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115 Effective Money Affirmations for Financial Abundance

Our family doesn’t teach us what money is. Unfortunately, the facts about money are not taught in school either. We understand what money means at a late age. Powerful money affirmations help this understanding to be more meaningful and effective.

Good memories like the chocolate that our brother bought, the bicycle our grandfather gave as a gift to us, the books for our school, or having dinner with family require money.

Lack of money may cause fear and anxiety. On the other hand, excess money may result in cravings, desires, and sometimes even dissatisfaction. We have to use money which is at the center of our lives much more consciously.

Earning money is beyond hard work and education. It is a mental process. Sometimes, you see the luxurious lives of people and you can’t even figure out what they’re doing.

You may encounter people who are successful whatever they do. The difference between these people and you is that they believe they are worthy of wealth. You can have this belief as well. You can become a money magnet by using the money affirmations below.

115 Effective Money Affirmations

#1 My wealth has no limits.

#2 I withdraw money from places I can’t imagine.

#3 I am supported in all material and spiritual matters.

#4 There are no barriers for money to come to me.

#5 I enjoy both saving and spending my money.

#6 I make great investments with my money.

#7 I have wealth.

#8 I choose wealth and let it flow into my life.

#9 I get more and more money every day.

#10 I have no trouble spending and saving my money.

#11 I know I’ll have even more money in the future.

#12 I’m attracting more and more money every day.

#13 The wealth around me continues to grow.

#14 I deserve the money I earn.

#15 The more money I have, the more free I get.

#16 I find myself worthy of more money.

#17 I’m attracting more money than I can imagine.

#18 I am a safe haven for money.

#19 I can do great things in this world thanks to my money.

#20 I love to dream big.

#21 I always know that more money will come to me than I need.

#22 I’m great at money management.

#23 Money can come to me from anywhere at any time.

#24 Thanks to my ambition and self-confidence, I get more money.

#25 No harm will come to the money I have.

#26 Money doesn’t drive me crazy.

#27 I am not afraid sharing my money.

#28 I don’t know in what ways the money will come to me but I know the money will get to me.

#29 I choose to do good with money.

#30 I don’t have any negative conditioning about money. I love money and let it come to me.

#31 I can feel the money coming to me.

#32 I feel comfortable knowing the money will come to me anyway.

#33 I can make money by having fun.

#34 I know I deserve every money I earn.

#35 Money is a form of energy. If you deserve it, it will come to you too.

#36 Money is not good or bad. What you do with money is good or bad.

#37 I keep getting rich every second.

#38 I am very lucky about finance.

#39 I have no trouble growing my money.

#40 I’m comfortable and not afraid when managing money and using money affirmations.

#41 Having a lot of money and managing it doesn’t worry me.

#42 I chose a life of abundance.

#43 I keep making money steadily.

#44 I can’t see where the money will come from but I know it will come out when I need it.

#45 Money reaches me easily.

#46 I always attract the better.

#47 Having a lot of money doesn’t make me selfish.

#48 I live a beautiful life thanks to money.

#49 I can manage a great wealth.

#50 I share my money, and the more I earn, the more I can share.

#51 I’m free about money.

#52 Today is the first day of my life when I will reach wealth.

#53 I attract money to myself from all different areas of life.

#54 Thanks to money, I buy time.

#55 The money that will come to me has no limit and time.

#56 Money is a tool for freedom. I am the same person no matter how much money I have.

#57 Nobody doubts my financial capabilities.

#58 I have too much money that I don’t have to compromise on my lifestyle.

#59 I have enough knowledge about money. I can multiply my wealth.

#60 The opportunity to make money has surrounded me.

#61 True freedom is financial freedom.

#62 I am very strong financially and well equipped.

#63 I attract wealth to myself.

#64 There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of money.

#65 I respect the freedom that money brings.

#66 You never know how the money will come to me.

#67 Making money is part of my life.

#68 Money is a medium of exchange and money affirmations help me.

#69 I know I’ll have more money in the future.

#70 I forgive myself for my negative thoughts about money.

#71 I am experienced in finance.

#72 Money helps me achieve my dreams.

#73 The little coins I earn are a sign of great wealth.

#74 It is evident from all the way I am rich.

#75 I am not afraid being rich.

#76 I can’t calculate my wealth.

#77 There is no limit to the money I will have.

#78 I am not afraid spending money because I know you’ll come back to me.

#79 I write my own success story.

#80 I am an inspiration for others.

#81 I’m not afraid of needing money.

#82 My money is enough for my daily needs and entertainment.

#83 I don’t have to tire myself to make money.

#84 I have no doubts that I will be rich.

#85 A new miracle happens every day in my life.

#86 I have a lot of money and I’ll have even more money.

#87 There are always luxurious things in my life.

#88 Financial freedom is priceless.

#89 The more money I have, the more secure I will be.

#90 Being rich is my destiny.

#91 I always feel rich and know that one day I will be rich.

#92 Helping people around me thanks to money.

#93 Money loves me and finds a way to come to me.

#94 New opportunities await me every day.

#95 I focus on what I have and stand by for more.

#96 I am capable enough to make money even while sleeping.

#97 Making money is a simple and fun job for me.

#98 I enjoy making money and don’t get tired.

#99 Asking for a lot of money is nothing wrong.

#100 There is no difficulty in getting money to me.

#102 I’m a money magnet.

#103 I am the master of money.

#104 I use the money I have for good and I am appreciated.

#105 Everyone around me wants me to have wealth.

#106 I have luxury hobbies and wealth is part of my character.

#107 Spending money suits me.

#108 I know well what to do with money and I am worthy of it.

#109 Money is a tool that removes borders.

#110 I am changing people’s lives thanks to my money.

#111 I enjoy spending my money on others.

#112 It’s natural and quick for me to be prosperous and successful.

#113 I am able to overcome any money related obstacles that stand in my way.

#114 I know that money comes my way in expected as well as unexpected ways.

#115 My life is full of health and wealth.