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NEO PI-R: Neuroticism vs Extraversion vs Openness vs Agreeableness vs Conscientiousness

The NEO PI-R personality test is a test that explains people from their emotionality to their experiences. This test was not suitable for children when it first came out, but later on, it was made available for children under the age of 12. In this post, we explain NEO PI-R in detail and share the differences of the personality traits such as neuroticism vs extraversion vs openness vs agreeableness vs conscientiousness.

The results obtained from this test can be used by people of all professions who need a detailed personality description. We have brought together what you need to know about this test, which is also called the Ocean Test or the Big Five Personality Test.

NEO PI-R: Neuroticism vs Extraversion vs Openness vs Agreeableness vs Conscientiousness

Neuroticism Personality Trait

Neuroticism is the trait that shows people’s tendency to experience psychological problems. It is denoted by the letter N, and people with a high N value show the following characteristics.

1. They are anxious and worried

They focus on what can go wrong in any situation, they think that something bad will happen even when everything is going well, and they constantly want to take precautions. Sometimes they feel that something bad is going to happen and they start thinking unrealistic, illogical things.

Even though most of the things they worry about never happen, they can’t give up on this attitude, they waste time thinking about problems that unfortunately don’t exist instead of enjoying the work they do. All of their worries are about events that have not happened yet or are very unlikely to happen, even if the bad events they have calculated do happen, they will not affect them as much as their faithful, but they still cannot get rid of these negative thoughts.

2. They are more irritable than other people

They are more prone to angry and touchy because they have trouble controlling their emotions and often think negative thoughts. Even with a simple criticism, they may lose control and perceive it as an insult to their personality.

Because they’re so focused on their own perspective, they spend a lot of energy trying to disprove what other people say about them, and they try to prove they’re right. If they can change their perspective, they will realize that other people are not actually as aggressive as they thought.

3. They can become depressed very quickly

They live ready for depression and the slightest problem can trigger them to behave in this way. Problems that may be considered normal for some may seem like the end of the world for them.

They exaggerate problems as they think about them, and they begin to feel as if they have huge problems. These conditions usually do not last long, but if they cannot solve these problems, they will gradually feel worse and may need treatment.

In fact, we can say that the biggest problems are thinking too much because they constantly think about the same problems, they create worse scenarios each time and they start to feel more helpless.

4. They constantly check themselves

Highly neurotic people are constantly in control of their own thoughts and feelings, always pretending to look for a problem, and will try to fix the slightest negative situation they find. Such negativities sometimes cause them to stay away from social environments.

This is an endlessly erroneous way of thinking because small problems will never end, so making time for them all the time prevents us from doing more important work and takes up a lot of our time. We should ignore such problems and direct our energies to more beneficial works.

5. They can make decisions very quickly

When neurotic people’s feelings and thoughts start to affect them negatively, they may have to act quickly to make a decision without having this effect. This is a practical solution for them and can both save time and help them escape negative emotions.

They usually do not use such sudden decisions in very big matters, they do not decide to change jobs or cities at once. However, because they usually struggle with negative thoughts, they can make quick decisions in small jobs so that they do not get in the way of them.

6. They may prefer to avoid social situations

Neurotic people shy away from social situations and have difficulty communicating. If you absolutely have to interact with them, you must be patient and not go over them, otherwise, you will cause them to move away from you completely. If they see you as a problem once, it is almost impossible to change their thoughts and they will start to perceive you as a bigger problem with each passing day.

When communicating with them, you should avoid not only criticism but also compliments that can be misunderstood. You should start by speaking more superficially and continue in this way so that the bond between you grows stronger.

Extraversion Personality Trait

Extraversion is a trait that shows people’s tendency to live a social and active life. It is denoted by the letter E, and people with a high E value show the following characteristics.

1. They like meeting new people

Extraversion people meet new people at every opportunity, chat with them and establish a bond between them. They manage to be smiling all the time during the day and interact with people by making friends very quickly.

They don’t make a special effort to make new friends because their behavior attracts people and they are happy about it. They do not feel alien even to people they have just met and enjoy listening to their stories.

Because they are good listeners, people love to tell them things, and the more they tell them, the more they start to connect. In the end, they continue their lives as they bond very quickly and become friends.

2. They always have something to say

They are not afraid to voice their opinions and want to make sure that their opinions are heard by everyone. They don’t avoid arguments, they want to say what’s on their mind, and they usually have the last word in a discussion.

Since they are talkative, they generally plan their careers in this direction, and they prefer jobs where people with strong communication skills will work. Since they generally constructively continue their conversations, they can create a positive atmosphere in the environment they are in.

Although they talk a lot, they don’t bullshit or lie when they talk, they speak with good feelings and know when to shut up. That’s why chatting with them is very enjoyable and you don’t realize how time flies.

3. They know what they want

They do not hide what they want, they say it and do their best to get it. Their frank and dominant attitudes can make them an authority in their environment, and they can handle this situation very well because their communication skills are strong.

They express their opinions openly, at the risk of being criticized, and ask everyone to express their opinions in the same way. They value honesty and frank people are more valuable to them.

They like people who are brave like themselves, they think that cowards cannot be trusted because they think that cowards are very likely to let you down for their own interests.

4. They are always looking for something to do in their free time

Extraversion people don’t want to spend any day sitting at home, they always want to be on the go and keep their minds busy. If they do not have a plan for tomorrow, they immediately start looking for activities, they think that the time spent sitting at home is wasted.

They may have more than one hobby because a single hobby will not be enough to tire them out. After all, their energy is high. They love activities very much, they see it as an opportunity to meet new people and this will meet their socialization needs.

5. They know the funniest places

If you are looking for an activity to do, a concert to go to, you can learn it from the best Extraversion people, because they have already learned about all the organizations to be held and have adjusted their calendars accordingly. When they decide to go somewhere, they can go alone without needing anyone.

When you call them to meet, they’ll most likely say they have other plans, but that’s not an excuse to get past you. They really make every day of the year great and you may need to give a few weeks’ notices if you want to meet with them.

Rest assured that every second you spend with them will be a lot of fun and your meeting will be worth it, their fun demeanor is addictive and they are the first to be invited to every party because where they are, the fun is there.

6. They always have a positive outlook

They always think about the positive not only for themselves but also for the people around them, their relatives and friends, and they want everyone they love, even people they just met, to be free of anxiety and worry. Their perspectives on life are in this direction, as you spend time with them, you start to be affected by their perspective and realize that you are more positive.

They focus on the fact that the bad events that happen to them are temporary, they consider themselves lucky that nothing worse happened, and they tend to focus on the solution. Small problems do not affect them, they already have the energy and motivation to solve big problems.

Openness to Experience Personality Trait

Openness to Experience people find the meaning of life in new experiences, and for them, it means to feel that the more experienced, the more lived. It is denoted by the letter O, and people with a high O value show the following characteristics.

1. They are imaginative people

Openness to Experience people can dive into the world of dreams and forget all their problems, they can lose their connection with the physical world and get away from all worries. These mental experiences can give them more pleasure than real-world experiences.

Sometimes they prefer the fantasy world to the best entertainment in the world and can have an extraordinary experience with the help of their imaginations. It is not difficult for them to focus on the dream world and they have no problem freeing their minds.

If you want to write an extraordinary novel, it will be very helpful to get their ideas because they can think outside the box.

2. They are in love with art

While visiting an exhibition, they can stare at a painting they see for hours, examine the work they like in all its details, imagine themselves when that work was made, and think about how each line on the work emerged.

They also want to fill their homes with works they like, they see art as something beyond a way of expressing themselves, and they are fascinated when they see beautiful work. For them, being visually beautiful is more important than function.

3. They live life to the fullest

They focus on enjoying life while they are living it, they believe that they have to live that way in order for other people to enjoy life as well. Life is a marvelous miracle for them and each moment should be spent experiencing different things.

Apart from their experiences, they also value people’s feelings and thoughts, they can derive deep meanings from even a word or a gesture, and they do not hesitate to act as they feel.

4. They have free spirits

When they have the opportunity to have a different experience, they want to have that experience even if they are not sure about the result, if there is the slightest possibility of a positive result, this is enough for them. They don’t hesitate to be the first to experience different jobs, if their feelings tell them it’s right, there’s nothing that can stop them.

If a new holiday experience, a new dining experience, or anything out of the ordinary will spur them on, they believe that to refuse such an opportunity is to go against their free spirits.

5. They care about other people’s opinions

While arguing about a subject, their purpose is not to justify or silence others, they are also innovative in ideas and get excited when an interesting idea they have not heard of. They do not hesitate to act on the opinions of others and are not afraid to find themselves in an unknown. They can also hold highly creative meetings at work, as they encourage people to voice their opinions.

6. They want everyone to live the way they want

They don’t like people to live according to the truth of others, they want people to go after what they love and live the life of their dreams. They think that everyone’s own ideas and perspectives on life are valuable, and they do not want to evaluate anyone’s ideas as of right or wrong.

They believe that everyone should find their own purpose in life, they do whatever they can to make life fair and they do not accept the exclusion of other people for any reasoning.

Agreeableness Personality Trait

Agreeableness people can adapt to any situation, and they follow friendship, not enmity. It is denoted by the letter A, and people with a high A value show the following characteristics.

1. They trust everyone too much

Agreeableness people who see no reason not to trust even people they have just met can get into trouble because of these traits. While people can be deceived even by their family and closest friends, it is extremely wrong for them to trust people they have never met.

Because they trust people so much, they try to explain why the people they should blame behave the way they do, and they may try to defend the guilty person.

2. They are completely honest and forthright

Because they believe that other people are honest as well, they feel the need, to be honest with themselves, and it’s just about all their feelings on certain issues. They do not hesitate to openly share what they feel, whatever is on their minds.

While their extreme honesty can sometimes cross the lines of courtesy and be perceived as rude by other people, they can be accepted by those who know them, because those who know them know that they are not malicious, they simply don’t know where to stop.

3. They are very generous and helpful people

Agreeableness people become first aiders when they see someone in need of help and will do whatever it takes. They do not try to hoard anything they have but prefer to share it with those who need it.

They have no ambitions or selfishness, all they want is for everyone to be happy and have a smooth life. If there is anything they can do to make their lives better, even people they have just met, they definitely do. When they have the opportunity to volunteer in charity organizations, they definitely take advantage of this and find a way to help more people.

4. They always follow the rules

They never question systems and rules, they follow the rules and expect others to follow these rules because they believe that if everyone follows the rules, there will be no problems. They think that following the rules is important both for the peace of society and as a form of being reliable.

They don’t just follow the rules, they don’t use those rules or any vulnerabilities in the system to their advantage. They see this kind of behavior as usurping the rights of other citizens, they do not like them and they feel the need to warn people who engage in such behavior.

5. They are grateful for what they have

They don’t constantly strive to get better, they don’t feel compelled to wear out because there’s no end to getting better at anything. They find it tiring to be assertive all the time, they don’t want to draw attention to themselves.

They lead a plain and simple life as much as possible, this affects everything from the house they live into the clothes they wear. They find the effort to be ostentatious and everything energetic exaggerated, and they prefer to stay away from such environments and people.

6. Their ability to empathize is highly developed

They are experts at understanding what others are feeling and can sense other people’s pain and joy. They are also very good at finding the reason for other people’s decisions and words by putting themselves in other people’s shoes. They try to interpret the reason for the bad behavior done to them in this way. Although sometimes they interpret it with unnecessary optimism, if you have a problem in general, they will understand it best.

Conscientiousness Personality Trait

People with Conscientiousness are known for their compassion for others and are appreciated for these qualities. It is denoted by the letter C, and people with a high C value show the following characteristics.

1. They do everything at full capacity

They know themselves very well, they know their abilities and if they are going to do a job they will try their best. They also want their talents to be noticed by others, and sometimes they try to be noticed by showing high performance.

If you’ve given them a job to do, you don’t need to check when they get the job done because they try to do everything right. They start their work fully focused and motivated and continue the whole work that way.

2. They have working systems

They never start a job without a plan, when they have a job to do, they first determine their working system. There is an order in every area of their lives and they try not to go out of this order because their minds work more clearly.

Working in a planned manner is important not only to make their work easier but also for outsiders to have a good follow-up about them. In this way, it will be easier for them to be the preferred people for every job to be done and they will be more visible.

3. They are people who are committed to their jobs and relationships

They are responsible people, they work until they complete the given job, they keep their word if they promise a job they will do. No matter what they work on, simple or difficult, they are always selfless and will never regret you.

People with Conscientiousness are extremely loyal to both their workplace and their life partners, they are the people you can trust the most in this world because otherwise, they would lose their self-respect. Having a relationship with Conscientiousness people or working in the same workplace will always turn out well.

5. They are very disciplined people

They do not need the support or motivating words of others to focus on a task. After determining their goals, they plan how to reach that goal and use all their energies and time to reach that goal.

They don’t need a boss waiting for them to do high-performing work, they will show high performance and draw all the attention because their work capacity and standards are very high.

6. They don’t make snap decisions

If you need an opinion on something urgently, don’t waste your time asking them for help because even if your problem is minor, they won’t answer you until they believe they’ve done enough research.

Although they do not see quick decision-making as a mistake, they think that doing enough research is the best way to make a decision. They are good at finishing the job and working with discipline after the job is determined, but it would not be right to expect quick solutions or entrepreneurship.

Background of the NEO PI-R Test

The original test was created in 1978 by Paul Costa and Robert McCrae. When the NEO PI test was first created, it only provided information about Neuroticism (N), Extraversion (E), and Openness to Experiences (O). It was updated in 1985 with the addition of Agreeableness (A) and Conscientiousness (C), but this is not the last update.

It was updated once again in 1992 with the addition of new facet sub-scales, but the result was still not readable enough. It continued to be used in this form until 2005. By 2005 it was last updated to make it more readable and was named the NEO Personality Inventory-3 (NEO PI-3).


You have learned all the information that a popular personality test gives about people. In this personality test, we have seen the differences, similarities, dominant aspects, and weaknesses of people’s temperaments. If you can analyze them correctly, you can interact with people much better. You can use it when hiring someone for your company, trying to get the right impression about the people in your friend group, or getting to know your partner better. We wish you wonderful human relations, a healthy, peaceful, and happy life throughout your life.