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Awaken the Giant Within Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF

Awaken the Giant Within: World-renowned motivational coach and personal development expert Tony Robbins teaches you ways to unlock your full potential in this book. In this Awaken the Giant Within summary, we will dive deep into his methods and principles.

The information in the book of Robbins, an author who has helped change the lives of thousands of people to date, continues to be valid even after years.

Awaken the Giant Within Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF

Awaken the Giant Within Summary with 20 Lessons Learned

Here are the 20 lessons to learn from Awaken the Giant Within Summary:

#1 Permanent Change

There are 3 things you need to do to achieve permanent change. These topics are covered in the book, in order, your standard of living, the limit of your beliefs, and your strategy.

#2 Raise Your Standards

You must want more. You should act thinking that you deserve more. You should not tolerate less. Everything starts with wanting more.

#3 Change Your Limiting Beliefs

How do you decide that a job is impossible? You probably admit that at the beginning of the road you will not succeed. People who will achieve great success simply disappear because they do not show a little courage.

#4 Change Your Strategy

If the result you have taken from the path you have followed so far does not make you happy, it is time to change the path. You cannot reach a different destination by following the same path.

#5 Emotions

Emotions are what make you take action or stop and do nothing. It is difficult to control them, but it is not difficult to act independently from them. If you dedicate yourself to the work you are going to do, you will continue to do it when you are happy or sad. Because real goals are more important than feelings.

#6 Health

It seems easy to focus personal development only on the mind. Because as your physique improves, your energy will increase and you will feel stronger. The stronger you get, the more you will accomplish.

#7 Relationships

Mastering social skills can provide benefits beyond the education you receive. It is very important not only for your career but also for your peace of mind that your relationships with your family and friends are on track.

#8 Finance

He lives so focused on making money that if people invest with the money they earn, they wouldn’t have to work more, but they are not aware of it. Gain financial skills and learn to control money.

#9 Time

You didn’t come to this world to work like a mad man with greed for money. Live the day with a plan, but don’t make this plan just for your business life. Spend your time on other things besides making more money.

#10 Happiness

We seek happiness in the reactions of others. We are waiting for a good word from our teacher at school, from our family at home, from the boss at work. They don’t even think about it when they say something good or bad to you anyway. So it doesn’t make as much sense as you might think.

#11 Learn From Your Mistakes

Every mistake you make is an invaluable lesson. It means that you have gained knowledge that you cannot find in books and you have gained an experience that you cannot get from books. The lessons you will learn from mistakes you make in one area will also work in other areas.

#12 Don’t Be Afraid to Make Decisions

How bad can things go when you make a decision? Choose your chapter to read, choose your work to do. You direct your own life. Live by your own mistakes instead of the perfect truths of others.

#13 The Next 10 Years

Planning today is not enough. You must also dream of tomorrow. Where will you be in the next 11 years? Will you have finished university? Or will you be your boss? Or will you settle in another country?

#14 Abundance

There is enough money, work, and food in this world for everyone. Know that you are in abundance. A new job and more money await you at the next stop. Go and get it.

#15 Being Attached, Not Interested

As mentioned earlier in this Awaken the Giant Within summary, the job you are interested in becomes your hobby, but the job you are attached to becomes your future. Whatever the job. Wash the dishes if you want. You become so passionate that you find yourself telling your success story years later in front of your restaurant chain.

#16 They Get It Wrong

Don’t let your family’s limited faith affect you. They may not have succeeded. They may be afraid of life when they do not have a regular income. But real life is not like that. There’s more out there, too.

#17 Acquire New Talents

It will be difficult at first, but you have to adapt to the innovations of the age. When a new technology comes out, try to find out as soon as possible.

#18 Winners and Losers

The biggest difference between the two is that the winners always think positively and act with surreal self-confidence. In this way, the winners can use their full potential, while the losers may not even be able to do the things they would normally do.

#19 Experiences

Never miss the opportunity to gain new experiences. Because it is these kinds of actions that will change and improve you. An unexpected event can change your view of the world.

#20 Thinking Too Much

Don’t bother with more than a simple profit and loss account. The more you think about a job, the more you start to find reasons why you can’t do it. You become suspicious and come to the point of giving up on doing something you would normally be able to accomplish.

Top 10 Quotes from Awaken the Giant Within

1. “For changes to be of any true value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent. We’ve all experienced change for a moment, only to feel let down and disappointed in the end. In fact, many people attempt change with a sense of fear and dread because unconsciously they believe the changes will only be temporary.”

2. “In order to keep your commitment, you need the best strategies for achieving results. One of my core beliefs is that if you set a higher standard, and you can get yourself to believe, then you certainly can figure out the strategies. You simply will find a way.”

3. “To forge a financial destiny of abundance, you will first learn how to change what causes scarcity in your life, and then how to experience on a consistent basis the values, beliefs, and emotions that are essential to experiencing wealth and holding on to it and expanding it.”

4. “Using the power of decision gives you the capacity to get past any excuse to change any and every pan of your life in an instant. It can change your relationships, your working environment, your level of physical fitness, your income, and your emotional states.”

5. “You can now change your state in so many ways, and they’re all so simple. You can change your physiology immediately just by changing your breathing. You can change your focus by deciding what to focus on, or the order of things you focus on, or how you do it. You can change your submodalities. If you’ve been consistently focusing on the worst that could happen, there’s no excuse for continuing to do that. Start now to focus on the best.”

6. “The masters of question asking, of course, are kids. How many millions of questions do they constantly bombard us with as they’re growing up? Why do you think that is? Is it just to drive us crazy? We need to realize that they’re constantly making evaluations as to what things mean and what they should do.”

7. “Most beliefs are formed by words—and they can be changed by words as well. Our nation’s view of racial equality was certainly shaped by actions, but those actions were inspired by impassioned words.”

8. “Now that you have a set of compelling goals and clear-cut reasons for their achievement, the process for making the goals real has already begun.”

9. “Make sure your next level of dreams will continually pull you forward in a constant, never-ending search for improvement. A commitment to CANI! is truly the universal insurance policy for life-long happiness. Remember that a compelling future is the food on which our souls thrive—we all need a continued sense of emotional and spiritual growth.”

10. “Only a few decades ago, most people accomplished their daily chores in a physical way. Today, though, we have designed active demands for our bodies to replace the inactivity that our day-to-day life no longer creates.”

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