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11 Practical Survival Sporks to Help You Live After Doomsday

Since we switched to city life centuries ago, our struggle to survive has been reduced to a minimum. We don’t have to hunt or avoid predators anymore. However, we still need to eat. And to be able to eat every type of food in a post-apocalyptic world, we need a survival spork that has a practical design.

The End of The World as We Know It

Considering that apocalyptic reality shows are getting more popular, obviously, we have a longing for those old days. Apart from watching these kinds of reality shows, we also like being in a survivalist atmosphere while doing outdoor sports such as trekking, mountaineering, and camping.

Apperantly, being caught in the rain under a tent or staying in the fog at very high altitudes gives us different excitement. However, thinking about what Matt Macaine went through after a deadly virus hit the world in the best selling novel Apartment 905, learning survival skills may be a necessity rather than a hobby.

Off-the-Grid Life

The modern world has brought us to the point where most of us don’t know how to cut chickens from hunting cattle.

Nowadays, meat or vegetables are produced almost untouched and come to our table. Agriculture and animal husbandry, which are the main business of man, have now moved to another dimension.

Even though we are very detached from nature, a lot of people have a desire to move to a rural area. Especially after the pandemic we have been experiencing, we wonder if we should live a more peaceful life in a remote location.

Thinking about having an off-the-grid life? Picking up fresh eggs and milking a cow are the experiences that we all aspire to but also hesitate going after. We’re pretty sure that it will be good life but it’s not easy for us to leave the life we ​​are used to.

Why Do You Need a Survival Spork?

If you live in the woods, you may need to give up many things. You may also want to bring inventions of the modern world there such as a survival spoon.

Although they looked different in the past, we have used tools such as forks, spoons, and knives since ancient times. They are still evolving though to become more lightweight and practical.

11 Practical Survival Sporks

A survival spork is a tool that every prepper consider having in their bags. Instead of carrying both a spoon and a fork separately, having a survival spork with a spoon shape on one side and a fork design on the other side (or combining them together on one side) is a better idea. Moreover, this tool got improved so much that you can now even open canned food.

Let’s take a look at our choices of survival sporks.

1. Simple and natural

This bamboo spork looks simple but luxurious at the same time. Its lightweight and polished design make it easy to carry.

2. Talking about a lightweight survival spork

Plastic cutlery may not be popular in kitchen but it’s definitely one of the first choices outdoor enthusiastic make thanks to their light weight. This spork weighs only 12 grams!

3. Longer and sharp

The flat design of this spork may cause inconvenience for holding it but its long body could come in handy while using it with deep containers. Additionally, its sharp corner is a plus.

4. Long-lasting spork from Canada

Titanium, iron, and steel sporks are getting more popular among preppers. After all, you don’t know how long the apocalypse may last. I have to say, the bottle opener in the middle is a nice touch.

5. Stronger with silicone

Modern and innovative design never fail. This silicone spork has angles and strength that most of the sporks don’t have. It got worldwide attention during its launch on Kickstarter.

6. Low-budget spork-like utensil

Alright, this homemade utensil may not be an actual spork but it gets the job done! Great idea for low-budget preppers.

7. Minimalist

If you don’t want one side of the spork to mess with your clothes, this one-sided spork will get the job done.

8. Compact and durable

Titanium’s strength is combined with a smart design. This spork is likely to survive toughest conditions.

9. Spork for surviving or eating ice cream?

Originally called “ice cream spork” but I think this could be the preferred spork for many survivors who like to keep it stylish in the woods.

10. Stainless steel

This stainless steel spork with a custom case could be the favorite tool of the survivors. Especially those who like to have the comfort of their real utensils on the go.

11. Spork for kids

Last but not least, here is a spork for adventurous kids. This cute spork with tropical pattern will help children eat less desirable food in the jungle.

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