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Japanese Blood Type Personality Comparison: A vs B vs AB vs O

In Japan, there is a social belief that blood types determine personality traits. If you ever go on vacation to Japan, don’t be surprised if people wonder about your blood type. According to the Japanese blood type personality guide, we have 4 dominant personality types, since we have 4 blood types.

Whichever of these blood groups you have, consisting of A, B, AB, and O, believe that you have the characteristics of that blood group, they may evaluate you accordingly in their relationships.

Japanese blood type personality guide is a guide that you may find entertaining and the results may surprise you. Thanks to this guide, you can both understand how they can make a judgment about you and evaluate the people around you.

Japanese Blood Type Personality Guide: A vs B vs AB vs O

“A” Blood Type: Sensitive People

1. Other people’s happiness comes first for them

It can be said that the best and most understanding people in the world are in Type A blood. If you are looking for a friend you can trust or need help, you should have a friend with Type A blood in your telephone directory. They are ready to help their friends with both material and emotional needs, they become one of everyone’s best friends because they are kind and love to listen to people.

If we consider that the most common blood type in Japan is Type A blood, we can say that Japanese people are wonderful people and live peacefully. This may be one of the reasons why we think of respectful people when we say Japan.

2. They don’t socialize much

Type A blood people can be shy in social environments and do not want to stand out. These people, who are generally introverted, do not talk much about themselves, they do not like to be asked too many questions. Instead of a large group of friends, they prefer to have a few friends to whom they can give much more energy.

Socializing makes them uneasy, they do not want to spend time in crowded environments. They can’t come every time you invite them for a walk, if they don’t feel ready, they don’t want to leave the house that day, socializing is a kind of struggle for them. Spending time outside and meeting new people gives them fatigue, not happiness.

3. There is no room for surprises in their life

If you want someone to finish the job in a short time, never ask Type A blood people to do it. If you want a job to be perfect and there is no time limit, definitely give it to Type A blood people. They enjoy focusing on details, their perfectionist nature will ensure that the work you give is flawless. Although it takes them a lot of time to do everything so carefully, you will be extremely pleased with the result. If you have produced a very important product, you should have the last control of that product by Type A blood people.

In general, they live their life in a planned way and have already calculated their financial situation after a few years. Instead of acting spontaneously, they prefer to calculate all the possibilities for days.

4. They worry about the future

You may think that they are calm on the first impression because they are introverted, but they are the most anxious people you will ever meet. This is the reason why they pay attention to details and always have plans. They always have contingency plans, focusing on what could go wrong even when everything is going well.

If you think that they need to socialize to relieve stress, you are wrong because they get even more stressed in social situations. Type A blood people need to be alone in order to be comfortable and stay away from stress. They go home, sit in their armchairs and come to their senses by reading their favorite books, other than that, don’t push them for options.

5. They don’t trust other people’s opinions

They are very confident in their judgment because they do a lot of research before making a decision. They do not accept the opinions of others because they know that no one can do as much research as they do and that other people cannot devote so much time to a subject.

Because they are not socialized, they may sometimes mistake their differences as a personal matter, and they may feel offended when they realize they were wrong about something. They may turn into stubborn characters because of their efforts to justify and they may tend to continue their mistakes.

6. They excel at numbers and details

Jobs that require discipline and focus are for Type A blood people because their perfectionist character is compatible with such jobs. They can be especially successful in the financial sector because this sector addresses all their characteristics. If technical drawings are required, they can do those jobs, the more attention a job requires, the more successful Type A blood people can be.

If you can think of a job that requires a lot of research, control, and perfection, reach out to a Type A blood person and ask him/her for help.

7. They are not good at making new friends

If Type A blood people can’t be sincere with you, you should know that it usually has nothing to do with you because they can’t be sincere with someone they just met even if they wanted to. Thousands of thoughts go through their minds, they calculate everything from their voice to their posture, they want to understand how reliable you are, and at the end of these processes, they can form a bond with you. If you want to make friends with them, you have to be calm and patient and wait for their worries to pass.

After leaving these situations behind, you will face the best friend you will ever see in your life. It is difficult to be friends with Type A blood people, but once you manage to be friends, you will have a friend who will come to your aid in every difficult situation and will care about you more than himself/herself.

8. Type A blood group celebrities

  • George Bush
  • Richard Nixon
  • Ringo Starr
  • Britney Spears
  • Rick James
  • Jet Li
  • Adolf Hitler

“B” Blood Type: Honest People

1. They think they are in the center of the world

The most used word to describe people with this blood type is egocentrism. They may behave so extreme that they believe this world exists for them. Because they tend to see themselves as superior, they don’t feel the need to lie because they see lying as cowardice.

They do not think about how you will feel while answering the questions you ask, the facts are important to them and they never hesitate to tell you the truth. Honesty is of course a positive trait and everyone would like to have a friend like that, but sometimes they can have a rude level of honesty.

2. They are not afraid to take risks and are very brave

Type B blood people can produce more creative solutions because they are brave, their minds work freely, not according to a pattern. In this way, they can find extraordinary solutions even to the problems that seem to be solved, and they have the energy to implement the solutions they find.

These creative people channel their energies into many hobbies and find ways to express themselves in different ways. If you work with such people in your workplace, give them jobs that not everyone dares of, they can both enjoy these jobs and be successful in these jobs.

3. They are the most comfortable people in the world

Despite their honesty, which can be considered rude, they do not have problems with anyone because the peace of mind they have is not easily broken. For them to get angry, they have to experience huge problems, never mind trying to solve small problems.

They perceive big problems as real problems and try to solve these problems instead of worrying about them, and they can always come up with alternative plans. Their belief that they can do everything, in the end, gives confidence to the people around them and causes the stress to decrease in the environment they are in.

4. They have the ability to act spontaneously

The most important thing for Type B blood people should be freedom, they want to be completely free physically, spiritually, mentally. They can be productive in business life as long as they are free, they get bored with jobs that do not require creativity or courage, and after a while, they want to make a job change. They want to see the surprises that life will bring them, they feel really alive when they have more adventure and need to act more spontaneously.

They can make very big changes in their lives, they can change countries when other people are afraid to change cities. This is not a situation that requires great courage for them, but it is a situation that makes them feel very good. It is very attractive to them to go the way they do not know what will happen, they are not afraid to take risks because they trust their creativity.

5. They are always looking for what is useful

Type B blood causes people to decide according to their free spirit feelings, but this is not always beneficial for them. They stay away from any situation that lowers their motivation because they focus too much on what they are feeling at the moment. They find jobs they don’t enjoy as unnecessary, it’s not just about work-life but also about friendships.

They can leave you behind and move on with their lives because they are constantly turning to things that will benefit them, they do not want anything that may happen to their own disadvantage in their life. Their egocentrism affects everything from their relationships to their work lives, and they often reap the benefits.

6. They are skilled at making quick decisions

For people who like to be the center of attention, every branch of art and any business that requires entrepreneurship is suitable. They are show business people and it can be really exciting to see Type B blood people in the spaces where they can show their creativity. Entrepreneurship is also a position in which they will be successful, as it is a job done with passion.

If you’ve ever seen them working at a desk job, in a small office, you can be sure they’re saving up to leave soon. You can’t keep such free-spirited people within four walls, when they have enough capital, they don’t hesitate to take risks and take the first step to start their own business. Since they also have many hobbies, it does not surprise us that they turn to art, especially music, because it is a sector that includes both interest, freedom, and creativity.

7. They have trouble forming romantic relationships

Type B blood people may not be balanced in their romantic relationships because they like to be the center of attention. They can’t stand to see their kindness for their loved one look like anything, they want you to thank and show your gratitude over and over. If you want to have a romantic relationship with them, prepare yourself to be on the side of the constant thanking and constant attention.

If you are a Type B blood person, you should know that you should also consider the needs and wishes of your loved one and show that you value him/her. If someone hasn’t thanked you enough, it doesn’t mean they don’t underestimate or value you, for some people, saying “thank you” may seem more than enough, don’t be biased and respect the other person’s opinions as well.

8. Type B blood group celebrities

  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Akira Kurosawa
  • Vince Young.
  • Paul McCartney
  • Jack Nicholson

“AB” Blood Type: Rational People

1. Logic comes first for them

Type AB blood people have a never-ending passion to learn new things, they continue to improve themselves for life. They look for jobs where they can show themselves better and continue to work tirelessly to acquire more different talents. When they acquire a new skill, they are not satisfied with it and begin to explore what else they can learn.

If you have such employees in your company, you are very lucky, they will ask you to send them to various trainings and they will return to your company from training in a much more productive way. They will use every knowledge they learn for the benefit of your company, and this process will continue for years.

2. Their lives are completely planned

They want everything to be in order, from their homes to their workplaces, and they feel uneasy in unorganized environments. The fact that the things around them are messy can cause them not to focus, they do not want to change the place of even small things. They do not want a change in their lives in general, not for objects, but this does not mean that they cannot adapt to these changes. These people, who live their daily lives in a very planned way, have already prepared their backup plans against all possible changes.

3. They are not good at empathy

Emotions are secondary to them, so they are perceived as harsh and distant people. Because they are introverted and logic-oriented people, they do not like to spend time socializing, they may see it as a complete waste of time. Since they do not act with their emotions, they do not have a weakness for other people and they do not get hurt by anyone. If they realize that there is a person or situation that will harm them, they go for a logical solution or leave the environment and they do not think about how you will feel.

4. Their expectations are too high

If you have a Type AB blood boss, your job is very difficult because it is almost impossible to please him/her. When you complete a job and take it to him/her, even a small mistake means that the whole project was done wrong for him/her. They don’t hesitate to criticize you for your mistake, they don’t think about how you will feel after what they say because their only focus is on getting the job done well.

You should not be touchy towards Type AB blood people, because their criticism is not personal, even if it is harsh, it is only for the work done, and as long as you do your best, things will go well for you. Because they have a poor understanding of other people’s emotions, sometimes you may need to express how you feel, which they will understand.

5. They do not forget the wrongs done to them

They don’t forgive the person who wronged them for a very long time, sometimes even forever. They remember mistakes that other people will forget long ago and continue to act as if it was a mistake made only yesterday. You only have 1 right to wrong against them. You only make 1 mistake and now you become an enemy who can make mistakes at any moment in their eyes. Small arguments, sarcastic remarks are enough for them to end a friendship, they can cut off all contact with you and move on as if you hadn’t been friends for all these years.

6. They are people with a developed sense of justice

Type AB blood people can distinguish between right and wrong very sharply, they are not affected by manipulations because they can leave their emotions in the background. Lawyering can be an excellent job for them, they can be very successful in this type of industry where people will work in their service. Their temperament and sense of justice can come in handy for defending other people, but if they don’t have a passion for it, they can make a great teacher and use their authority to help many students hold onto life.

7. They prefer being free to being social

Before they become friends with someone, they want to see if that person is up to their standards, and they need time before they become intimate. If they think it is not worth the energy they spend, they will not be friends with that person, it is not important for them to socialize. If you want to be friends with them, don’t always call and invite them somewhere every weekend because they feel pressured and they will distance themselves because they see it as a threat to their freedom.

8. Type AB blood group celebrities

  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Jackie Chan
  • Thomas Edison
  • Mick Jagger
  • John F. Kennedy

“O” Blood Type: Successful People

1. They know how to manage other people

As mentioned earlier in this Japanese blood type post, type O blood people can adapt to all difficult conditions, they do not hesitate to take responsibility and they inspire other people thanks to these traits. They are the people other people want to be like, they are often imitated, but unfortunately it is not possible to imitate some innate talents.

Thanks to their natural charisma, they can mobilize people in their environment and persuade them to work for a common goal. If you have a company, they can be excellent managers for that company and increase the performance of other employees.

2. They are very confident

It’s not hard to understand that when their leadership qualities and their desire for independence come together, they wouldn’t want to spend their lives in a small office. They do what they think is right, regardless of what other people think because they do not seek approval from other people.

Regardless of the outcome, they go their own way and prefer to do what they want and fail rather than do what everyone else does and be successful. When they are passionate about a job, they will be happy to devote all their time and energy to that job, it will be a great chance for you to find such a colleague.

3. They are always ready

You don’t need to motivate people with Type O blood, persuade them to work or put pressure on them to get more efficiency because they have these traits naturally. They always do their best and taking more responsibility doesn’t scare them. They are the first to express their ideas at a meeting, they are the first to volunteer for work to be done because they love the challenge and the opportunity to show themselves.

4. They see themselves as sufficient for any job

If you’re going to criticize them, you have to have very solid evidence or they will come at you too much and will make you regret what you said. While their self-confidence often gives them an advantage, they sometimes have a hard time admitting their mistakes, which is a challenge for those people who want to win more than anything else. If they have authority in the workplace, they view anyone who opposes it as their enemy and will do their best to impose their point of view.

5. They focus on success

One of the most important things in this life for them is to win, but unfortunately they can be cruel because they want to win no matter what. If they have to run over you to win, they won’t hesitate for a second before they do.

If you have competed with Type O blood people, remember that they will try every way to win and they will always think themselves right. If you’re not 100% sure you can beat them, don’t fight for anything because their high self-confidence will give them a huge advantage and cause you to lose the race before it even starts.

6. They can be very successful in politics

Type O blood has a strong and outspoken profile that people want to go after them. Therefore, we can say that if they try their luck in politics, they will rise very quickly and they can drag millions of people after them. They can be successful in any competitive environment, their desire to win increases in direct proportion to the subjects and people they have to struggle with. You have to be very well prepared to stop them, of course, there is a possibility of loss for them, but you should know that it will not be easy.

7. They get frustrated in romantic relationships

You may think that these focused, ambitious people would not want a romantic relationship, but on the contrary, they want an ideal romantic relationship and they have even planned what it should be like. But they find it difficult to be successful in a romantic relationship because they believe that they will not be able to find the love they want because the person they love will not be able to meet their expectations or always behave the way they want. If they want a happy relationship, they need to understand that the people in front of them are not robots and it is not possible for them to live the life they want.

8. Type O blood group celebrities

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Gerald Ford
  • John Lennon
  • Elvis Presley
  • Crystal Kay
  • Paul Newman


You should definitely know that no article can prove that blood type affects personality. Personality type tests or such content should not prejudice you. As long as that’s your point of view, these quizzes are both fun and informative about human personalities.

We are people who try to get to know ourselves, improve ourselves and strengthen our communication side, and the world will be a better place as long as we continue on this path.

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