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Leaders Eat Last Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Some Don’t is a self-help book written by Simon Sinek in 2014. In this Leaders Eat Last summary, we dive deep into Sinek’s winning leadership principles.

It is not enough for companies to be successful with a good product or high advertising budgets. They need a good plan, team, and leaders to lead that team. Simon Sinek explained the effect of leaders on the success of companies in his book. By learning the characteristics and duties of successful leaders, we can improve ourselves to be good leaders.

Leaders Eat Last Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file

Leaders Eat Last Summary with 20 Lessons Learned

Here are the 20 lessons to learn from Leaders Eat Last Summary:

#1 Really Caring

There is no company without employees. That’s why you should care about your employees no matter what their job is. In general, you have to show that you care about them. People are happier and more industrious where they are cared for and respected. This also strengthens their loyalty to the company.

#2 Quality

If your employees do not want to lose their salary and working conditions, they tend to show high performance. You don’t need to use it as a threat against them. Just give signals that company conditions will get better and better. They also do their best to be a part of this business.

#3 Real Success

When we are successful, dopamine is released in our body and we feel good. However, with the development of technology, our body can release dopamine even in a way as simple as sharing a photo. This effect reduces our employees’ desire for success. Guide them on what true success is and what they should pursue.

#4 Common Purpose

Leaders need to provide their employees with a common goal to pursue. Employees must see the big picture and know how great value they are actually there to create. As a leader, you must show them your vision and inspire them.

#5 Leader’s Roadmap

The goals ahead of your company should be achievable and calculable. As each goal is achieved, you continue to work for the new one. This process continues until they achieve incredible success. These great achievements are also limited by the imagination of the leader.

#6 Always Being Ready

A successful leader does the right thing no matter how he feels. Even on the day when he is angry or unhappy, his behavior towards his employees does not change. There must be consistency in your behavior within the company. Your employees should draw strength from you.

#7 Feeling of Confidence

The better a leader you are, the better team your employees will be. Employees who have an inspirational leader create a sense of trust. They take pride in working with you and act with confidence that things will work out when they do what you say. Their self-esteem rises.

#8 Don’t Always Help

If you constantly interfere in the affairs of your employees, it becomes a habit for them. People tend to choose the easy one. Your employee shouldn’t want you to bring every job they do to you and ask you to fix it. If you don’t trust your employee’s work, fire him.

#9 Working Environment

A good employee can find many alternative companies. For him to want to work with you, you must be a good leader and provide a good working environment. To have the best employees, you must offer them the best conditions.

#10 Long-Term Plans

Your leaders don’t bother with the possible goals of the company. Company employees take care of those goals. Leaders should focus on the big goal. He should consider the success of his dreams, creating a world-class business. As a leader, you should only be there to control short-term goals. Your job is about big goals.

#11 Blaming Someone Else

In case of failure, the easiest thing to do is to fire company employees. Blaming failure on team members is not the hallmark of a good leader. Moreover, if you created that team, you will be responsible for the failure. The leader takes responsibility and corrects mistakes.

#12 Leader’s Career

You should always work in places that recruit long-term prospects. Do not prefer places that work to get you together a little bit and then take over the business from you. Work in places that will completely entrust the company to you and give you a real leadership position. You cannot show yourself otherwise.

#13 Making a Profit

Although making a profit is the sine qua non of this business, our priority is human life. The health and quality of life of even the lowest-level employees should come first. Don’t push people too hard to make more profit. It’s useless in the long run.

#14 Using Time Correctly

You should also devote time to your employees as much as to work. You should make them feel like you’re making time for them. When they see that you truly value them, they begin to form a bond with you. They don’t feel like anyone else working in the company.

#15 Mutual Respect

Whether you’re working for a million-dollar firm or a social welfare organization, always prioritize respect. If there is no mutual respect within the company, your leadership quality starts to disappear. This will bring the end of your company.

#16 Behaviors

It is not enough for your employees to behave well towards you. Because you are already in the top position, they have to show respect. What matters is how they treat each other. If there are personnel who are disturbed by each other’s behavior in the workplace, the whole team begins to be affected. You must constantly observe and communicate against such situations.

#17 Top Employees

You may have built a good team, but as your company grows, your team needs to keep up. You should allow the people who started working with you to develop themselves. In this way, you will get loyal, high-level employees. People like to work where they can add something to themselves.

#18 Reduce Stress

There must be pressure on your employees, but this pressure should not be such that they worry them. A little stress is fine. It keeps your employees on time and attentive, but too much is harmful. It prevents them from thinking clearly.

#19 Doing Everything With Care

As mentioned earlier in this Leaders Eat Last summary, pay attention to how the employees you recruit on your team behave in matters other than their jobs. Are their desks messy? Are the shirts ironed? These show the importance they attach to their work. Thanks to these tips, you can evaluate them better.

#20 Give Hope

No matter how good your product, employees, or advertisements are, something will definitely go wrong. Employees must trust their leaders to avoid panic in the company when things go wrong. Employees must have a leader who gives them hope so that they can stay calm during setbacks in the company. Reassure them that they can overcome any problem once they are with you.

Top 10 Quotes from Leaders Eat Last

1. “Nearly every system in the human body exists to help us survive and thrive. Thousands of years ago, other hominid species died off while we lived on . . . and on and on.”

2. “A close study of high-performing organizations, the ones in which the people feel safe when they come to work, reveals something astounding.”

3. “Yet sadly in our modern world, given the systems we’ve developed to manage our companies, the number of organizations that inspire employees to truly commit themselves is a slim minority”

4. “When the time is taken to build proper relationships and when leaders choose to put their people before their numbers when we can actually feel a sense of trust for each other, the oxytocin released in our bodies can reverse many of the negative effects of operating in a high-stress, cortisol-soaked environment.”

5. “When living in populations of about 100 to 150 people, as our ancestors did, clearly the whole tribe couldn’t just rush in and grab food; chaos would ensue.”

6. When we perceived someone as dominant to us, instead of fighting them for the food we voluntarily stepped back and allowed them to eat first.

7. “Even though we can indeed raise our status with material goods, the feeling doesn’t last. There is no social relationship associated with that burst of serotonin. Again, the selfless chemicals are trying to help us strengthen our communities and social bonds.”

8. “Our brain interprets the information we receive with our survival in mind. If we suspect our leaders are bending the truth to favor their own interests, then our subconscious mind prefers we don’t climb into a foxhole with them.”

9. “Leadership comes from telling us not what we want to hear, but rather what we need to hear. To be a true leader, to engender deep trust and loyalty, starts with telling the truth.”

10. “Leadership is about taking responsibility for lives and not numbers. Managers look after our numbers and our results and leaders look after us. All managers of metrics have an opportunity to become leaders of people.”

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We created a PDF file with the summary and quotes on this page for easy access: Download Leaders Eat Last PDF Summary. If you want to buy the paperback version of the book, check out this page.

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