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85 Get Well Messages for Coworkers

No matter what problems you have with your co-workers, you have to keep working together. When something happens to them, it wouldn’t be right to ignore it. You need to both correct yourself and show that you are a professional. In this post, we list 85 hand-picked get well messages for coworkers.

Depending on the sincerity between you, you should send a nice “get well soon” message, which may be a little humorous, but which will show that you care about them and strengthen your ties with them.

85 Get Well Messages for Coworkers

Here are 85 “get well soon” messages we have prepared for you:

1. We look forward to your recovery and return to us as soon as possible. You are an important part of the team and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to say it.

2. We have felt his absence since the first day. On behalf of all your teammates, we miss you so much. Come and get back to work, that’s enough laziness!

3. I hope you are starting to recover. Now we want to see you when we come to work in the morning. It’s certainly not because things got busy that we want you to get well and come back to us as soon as possible!

4. Everyone on the team is waiting for you to get well soon and join us. Do not deprive us of the pleasure of working with you any longer.

5. We hope you feel better soon. We’re running things here, take care of yourself, and don’t forget to consume plenty of vitamin C.

6. Please do not rush to get out of bed. Be patient until your illness is completely healed. We want to see you back at work when you’re ready.

7. We are very sorry that you are sick. All your friends offer their best wishes. They told you to watch a few TV shows and movies instead. Get well and join us as soon as possible.

8. No job is more important than illness. All colleagues wish to get well soon. We want you to know that we are there for you and that you can call us if you need anything.

9. Our team feels your absence. We hope you get better soon and get back to work stronger than before.

10. Here you have friends who can’t wait for you to come back. We do not doubt that we will see you among us as soon as possible. Rest well and enjoy your days in bed.

11. We are very sorry that you are sick. Take good care of yourself and try to recover quickly. We’re already starting to miss you.

12. You’re sick and far away now, but we know your return will be spectacular. Regain your former strength and joy and run to join us.

13. We are very sorry for the grave accident that happened to you. We need a teammate like you and we need your friendship outside of work. Your job, your desk, and your coffee are waiting for you.

14. I heard that you got sick and I wanted to say get well soon. I believe that the healing process will go smoothly. Think of nothing but healing. Get plenty of rest and don’t rush to get out of bed.

15. Get well soon, my friend. We know that you will feel better with each passing day and that you will be joining us shortly. Get well and laze a little, then we’ll pick up where we left off.

16. I heard that you are sick, I wish you a speedy recovery. I hope you know how much your coworkers miss you. Take care and take your place among us.

17. Remember that recovery will take time and do not rush to return to work. Keep doing whatever the doctors say until you’re completely healed. Your co-workers send you their “get well soon” wishes.

18. Don’t worry, we take the dust off your table. You just focus on healing. Because when he comes, we will have a lot of work to do.

19. We wish you a speedy recovery and we want you to know that you are not alone. Don’t hesitate to call once you need something. All your colleagues are ready to do their best.

20. We all miss you so much and we are counting the days for you to get well and return to us as soon as possible. We’ve left a few boxes of vitamins on your desk so you don’t get sick again.

21. Working without you is not enjoyable at all. I miss our morning coffees. Come and spice up the office again. Get well soon, don’t neglect your meds.

22. I’m so sorry to hear that you got sick, so I’m sending this get-well message. I want you to know that I’m on the other end of the phone if you need anything. Please take good care of yourself from now on

23. No job is as important as your health. Do not be in a hurry to get to work. Everything is under our control here.

24. I am so sorry that you got sick and I am sending you this get well soon message. I hope you don’t insist on flowers and chocolate and get well soon.

25. Don’t think about things here and just do your best to get better. We get things done, you just be patient and take care of yourself.

26. The office seems so quiet and lacking in joy while you are gone. We feel his absence more and more every day. Get well soon and do not forget your cheerfulness at home when you come to the office.

27. I hope you are not busy with anything other than resting. If you need help with anything, just call me.

28. We talk about you every day and look forward to seeing you among us. If you don’t get better soon, we can come and start working at your house!

29. An office without you was very quiet and soulless. We hope you regain your old strength and take your place among your teammates. I know that I can always use more get well messages for coworkers in different situations.

30. It was really sad to see you sick. We hope that you will recover quickly in the days to come, keep the doctors’ word, and take your medications regularly.

31. You know how important we are. We send our best wishes and welcome you to call if you need anything for your recovery.

32. Since you are one of the strongest people I know, I cannot say that I strongly believe you got sick. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’re on vacation. We missed you so much, get well soon.

33. As we are sharing your work because you got sick, we decided to share your salary as your teammates this month. But if you promise to get well soon and come back, we can reconsider this.

34. Together with your teammates, we decided to cook for you so that you can recover as soon as possible, but we do not want to risk you, since there is no trust among us for the food you cook. We want you to know that we miss you, get well soon.

35. When a person is sick, nothing else matters. I can imagine how you are feeling right now and I wish you to get out of this situation as soon as possible.

36. You should know that there is a team that is ready to do its best for your recovery. We look forward to the day you get over this illness and return to the office.

37. I learned that you are sick, I hope it’s not a significant condition. I wish you a speedy recovery and convey the greetings of your teammates.

38. You should not forget that you can call us even in the smallest matter that we can help. We miss you and look forward to the days when we will work together again.

39. Everyone in the office is curious about you and asks about the latest status of your illness. I have a hard time not telling them the truth about your vacation! Please get well soon and take your place in the office.

40. If you need help or just want to talk, you may not call. I’m so sorry you got sick and I miss you already.

41. If there is anything as effective as drugs for healing, it is to be in high spirits. Don’t lose your joy and think about things.

42. Today was our first day at work without you because you got sick. But we know that you have a wife who takes good care of you at home and we say get well soon.

43. These days will pass and you will return to us again. Trust the doctors and don’t spoil the disease too much!

44. Think it could have been worse and take it easy. Fortunately, as long as you take your medication, it is a disease that will go away with rest.

45. Don’t forget to inform us about your illness and stop thinking about office work. We take care of everything, you just get better soon.

46. Losing our health is a reminder of how beautiful the life we have actually is. We wish you to get over this disease before it takes longer.

47. No disease can defeat you if you try hard enough to heal. We are with you and we know that you will leave this disease behind.

48. We know that you are strong enough to overcome this disease. We send our best wishes and love.

49. We all missed working with you, coffee breaks, having a beer after work. Come on, don’t make us wait any longer.

50. We’re sorry you’re not with us, but I wish you’d gone away for the holidays and not the sickness. We are waiting for you at the office and wish you a speedy recovery.

51. You may not be enjoying life right now because of your illness, but we know it will pass soon. Wishing your teammates and boss a speedy recovery.

52. We believe that you will get well soon, maybe more than you do. Be strong and think about the good days to come.

53. The part that makes the disease valuable is to get away from work and listen to your head. We know you’re not feeling well, but try to enjoy your rest anyway.

54. We know you don’t trust anyone, but give the doctors a chance anyway. Let them do their job and mail you back to us.

55. I want you to know that we have not neglected to water the flower on your table. There’s been a lot of work in the office alone, you better get better now!

56. We realized how much work you did in the office when you left! Please don’t be this sick again.

57. You can treat us, co-workers, as family and say whatever you need. We are ready to do our best until you get better.

58. Please don’t try to heal yourself. Illness is not like work in this office. Don’t forget to take your medications regularly and follow the doctor’s advice.

59. Hope is the most powerful medicine. We understand this better in cases of illness and the like. We look forward to seeing you among us as you heal.

60. Don’t check your e-mails in vain because we won’t bother you about any work-related matters. You just rest, take your meds and recover as soon as possible.

61. If I remind you that you own the most beautiful desk in the office and that all your teammates have their eyes on that desk, maybe I can help you get better soon.

62. We’re all upset that you got sick and left the office. If there is anything we can do to help you get better, please call us.

63. Friends should support each other in difficult times. As your colleagues, we want you to contact us immediately, no matter what you need help with.

64. We have been working together for years and will continue to do so. We have full faith that this disease process will pass as soon as possible and he will return to the office.

65. You should know that we are very sorry for your illness and that you have friends who can do more than just say “get well soon”.

66. We are very sorry that you got sick, but, luckily, this disease is coming to the new season of your favorite show!

67. We told the doctors that he could get better with a large pizza, but they are still determined to prescribe medication. Let’s get rid of the disease and have a nice celebration.

68. The office work doesn’t matter. Please don’t keep asking job-related questions. Try to get well soon, because when you get back you’ll have enough to do.

69. Do not forget that some of the physical strength comes from morale, and watch good movies and listen to good songs. Get well soon.

70. I think we find the opportunity to get to know each other better at times like these. I want you to know that we are more than just a colleague, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

71. A person does not know the meaning of other things until he loses his health. I’m sure he’ll be stronger than before when he recovers and returns.

72. He would have been in a much worse situation if he had been in your place. But you turned out to be very strong as we expected. We know that he will take his place among us as soon as possible and that he will not lose your office desk to anyone.

73. Your illness has upset all your colleagues very much. They started using all the materials on your table. I guess they don’t know what they’re doing out of sadness.

74. No disease in this world can stop you. I’ll stop by after work and treat you to a large pizza.

75. If you don’t treat your doctor the way you treat your ex, I’m sure he’ll get you well soon. Get well soon, come on, beat this disease now.

76. Just because you’re sick doesn’t mean we’ll make weekend plans without you. Tomorrow we come to visit you to give you a headache.

77. These days will pass and you will return to your old fast life. Get well and come back before you miss yourself more.

78. I’ve never seen you lose any war. You will win this war, and you will defeat this disease and return to work.

79. I’m sending this message to say that I want to do more than just say goodbye. You can tell me whenever you need help.

80. I know very well the difficulty of situations such as illness. So if you need anything at any time of the day, please don’t hesitate to call me.

81. I appreciate that you haven’t stopped getting business information since the day you got sick, but remember that your health is paramount.

82. Get well soon, I was very sad to hear what happened to you. As someone who has experienced the same disease before, I can understand how you feel.

83. Get well soon, we are all very sorry to encounter such a situation. We are ready to do whatever we can for the future.

84. I don’t think you got sick because you lost to me in chess. Get well soon, we can’t wait to see you again with us.

85. I know what a strong constitution you have and I am sure that you will overcome this disease in a few days. Take care, good luck.

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