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Keirsey Temperaments: Artisan vs Guardian vs Idealist vs Rational

We can say that the Keirsey Temperament model is much more useful than other personality tests, as it explains personalities from many different aspects. Other personality tests describe people in terms of much fewer traits, either through just feelings or just actions.

The Keirsey temperament model has classified people in many different ways and is closely related to the Myers-Briggs index test.

The Keirsey temperament model, similar to other personality tests, divides people into 4 main types:

  • ARTISAN: 30% of the population
  • GUARDIAN: 45% of the population
  • IDEALIST: 15% of the population
  • RATIONAL: 10% of the population

Keirsey Temperaments Explained


1. They can see what others cannot see

Artisans can beautify every environment by using their creativity, they can bring different solutions to problems, they can express themselves better than anyone else. They have extraordinary abilities and can use them in even the most difficult situations to surprise anyone.

They can master all branches of art from music to painting, they can turn the works they are working on into works of art. They have a natural talent for attracting attention, and when their productivity increases and they find the opportunity, they can create works that will drag people after them. If you want your business to improve, you have to find and hire an Artisan, he/she will take care of the rest and add value to your product.

2. They focus on the good

They try to see the good in everyone and this perspective makes them feel good too. For them, a new day means new hope, they do not lose hope as long as life goes on. Evil or other misfortune that others will do to them cannot stop Artisans because their optimistic outlook is very strong and they are not affected by a few bad situations.

Their optimistic outlook gives them the courage to try new things, and when this courage is combined with their talents, they begin to do things that will impress people. They have a character that makes this world beautiful and supports other people with their productivity.

3. They want to do impressive work

They do not seek leadership, even if they want all eyes on them. Appreciation for their work will make them happy members of a team. They stay away from mundane work and if you give them a mundane job you will be surprised at the product they will offer you because they will have produced something that no one thought of.

They only want to be known for worthwhile work, they would rather not work than be associated with a mundane job because their purpose in life goes far beyond having material things.

4. They are balanced and calm

Even if a big problem is encountered when it comes to the final stage of a job, this cannot stop them and they continue to do their work with new solutions. Even if the work environment, colleagues, or the overall design of the project changes, they continue to work as if nothing has happened and impress everyone with their concentration on their work.

If the conditions change, the Artisans also change and they go to work more motivated than before because now they have found an opportunity to prove themselves and they do not want to miss this opportunity.

5. They trust their feelings

Because their minds are solution-oriented and their creativity features are developed, they find the solution before others can understand what the problem is. What you ask them to do is enough, you don’t need to tell them how to do the job because they can figure out what to do and how without needing such an explanation.

These excellent problem solvers are most fortunate in that they don’t need a special effort to solve a problem because when they look at a problem they can only see the answer. They can bring you a solution that others cannot find in a day, in a few hours. Working with Artisans is an invaluable opportunity for any boss.

6. They are the most fun friends

Artisans are adrenaline addicts, the word “new” is very appealing to them and they get immersed in anything “new”. They especially like to socialize and throw in unknown experiences, this increases their productivity and increases their energy.

If you are friends with an Artisan, be ready to hit the road at any time because Artisans who love to explore new places may call you when you least expect it and ask you to get ready. Adventure and fun never end in their lives, so their social circle is very wide and far from monotony.

In business life, they do not enjoy the work done in a boring office and with a few people, they want to pursue great works in crowded environments.

7. They like to step out of the routine

You don’t need to make an effort to activate or get the Artisans to speak, because they are always ready for it. They manage to stay in the moment and you can’t find better than them to enjoy the moment. Driving in a cabriolet car by feeling the wind, walking in rainy weather is for them because they feel what they are experiencing.

They want every day they live to be different from the next, they don’t need big changes to make that difference. Eating at a different restaurant, even joining a different group of friends, means a new source of energy and a nice change for them.

They are also found very attractive in romantic relationships because of their fun characters. From the first moment you meet, you feel their positive energy and you start to wonder what kind of adventures await you.

8. Celebrities with Artisan characters

  • Steven Spielberg
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Winston Churchill
  • Michael Jordan
  • Billy Graham
  • Ronald Reagan
  • George S. Patton
  • Amelia Earhart


1. They are responsible people

If you want a job done right, you have to give it to the Guardians, because they do their best for fear of disappointing others and will hand you a complete job. There is no loafing in their nature, they get the job done without laziness.

If they belong to a group of friends, they want to know that they are worthy of that group of friends and they will do the best for their other friends. Likewise, they have a high sense of responsibility towards their families, they can be the most loved and most wanted members of a family.

2. They are respectful and harmonious people

If there is someone around you who is known for his/her kindness and adaptability to social situations, we can say that he/she is a Guardian. They know how to dress and behave in different social situations. You can go anywhere with them, they will never embarrass you, they earn the respect of others with their attitude and add value to you.

They behave this way not because they want all eyes on them, but because they want to be recognized as respectable people and to have other people treat them the same way.

3. They don’t make decisions with their emotions

What Guardians dislike most is when they have to make decisions without doing enough research. The deadline to deliver a job is approaching, and if there are situations where they haven’t made a decision yet, they either reluctantly submit the job or ask for additional time.

They don’t like jobs that they don’t know the details of, they avoid risks based on their feelings, and they find it worthless to speculate on something. They prefer ideas based on facts and research and view other ideas as a waste of time or worthless.

4. They can’t live in a messy house

They want their homes, offices, and every environment they are in to be tidy. If there is clutter on their desks at work, they cannot start work, they cannot concentrate even if they start work. Having an orderly environment means that their minds are also orderly, and they attach great importance to it.

Turning chaos into order is their job, they create a very good system and place everything where they can find it very easily. If there is a mess, you cannot see a Guardian there.

5. They are loyal to their friends and business partners

In order to feel worthy of their place, Guardians ask other people to act in a way that shows it. They want to know that other people in a group of friends love them and want to see them, they want to hear that other co-workers enjoy working with them at a workplace.

They want to be in a safe situation in relationships and cannot perform fully when this environment of trust is not provided. They are much more sensitive to their families and want to give them a lot of love and feel like they are receiving a lot of love in the same way.

6. They take precautions in every matter

These behaviors cause them to miss many opportunities, they may not accept it because they are not sure when they can be promoted at work, when they find a good investment opportunity, the risk may be too high and they may not want to evaluate it. They may even be late in getting to know new people because of their constant desire to take firm steps.

Their protective attitude applies not only to themselves but to all the people they love. When they notice a situation where someone will be harmed, they warn that person, ask them to stay away, and if they can do something else, they do it too. The protective instinct within them constantly pushes them to help other people.

7. They don’t want to change their habits

Going on an unfamiliar road, looking for a new adventure or a new job, making new friends, moving to a different city is not for the Guardians. They can live in the same house, work in the same job and spend time with the same group of friends without getting bored for years. Even the idea of making changes bothers them and they try to prolong the change as much as possible.

Since they have a character that is afraid to take risks, the behavior that they know works becomes a habit for them and they do their best not to go out of this habit. It’s okay for them to have their actions and thoughts predictable by other people.

8. Celebrities with Guardian characters

  • Mother Teresa
  • Rosa Parks
  • Queen Victoria
  • Warren Buffett
  • George Washington
  • Barbara Walters
  • Vince Lombardi
  • Gerald Ford


1. They like to do unconditional favors

It is very easy for them to empathize and they can sometimes become too focused on other people. Helping people and being there for them when they need them is exactly the behavior of Idealists. They are happy to touch the lives of others in a positive way and to share these feelings with them.

The greatness of their love and compassion makes them great parents because they want to help others improve themselves and get other people to better places in their careers. They want to take part in jobs that will directly benefit other people for their career choices.

2. Their relationships with other people are very important to them

Since they are solution-oriented people, they behave this way in their relationships, and if there is a conflict, they work to resolve it. They do not hesitate to make sacrifices to strengthen their bonds with people, and they want other people to understand this.

Although being in a relationship with an Idealist can be tiring at times, they will still treat you better than people of other character traits and will value your relationship much more. Instead of running away from the smallest problem, they prefer to be there until the problem is solved.

3. They are people who are good for teamwork

If you have a team, we can say that there should be at least 1 Idealist in that team because Idealists help everyone in the team, they like to work towards a common goal and they try to resolve even the disagreements among others.

Thanks to their structure that does not run away from work and likes to take responsibility, they become the most favorite colleague of the boss and other employees in every workplace. If there is a difficult task to be done, they will willingly accept this task and will do their best to get results as soon as possible.

4. They are inspiring and charismatic

Their communication aspect is very strong and most importantly, they do not hesitate to use it for their own benefit. They have words to say even in the most difficult situations and they manage to form the most effective sentences by choosing the words very well. You can’t fight them verbally because they talk so well in an impromptu way.

They know motivational speech very well and can influence all employees in the company to work most efficiently for the same purpose. If a speech is needed to get things going, hand the microphone to the Idealists and step back and enjoy the victory though.

5. They like different jobs

They like to go after new ideas and find ways that no one would think of because monotonous processes don’t appeal to them. They like to use their imagination, finding the most different ways to achieve the goal is like a passion for them.

Thanks to their different perspectives, they can get out of the most difficult situations and develop extraordinary methods to achieve the highest goals. If you have a company, finding an Idealist to work in the creative aspects can bring you invaluable success.

Trust them, show them that you trust them, give them responsibilities, and set them free.

6. They have unique personalities

They ensure that they are noticed in every environment, but they do not make an effort for this because they do not need such a thing. They display a balanced and creative attitude with their strong imaginations and realistic ideas, which are immediately recognized as they are very impressive.

They hate fake things, honesty is a must in their relationships because otherwise they just want to say goodbye to you at the beginning of the road. They find falsehood repulsive and cannot tolerate it, they may even want to change their friend group in the face of this situation.

7. They may have high expectations in romantic relationships

They tend to experience their emotions very intensely, sometimes acting as a romantic comedy movie character. Sometimes they can be fun, but they can cause the person they are in a relationship with to get tired and unable to keep up.

If they want to be happy in their relationships, they need to lower their expectations because not everyone can experience the emotions they experience at all times, which will cause their partners to have to handle the situation by pretending, and it will end in separation.

8. Celebrities with Idealist characters

  • Dostoevsky
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • CS Lewis
  • Bond
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Maya Angelou
  • Jane Goodall
  • Princess Diana


1. They do not trust emotional decisions

They are not emotionless people, but they avoid making decisions based on their feelings. They primarily use their logic, not only for business life but also in all areas of life, they do not want to be detached from the truth and make decisions based on the data they collect.

The most important benefit of being realistic and logical is that they can reach the result much faster in every subject. They are quite capable of controlling their emotions and even if they are perceived as cold by other people, they benefit greatly from these traits.

2. They question everything

They don’t trust everything to be positive unless they question it themselves because they think that 1 wrong situation can ruin all plans. They do not want to fail in what they do because they do not control enough and they control all possibilities one by one.

If a new project is to be started, the research job should definitely be given to Rational people because they are very skilled at asking the right questions and not skipping any details, they will give you the most accurate results in a short time.

3. They are stable people

In a crisis, all eyes look for them because they always manage to stay calm and because they can stay calm, they make the right decisions. They can be not only excellent teammates but also very good team leaders. The only thing they lack in leadership is that they behave completely isolated from emotions, although their behavior may be an example to the team, it may not be enough to guide them.

Consistency in their behavior makes them sought after people in both business and romantic relationships. You will be happy to be with a Rational, you can trust him/her with anything, but if you expect them to read a romantic poem one day, you may be disappointed.

4. They are very good at planning

They do not take any decision by saying “I feel this way”, they only rely on concrete data, and if they do not have concrete data, they find the job unreasonable and stay away from it. If you’re going to offer them a job, you have to provide a lot of data because they’re not interested in your dreams, they’re interested in numbers.

Since they like to work with planned and realistic data, even if they take up a hobby, they will definitely specialize in that hobby. Moreover, they achieve this in a short time and achieve incredible results. They use their talents in planning not only in their work and hobbies but also in vacation and other leisure matters.

5. They are reliable and hardworking

They use their realistic and hardworking characters to rise to the top of their business and maintain their top position. They believe that if they do enough research and continue in a disciplined way, they will be successful in everything. They do not want to waste time on aimless things and always prefer to deal with things that will benefit them.

When they see an opportunity, they immediately begin to calculate and plan to achieve the result. Because they are reliable, they are supported by other people and they do not want to let this support go to waste.

6. They are not against innovation

They may be perceived as not creative or open to new ideas because they do a lot of data analysis, but on the contrary, they are very open to innovations. Because they also analyze innovations and if there is a situation in their own interest, they make changes immediately.

When you offer them a different idea, they can understand in a very short time whether it will work or not, and because they have natural talents in these subjects, they can immediately put it into practice.

7. They don’t seek anyone’s approval

They do not act on the opinions of others and do not submit their own ideas to the approval of others because they are confident that they have collected enough data and analyzed it. For them, other people, other people’s ideas and rules are just a waste of time, and they can’t stand it either.

Rational people, however realistic they may be, do not always prefer a familiar path where others achieve success, it is more important for them to go their own way and be successful that way because it gives them greater freedom and range of action.

8. Celebrities with Rational characters

  • Albert Einstein
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Bill Gates
  • Thomas Edison
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Walt Disney


The most important aspect of the Keirsey temperament model is that it is compatible with the Myers-Briggs personality test, and they allow you to interpret people much better by creating combinations with each other. You can also evaluate your own and other people’s temperament using only the Keirsey temperament model, it is an extremely useful tool.