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INFJ and INFP Compatibility for Males and Females

When it comes to compatibility, there are a lot of factors that might come into play. For the INFJ and INFP, their shared attributes make this pair quite compatible. We dive deep into details of the INFJ and INFP compatibility for males and females in this post.

Both personality types share introversion, intuition, and feeling, these three characteristics play a large role in how these types lead their life. Their shared experiences when it comes to how they live might bring this pair together to make a great couple, however, their differences might also cause complications.

INFJ and INFP Compatibility for Males and Females

INFJ and INFP Compatibility

Let us take a look into the characteristics that make up the male and female INFJ and INFP and discover what makes this pairing compatible.

Their Shared Attributes

The INFJ and INFP personality types share three, out of four, attributes–those being introversion, intuition, and feeling. It is the commonality that truly makes these two types bond and works well together in relationships, whether they are platonic or romantic. However, these similar characteristics should not be confused as these types have almost the same personality–there are differences in how they express themselves.

One of the most important qualities that these two types share is introversion. As an introverted type, alone time and space are essential. Since both the INFJ and INFP are introverted individuals, each will respect and understand the importance of having the need for solitude.

Despite needing space at times, an introvert still enjoys spending quality time with friends, only that they prefer a smaller tight-knit group over large ones. This mutual understanding and respect will certainly help a relationship between the two thrive.

Given that both are also intuitive, they enjoy exploring new ideas and exploring the possibilities of their respective futures. Both the INFJ and INFP are attracted to the discussion of newfound knowledge. If they share common interests or viewpoints, it is no doubt that the two types will have a great time having open conversations regarding their future and life goals.

Lastly, both types also share feeling as quality as I previously mentioned in this INFJ and INFP compatibility post. This share attribute allows for the appreciation of affection that will naturally occur within the pair.

A personality that has “feeling” in their preferences typically tends to truly take their partner’s needs into consideration and do their best to have their expectations met. Since both types share this quality, it is likely that they will do their best to always keep peace and harmony within the relationship.

The INFJ Male

The INFJ male is truly a rare gem that must be appreciated. The INFJ male is very independent and has core values that they do not stray from. One of those core values being not submitting to common stereotypes that seem to be forced upon men in western society. Men are rarely considered emotional or emotionally intelligent, but the INFJ male is definitely tuned into their feelings and is quite emotionally mature.

Now simply because this type doesn’t always submit to gender roles it does not mean that they won’t fit other “masculine” features, in fact, they may outwardly come off as very masculine. However, what is important to remember when it comes to an INFJ man is that he will not force himself into being something he is not. There is nothing that an INFJ male hates more than being thrust onto a label. They will simply be who they are.

This type also does not like shallow relationships or connections. They would much rather only let people into their lives if they truly feel that they are genuine. The INFJ male will not like to waste time making small talk if they do not truly feel like they can form a connection with someone. This quality can sometimes make the INFJ male come off as unapproachable but it is important to remember that if an INFJ man pursues anyone, it is usually with the purest intentions.

The INFJ Female

Similar to the INFJ male, the female counterpart is also very attuned to their emotions. Typically women are stereotyped as emotional individuals, and the INFJ woman does not stray from that ideology. However, simply because they are emotional does not mean they cannot be logical.

The INFJ woman is eager to learn and has a full understanding of a subject or situation. Although they tend to lean towards their emotions more, they still value logic. If anything, this type hates being perceived as irrational because of their connection to their emotions.

Much like the male, the INFJ female will stay very true to their feelings and morals. In fact, it is their emotional maturity that allows them to stand up for their values. They can turn from a loving and sensitive individual to a fierce and frightening individual if they feel their morals and values are threatened.

So, simply because the INFJ woman tends to be emotional does not mean that they can be taken advantage of and manipulated.

What makes an INFJ female so complex is that despite being sensitive individuals they like to keep their distance from others. When the INFJ woman loves, they love deeply, and therefore they tend to be very careful and guarded with who they open up to.

The INFP Male

Much like the INFJ male, the INFP male is also relatively emotional and compassionate. This type likes to fully understand their emotions and they like to assess how they truly feel in any given situation. They enjoy helping those around them which naturally allows them to connect to people rather easily.

Since they are so attuned to their emotions, they typically express themselves accurately. There is nothing they hate more than being misunderstood. The INFP male hates when other people doubt their intentions. They would much rather be understood for who they really are and don’t like their authenticity being challenged.

That being said, the INFP male is also not fond of conflict and they would much rather avoid it altogether. They would much rather reach a compromise with someone than cause any further disruptions. Similar to the INFJ female, the INFP male will not stand for disrespect to their values and morals. They will do their best to avoid conflict, but if it is necessary they will do anything to defend what they believe in.

The INFP Female

The INFP female, although emotional and compassionate towards others, does not like to appear so. The INFP woman would much rather prefer to carry themselves with a confidence that doesn’t present themselves as vulnerable. This typically makes others perceive them as not emotional individuals. However, once you get to know an INFP woman and experience their kindness, it is truly a beneficial experience.

As mentioned earlier in this INFJ and INFP compatibility analysis, they like to keep their emotions hidden from the public because they are often misunderstood and they dislike being labeled as the stereotypical “emotional woman.” However, their emotions should certainly not be perceived as a weakness. As a matter of fact, their sensitivity is what truly allows them to connect with the people around them. It also allows them to understand different perspectives and relate to multiple ideologies.

In addition, the INFP female, although she doesn’t rejoice in getting hurt or feeling pain, she recognizes the power that pain and disappointment can have. They realize that pain often allows them to truly appreciate and enjoy the good and happy moments in life.

That being said, the INFP female is so complex because although they are emotional individuals they are not typically perceived as so. This is also because introverts, need ample time to themselves and so they sometimes distance themselves from others. This should not be misunderstood. It is not that they do not enjoy spending time with their friends and family, or partner, but their alone time is extremely critical so that they can feel complete.

Why the INFJ and INFP Are Compatible

So what makes the INFJ and INFP so compatible? Well, these personality types tend to compliment each other very well. Both types enjoy deep, loyal, genuine connections. One can rest easy that in this pairing, both individuals will truly appreciate the relationship and connection they have with each other.

Additionally, the INFJ and INFP are so compatible as it is rare for conflict to arise, though obviously not impossible. Both types have the tendency to understand the perspective of other people, so they can typically resolve an issue fairly quickly if it were to ever arise.

Given that the INFJ has “judging,” and the INFP has “perceiving,” as qualities, they tend to create a balance. The INFJ likes to make the decisions and take charge, and the INFP–as perceivers–like to follow the flow. This can create great harmony. Although the INFJ might sometimes find the INFP too passive, it is not likely for this to cause too much of a rift.


As one can see, the INFJ and INFP share a lot of similarities that make this pair compatible. It is important to remember that not one pairing is completely absolved from having conflict or being perfect, however, these further explorations should help make it clear what makes a pair compatible.