine bright for everyone to see, and I never blur my brightness.

#46 I have a genuine soul, and there is nothing greater than that. I am seen.

#47 My worth was always there, and now I feel the fear diminishing.

#48 I am worthy of greatness, I believe in myself and I am capable of doing amazing things.

#49 I am focused on enjoying what I have now.

#50 I am respectful with others, and I am worthy of respect and kindness.

#51 Good things will come my way, and I accept them.

#52 I am living an exceptional life because I am worthy of it.

#53 I accept unconditional love and blissful relationships. I am worthy of them.

#54 I am completely fine with myself and I do not need to prove my worth to others.

#55 I deserve to be valued, and I release those from my life who do not recognize my value.

#56 I know my worth, and I make decisions that respect my worth.

#57 I am valuable, and I make great contributions to the world.

#58 The world would not be the same without me here. I am valuable.

#59 Because I cherish and value myself, I have the respect of others.

#60 I know I am more than deserving and I totally appreciate all I receive, great and small.

#61 I am open to receiving love from the world.

#62 The person in front of the mirror is worthy of love and respect.

#63 My heart is open to unlimited love because I am strong and worthy.

#64 I am completely worthy of the best things. I do not settle for second-best.

#65 I kindly receive the positive things others say about me.

#66 I am proud of my past accomplishments.

#67 I kindly match my resources, skills, and experience with love and support.

#68 I am a part of a bigger whole, and I am loved and needed.

#69 I am worthy and I contribute to the world by existing.

#70 I am to make people smile, and I am glad for that.

#71 I contribute to this universe by bringing happiness, humor and endless love.

#72 I am authentic, unique and special.

#73 I am worthy and nothing that came before could ever change that.

#74 The world gets to learn from my wisdom.

#75 My contributions are valuable, and I am knowledgeable and clever.

#76 I am loving and caring with others, and I experience the same in return.

#77 I express great beauty through my unique soul.

#78 I am enjoyable, amusing and humorous.

#79 I choose to accept love.

#80 I accept and respect all versions of me. I love myself unconditionally.

#81 My existence is proof that I am worthy to receive life.

#82 I know who I am, and I am worthy of respect.

#83 I deserve to be happy.

#84 I have good friends and they understand my worth.

#85 I am valuable and worthy of fair treatment. I will not accept any less than that.

#86 I am worthy of having luxurious experiences.

#87 I do not search for other’s limited opinions. I look within for my sense of self-worth.

#88 I deserve to be happy and have a beautiful relationship.

#89 Self-love gives me peace of mind.

#90 I know who I am and I respect and accept every part of myself.

#91 My value cannot be counted by others. I am a rare gem.

#92 I deeply know my intrinsic worth and I am strong because of that.

#93 I accept to be embraced, loved and supported by others. I am worthy of these things.

#94 I know I deserve love and acts of kindness, and accept them.

#95 My values and beliefs matter just as much as everybody else’s.

#96 I cherish my body when I rest and eat good food.

#97 My heart is naturally filled up with love.

#98 I know that I deserve to be loved and to love, and I accept that.

#99 I am a rare gem and I value this.

#100 My human experience is filled with excitement and adventure, and I cherish this. 

#101 I am worthy of having an amazing life journey. I will not settle for less.

#102 I always work towards my dreams and goals, I will not be content with less than I deserve.

#103 I am worthy of love and happiness, and I kindly accept acts of care.

#104 I gentilly open myself to learning and expansion, as I am worthy of great knowledge.

#105 I value experiences of enjoyment and pleasure, and I allow myself to feel these feelings.

#106 I am loved, I am blessed, I am worthy.

#107 I am doing the best I can and this is enough.

#108 I am powerful and unique. I am enough.

#109 I believe that I have unlimited power.

#110 I visualize great things coming in my way.

#111 I kindly receive everything that the universe has prepared for me.

#112 I respect my past, and I embrace my future with love.

#113 I have the power to build the future I deserve.

#114 I respect the person I see in the mirror everyday.

#115 I am becoming more fulfilled by life as I am constantly evolving.

#116 I am not afraid to follow my dreams.

#117 I value every experience and I grow in each one of them.

#118 I forgive myself from every judgment I once had about myself.

#119 I am a blessing. I am positive. I am enough.

#120 I live in abundance.

#121 I have the ability to flow like a river.

#122 I am smart. I am beautiful. I am worthy of kindness.

#123 Other people look up to me.

#124 I feel blessed for everything I have.

#125 I am self-confident and I spread love to others.

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