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130 Powerful Words of Encouragement for Hard Times (Affirmations & Quotes)

We all have bad days. Some of us can leave these bad days behind with our efforts, but some of us need support. Even a word of encouragement can fulfill that person’s self-belief in a difficult situation.

130 Words of Encouragement for Hard Times (Affirmations and Quotes)

Here are 130 meaningful words of encouragement to support your friends:

#1 By now, all the bad days are over. Surely you will get through these difficult days.

#2 There are two things I know about the problems, firstly, new ones will come up all the time, and secondly, we will overcome those problems together every time.

#3 Never lose your fighting spirit.

#4 The war within you will end one day.

#5 You get through tough times easier if you accept life as it is.

#6 You can delay fighting for a short time to gather your strength.

#7 Better days are a step away. There is no reason to stop.

#8 It’s natural to feel tired. You will start the new day more energetic.

#9 The challenges you face don’t matter once you know what you’re doing.

#10 Focus on other things for a while. You will be stronger once you come back.

#11 You don’t have to fight nonstop. Stop and listen.

#12 I support you and I know these hard times will pass.

#13 You can solve all problems with your friends. You’re not alone.

#14 Your friends and family are on your side.

#15 It is a wonderful experience to live this life, even if it has its hard sides.

#16 As long as you’re breathing, you don’t need to lose hope.

#17 Even on the worst days, there is a place that brings peace.

#18 Accept challenges and banish them.

#19 Most things you worry about won’t happen.

#20 If you focus on the present moment, you will find peace.

#21 Other people have gone through all the hardships you went through.

#22 Spending some time in nature will relax you.

#23 Don’t shy away from difficulties. This is a temporary period.

#24 The problems you’re having aren’t worth it, especially breaking your family.

#25 The challenges you go through make you mature.

#26 No challenge you go through is permanent. None of them will be with you tomorrow.

#27 You are strong enough to overcome all the problems you face.

#28 You will feel stronger after every challenge.

#29 When a new challenge comes your way, remember your past victories.

#30 Don’t turn down help from others.

#31 You don’t have to carry the whole weight of the world.

#32 You’ll be much stronger when your wounds heal. be patient until you get better

#33 You will get through this too. Do not worry.

#34 It doesn’t matter how big your steps are. The important thing is to stay moving forward.

#35 Don’t stop loving yourself no matter the reason for your difficulties.

#36 You have a family you can get support from when you need it.

#37 Challenges give you a chance to get to know yourself better.

#38 You wouldn’t know how strong you are if it wasn’t for the hard days.

#39 After every storm, the sun shines.

#40 You’ve done it before, you’ll do it again.

#41 You trust yourself, you will find the solution.

#42 You are much stronger than you think.

#43 You get stronger every day you struggle with challenges.

#44 The shortest way to maturity is to struggle with difficulties.

#45 Another day that you thought would never end is over.

#46 You will also be surprised by how strong you are.

#47 In difficult times, you better understand who is a friend and who is a foe.

#48 You will realize the meaning of life as you experience difficulties.

#49 You can’t improve by just having good days.

#50 It’s times like these that you realize how important the days you thought were ordinary are actually.

#51 It’s okay to be afraid as well as brave.

#52 You won’t believe how strong you are going through tough times.

#53 Don’t stop looking at things positively.

#54 Don’t be afraid to go on an adventure.

#55 You’ll be proud of yourself when these days are gone.

#56 Focus on your loved ones.

#57 Don’t be afraid to get lost, trust your feelings.

#58 Don’t be afraid of what you feel. Accept your feelings.

#59 Look at every obstacle as a new lesson and try to take advantage of it.

#60 A new challenge means a new success story. Do not miss this opportunity.

#61 Don’t lose the love inside you.

#62 Don’t lose hope in you, the solution will find you sooner or later.

#63 Don’t get stuck in your pain. Watch their recovery.

#64 Force yourself to be brave.

#65 Be willing to take on harder challenges.

#66 You rise like the sun out of the darkness.

#67 You have powers that even you are unaware of.

#68 By overcoming a new obstacle every day, you will become the person you need to be.

#69 As long as you have hope, you will overcome obstacles one by one.

#70 People love you.

#71 Sometimes you fall but just to rest. You get up again when you’re ready.

#72 Hard days will turn into memories that you will laugh about.

#73 People are afraid of what they don’t know. When you find out, your fear will pass.

#74 You should know that there is no struggle you cannot overcome.

#75 Don’t stop thinking positive, good days are near.

#76 Trust your intelligence, it won’t let you down. Use words of encouragement for hard times when needed.

#77 You can’t grow if you don’t have challenges in your life.

#78 Where there is no hope, even the smallest problems cannot be solved.

#79 Care about how you are today because you will be so much better tomorrow.

#80 Be grateful even on hard days.

#81 As long as you have confidence in yourself, all difficulties will be left behind.

#82 Life has good days to offer.

#83 Difficulties herald better days.

#84 As long as you keep moving forward, you will surely reach your goal.

#85 Act like you are strong even if you don’t feel strong.

#86 Change is hard, but you have to do it.

#87 You will be like reborn when these days pass.

#88 You should know that you always have the strength to take one more step.

#89 You draw strength from your friends and family.

#90 Don’t despair of the future. You never know what life will bring you.

#91 Even if you don’t feel brave, you should take one more step.

#92 You wouldn’t be able to feel how important you are if it wasn’t for the hard days.

#93 Trust in your own strength will save you from dark days.

#94 Your belief in yourself drives away all doubt.

#95 Let the hope within you grow with each passing day.

#96 Those who don’t give up deserve to see better days.

#97 You know victory is ahead, keep moving forward.

#98 Trust your abilities, be aware of your potential.

#99 When these days pass, your outlook on life will change.

#100 Not everyone is your friend. You have to go through hard times to get to know your true friends.

#101 Do the right thing no matter how you feel.

#102 If you see a challenge approaching, don’t run away. You walk towards him.

#103 People who grow up in difficult conditions can achieve extraordinary success.

#104 You’re just getting started. You have a lot to accomplish.

#105 Everyone has problems, but not everyone finds solutions.

#106 Make it a habit to overcome difficulties.

#107 You wouldn’t be able to improve if you had every opportunity.

#108 Strengthen your will, work to be more patient.

#109 The only thing holding you back is your negative thoughts. Replace them with positive thoughts. Utilize words of encouragement for hard times as well as affirmations daily.

#110 You have to feed off of challenges. It should make you even more ambitious.

#111 The hard days will teach you that you are invincible.

#112 You don’t have to go the way everyone else goes. This is your life.

#113 You can struggle with all difficulties, physical or mental.

#114 If there is no difficulty, there is no safer. Then life has no meaning.

#115 The day we stop trying, we are dead.

#116 He who has the most difficulties becomes the wisest.

#117 Don’t give up your honor and pride.

#118 Your difficulties will make you perfect.

#119 There is no shortcut to big goals.

#120 People who don’t care about small problems are people who have overcome big challenges in their past.

#121 Those who live, not those who watch life are remembered. The problems you are experiencing are an opportunity to leave a mark on the world.

#122 Being crowded is not enough to win. One brave man beats a thousand cowardly men.

#123 Every mistake you make makes your next job stronger.

#124 Everyone loses, not everyone can start over.

#125 Hard days are the spice of life. If there is no spice, life has no taste.

#126 Patience is people’s greatest strength. If you persevere, it will pass.

#127 Through hard days, we learn to be happy with the little things.

#128 All the bad days are there for us. For us to discover ourselves and to be the right person.

#129 You should thank your hard days for making you a resilient person.

#130 It will not be easy, but when these days pass, there will be very good memories left.