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60 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitation Wording Ideas

When you receive such an invitation or you need ugly Christmas sweater party invitation wording ideas, do not miss it. Go and have fun at the most comfortable party in the world, or if you want to throw such a party, you can take a look at the invitation messages we have prepared for you.

Ugly Christmas sweater party means freedom. No color choice, no ironing, no tormenting with high heels, even the size of your sweater doesn’t even have to fit you. The only thing you can’t be free of at this party is wearing an ugly sweater. Party is the name of having fun freely with dozens of your friends wearing their ugliest sweaters.

60 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are hand-picked ugly Christmas sweater party invitation wording ideas

1. No boring suits and accessories we don’t want to use at this party. Put on your funniest sweater and have fun with us at the Party.

2. Come and join us to see everyone at their worst. We’ll decide tonight who wears the uglier sweater. You are invited to our Party. Don’t forget to wear your ugliest sweater for the party.

3. There’s no place at this party for those who don’t have an ugly sweater. At the door, our security guards will not let those without ugly sweaters in! If you don’t want to miss out on this fun, you’d better find yourself an ugly sweater as soon as possible.

4. The countdown has begun for the Party. If you don’t have an ugly sweater, get one now. Because an unforgettable night awaits us.

5. We would love to see you among us on that night when only those with ugly sweaters deserve to have fun. I hope you understand what to wear.

6. No kidding with the Party! Even Santa can’t get in unless he’s wearing an ugly sweater. Make your preparations and join the fun.

7. This party promises you freedom. Party is going to give us all a sigh of relief after all those rough days. You’ll never want to take off your ugly sweater after this party.

8. What if we don’t like suits? We have ugly sweaters too. Put on your ugliest sweaters and join us after checking our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party invitation wording ideas. Let’s show you how to have real fun.

9. Who would have thought that an ugly sweater would be the ticket to a great party? We would like to see you precious ugly sweater owner among us at our Party.

10. Are you ready for an unforgettable Party? We think you’re ready and have no trouble finding an ugly sweater! Tonight is your night. Put on your worst sweater and come on.

11. Wear such an ugly sweater that we all taste bad. Can you achieve this? If you think you can, you’re invited to our Party.

12. Let all suits burn and all evening dresses torn. Now is the time for ugly sweaters. Put on your ugliest sweater, bring your libertarian spirit with you, and join us at our Party.

13. Wear a sweater so ugly that all eyes are on you. Do not forget that there will be very ambitious competitors in this regard. We want to see you at the Party tonight.

14. Would you like to attend a party where you don’t have to look good to anyone and have fun freely? Then don’t miss our Party for next week.

15. You are invited to a party where you will feel perfect wearing an ugly sweater. The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party is the perfect opportunity for you to bring out the beast within. Come and meet other monsters.

16. The only ugly thing at this party will be your sweater. You and that ugly sweater are what we need at the party where the food and drinks are perfect.

17. We’re all wondering what an ugly sweater you’re going to wear. Maybe you could even win the ugly sweater contest. But above all we want you to know that you should not miss this libertarian party.

18. Warning: Food and drink will not be given to those whose sweater is not ugly. I hope you know how to dress for the ugly Christmas Sweater Party. If you want some advice, I would say you should focus on green and red colors.

19. We want to see a big reindeer in your ugly sweater. Join our Party and let’s name the reindeer in your sweater together.

20. How about being the star of the party by wearing an ugly sweater? I guarantee the food and drinks will be great, and I expect your guarantee that your sweater will be ugly.

21. We did the long preparations only for meals and drinks. Only 5 minutes is enough for clothes. We don’t think you’ll have any trouble choosing your worst sweater. The fun begins, come out and enjoy.

22. We want to see the world’s ugliest sweaters tonight. You put one on and come. Show off your outfits with pride at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. You can be sure that we will all applaud you.

23. We hope to see you among us at the Party, where the ugliest sweater will be awarded. The other contestants are very ambitious so make sure you’re wearing your ugliest sweater.

24. We turned our Christmas fun into the Party. Our food and drinks are great, but we can’t say the same for our sweaters.

25. At this party, our spirits will be free, our food delicious, and our sweaters ugly. The Party with the beautiful invitation wording ideas will be the best event to say goodbye to this year.

26. Eat, drink, and be ugly! Go and find the ugliest Christmas sweater and join us for this unmissable event. There will be a buffet dinner, drinks, and good times once we get together wearing the ugliest Christmas sweaters in town.

27. We’re going to have so much fun at the Party that we’ll forget how ugly our sweaters are, but we’ll never forget the fun we had. We guarantee you will regret it if you don’t come.

28. Want to help us make our Party even uglier? Come on, put on your ugly sweater, food and drinks are on us.

29. It may take 1 hour to prepare for the Christmas party, but only 5 minutes to prepare for the Party. This party wouldn’t be without you and your ugly sweater.

30. We are leaving another year behind, but we do not intend to do this with an ordinary dinner. We’re ready to push the boundaries with the Party, and we’d love to have you among us.

31. Does the food and music always sound like the same thing? What about the Party? You know what outfit you have to wear. Don’t leave us without you tonight.

32. What better way to celebrate Christmas than the Sweater Party? If you want to be the star of this party, forget your suit and put on a sweater we’re all going to despise and come.

33. You’re tired of dressing up all the time too. That’s why the Party is for you. Don’t make any promises to anyone tonight and get your ugliest sweater out of your closet.

34. I heard you don’t like getting ready for parties. Then this party is for you. Join us for a night where we can stop being stylish and focus on fun with the Party.

35. Do you want to stop thinking about who will dress the most and enjoy being the ugliest? Ugly sweaters will compete at the Christmas party tonight. We thought you wouldn’t want to miss such fun.

36. Dress code is mandatory at tonight’s Christmas party. If you accept our invitation, you need to put on your ugliest sweater and bother our eyes.

37. No one will be able to talk about anything serious at this party because our ugly sweaters won’t allow it. We want to see you at the Party, where we will celebrate the arrival of the new year.

38. Do you think an ugly sweater is easy to find and put on? So put on the ugliest sweater you can find and join us for the Party.

39. We will have a surprise gift for the one who wears the ugliest sweater. So try to come to our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in your ugliest sweater, not just any ugly sweater.

40. We don’t want to see normal or loose-dressed people at this party. We want to have fun with people with a free spirit. Our Party is just for those free-spirited people.

41. Please push the boundaries and show us more ugly sweaters than we’ve ever seen in our lives. Be sure to dress appropriately for the meaning and importance of the Party.

42. I’d like to express our pride in hosting the Party. Are you ready to eat, drink and have fun with our ugly sweaters on?

43. Can you surprise us with your ugly sweater? We don’t know if you can surprise us, but the sweaters you see tonight will really surprise you. Don’t miss this historic night and join us at the Outrageous Christmas Sweater Party.

44. Come with a sweater so ugly that we’ll raise our glass to you. Because you deserve to be a star at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

45. You won’t believe how many ugly sweaters we have on our friends. You will want to forget the sweaters you saw tonight but remember the fun you had forever. You should be with us as we celebrate the coming of the new year at the Party.

46. Grab a friend with an ugly sweater and join us at the Party. Let’s see which one of you will join us with the ugliest sweater.

47. Forget the most beautiful and favorite clothes. Because there’s no room for pretty clothes at this party. We want to see you in your ugliest sweater at the Party.

48. We will be happy to see you among us at the Party, where we will add color to the party with our sweaters.

49. We are waiting for you tonight for a party where the ugliest sweater will get all the praise. At the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, the rules are very clear. You can’t attend the party if you don’t have an ugly sweater.

50. We would like to see you among us at the Party, the symbol of courage and freedom. This is how Christmas is celebrated!

51. There is no place for good boys at this party. Put on your ugliest sweater with all your sassiness and rebelliousness and show off at the Party.

52. No, man, we’re not just looking for an ugly sweater. We’re looking for the ugliest sweater in history. Take the runway at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and show us your sweater.

53. When we mentioned the Party, we immediately thought of you. Come and be the star of the party!

54. The better the food and drinks at this party, the uglier our sweaters will be. Since we don’t want it to be a regular Christmas party, we have planned the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party and we are waiting for you.

55. Put on the ugly sweaters you’d be ashamed to post on social media and join us for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. We can’t promise that your photos won’t be taken secretly!

56. Are you brave? Are you free? That’s what we thought, and we decided to invite you to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in your ugliest sweater.

57. You are invited to the Party, where you will forget about the ugly sweater you wore by looking at other people’s ugly sweaters. Let’s take a look at ugly sweater designs that will spoil our eyes together.

58. There is only one party you can go to in your ugliest sweater and we are proud to host it. Put on your ugly sweater and enjoy the food because the Party is going to be awesome.

59. Take one last look at your prettiest outfits because you won’t be able to wear them tonight. I hope the name of the party tells you what to wear to the Party!

60. We don’t promise you an ordinary Christmas party. We promise you fun at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party where you can see the ugliest sweaters ever. Cancel all your plans and hang out with us.

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