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DiSC Personality Types: D-Style vs I-Style vs S-Style vs C-Style

DiSC is one of the most common personality type determination tests and divides people into 4 types like other similar personality tests. If we list the DiSC personality types from most to least according to DiSC test results:

  • D-Style: The Dominant Personality: 3%
  • i-Style: The Influencer Personality: 11%
  • S-Style: The Steady Personality: 69%
  • C-Style: The Compliant Personality: 17%

Thanks to this test, you can analyze people in your social and professional relationships and be more successful in communicating with them, and you can establish intimacy with even the most difficult people at a level that will support you in everything.

DiSC Personality Types: D-Style vs I-Style vs S-Style vs C-Style

D-Style: The Dominant Personality

1. They don’t run away from responsibility

They are people who enjoy leadership and have natural talents for it. When a problem arises, you can see a D-Style person eager to solve it. They always want to maintain their authority and they don’t like being told “no”.

They always want to do their best both for themselves and for others, even when they can’t do their best, they manage to be an inspiration to others. They do not like laziness, they work hard to prove themselves. If you have friends like them, you will be impressed by their hard work and you will start to make important changes in your life.

DiSC Personality Types: D-Style vs I-Style vs S-Style vs C-Style

2. They know their own strengths and weaknesses

They are aware of their own worth, they never doubt themselves and you can feel it in their behavior. They always work at the jobs they are good at because their weaknesses bother them and they do not prefer their weaknesses to be known.

They know how to gather people around them by using their strengths very well, they have innate charisma and they like to use it for their own benefit. If one of them is around you, he/she will definitely attract your attention and you will be affected inevitably.

3. They do not hide or distort facts

They can directly say everything about you, good or bad, and they care about getting the right information, not how you feel. They report things directly to you without thinking about whether you’ll be angry or happy with them.

Although it enables people to gain their trust in business life, it is not a preferred behavior in friendship relations. Their behavior may be perceived as offensive or rude and may cause them to be excluded by their social environment.

Regardless of the outcome, they do not give up their dominant character and continue to do what they think is right. They have an honesty that makes them respected by many of their people, even if some of us may not like them.

4. They use their time very efficiently

D-Style people work focused on their goals and plan their lives that way. There is nothing that will cause them to waste time in their work and they always want the best. He dreams of being the CEO of big companies even before he enters business life, and their characters are suitable for this task.

When faced with a situation that slows them down, they immediately change direction, time is invaluable to them and having fun is secondary to them. They get the reward of their hard work as successful business people at a young age.

If you’re the type to slow them down or divert them from their goals, don’t stand in their way because they will ignore you. They will see your friendship as a hindrance and will try to get rid of you. If you insist, they may go so far as to openly say that they don’t want you.

5. They always want to be on top

For them, all results except winning mean losing, for them being second is not success but inadequacy. Their passion for victory makes them sacrifice everything, which can sometimes cause them to leave their friends behind.

They will come back better prepared for every race they fail to win, they will continue to work until they win by making more sacrifices each time. We can say that this is both their best and worst trait because they tend to ignore their social life even though they have a high probability of success.

Their ambitious achievements may make them regret later in life, and they will be happier if they can restrain their ambition and direct it towards a greater goal.

6. They take energy from other people

D-Style people, whom we say can sacrifice anyone to be successful, are also indispensable guests of parties. The high energy they have is enough to gather people around them. In addition, thanks to their helpful personalities, some of their behaviors, which we can call inconsiderate, may be ignored by their friends.

Despite their ambitions in business life, they also have a good heart to consider the well-being of others. As long as you do not interfere with them in their business life, your friendship will continue very well and will be one of your best friends.

They have certain criteria for friendship, as long as you meet these criteria, you can have an excellent friendship, but otherwise, your friendship will end in a short time and you will not see each other again. Since they are dominant, they want to make many decisions in their friendships, and this may be repulsive by friend groups.

7. They are most self-confident

They cannot believe that the work of others is sufficient and they want to control themselves. If they cannot be sure of the quality of the work done, they will do it from the beginning. Their desire to do everything on their own both wastes time and makes them very tired, but otherwise they do not feel good. They want to know every detail of the job and try to learn every job so that they don’t need anyone when a problem arises.

They are like a company on their own, they don’t want to need anyone and they rarely consult others. They work harder than anyone else and do their best to be more knowledgeable because being inadequate in a subject will damage their dominant character.

I-Style: The Influencer Personality

1. They are your funniest friends

It is very difficult to meet them because they have planned for a different event every day, they have no free time. Thanks to their fun personalities, they have become the sought-after names of all organizations. I-Style people are hard to find at home unless they need to sleep, they are the most social people you will ever meet.

They have never-ending stories to tell, and they are also quite skilled at storytelling. They love attention and have social skills to keep the attention on themselves. You may even need to make an appointment 1 week in advance to meet with them.

If they start to value you and see that you support them in social situations, they will start inviting you to every party they go to. They enjoy seeing compatible people by their side because they think it’s easier to socialize when someone is around, even if they don’t need it.

2. They are an inspiration to other people

They can hold people together for your company’s vision and mission, guide them and motivate them to work more efficiently. They are invaluable employees for companies and are aware of their own worth.

Thanks to their social skills, they can identify which employees believe or not in your projects. They can communicate more with those employees and make them believe in the project and be more beneficial to the company. Thanks to their charismatic characters and being good storytellers, they can impress people very easily.

If you are looking for an exemplary role model in this life, we can say that I-Style people are for you. Being like them will bring you happiness, experience, and endless fun. In this way, you can get to know more people like them and live a very colorful life.

3. They are not pessimistic

They always look at the positive side of life and are grateful for what they have. Even in the worst-case scenario, they won’t be destroyed or even if they are hurt by their trusted friends, it won’t affect them for long. Thanks to their positive character, they always manage to be strong.

When things don’t work out, they change their methods, if it doesn’t they change what they do. If they have made a bad choice of friends, they will change their social circle, but they will never despair. These positive attitudes make other people influenced by them, and their friends always want to chat with them.

4. They are full of energy

Thanks to the high energy they have, I-Style people can do any job and they enjoy it very much. You can see these energies not only in business life but also in hobbies. Their high energy and joy are always on point when meeting new people or starting a different project.

Their enthusiastic attitude excites other people and makes everyone around them work with high energy. They are the energy sources of every environment they are in and due to these personality traits, they become habits for other people.

5. They are very good teammates

They want all people involved in the project to voice their opinions, they try to get people involved. They also see activities as teamwork and they want to achieve something with their friends instead of doing any work alone.

Thanks to their leadership qualities, they keep things moving as an inspiration to others, and they want everyone’s opinion to be taken for the product to come out. They do their best to come up with interesting and creative ideas by encouraging people.

6. They are not open to criticism

Although I-Style people have an optimistic point of view, they may be affected by criticism and exclusion due to their emotional nature. Their high energies allow them to not be harmed much by the change in their mood, but if you want to make good friends with them, you have to be a little thoughtful.

If he/she realizes that you don’t take feelings seriously, he/she will start seeing you less and will find an excuse every time you call him/her. Since they are people who make decisions based on their emotions, being valued is their priority.

7. They don’t like tradition

For them, there is no one way to live life, everyone must find their own unique way and avoid monotony. They find it boring to follow the rules and act according to a plan, they always choose the most fun and exciting ways.

They are not affected when things do not go as planned, they see every mistake as a new opportunity. Instead of buying a house or a car, they prefer to have a new experience with the money they have, to visit a country they have not seen before.

S-Style: The Steady Personality

1. They are stable people

The words that best describe them might be common sense and trust. Even if they face the worst problems, they do not lose their calmness and do not stop acting in common sense. There is peace in their environment, if there is no peace where they are, they will leave the environment.

They do not have sudden emotional changes, outbursts of anger, or uncontrolled behaviors. They do not like people who are excessive in their behavior, and their behavior is usually within certain limits and in a way that does not disturb people.

2. You can always count on them

If they tell you that they will do something, they will definitely do it, if they give you information about something, that information is definitely true. These trustworthy characters earn them respect both in their social relationships and at work and make them indispensable teammates.

Even if they rarely act in an extreme situation, they will return to normal as soon as possible and continue their consistent behavior. They don’t lose people’s trust and get solid friendships in return.

3. They care about plans

For them, everything should go according to plan, from their diet to a project they just started, and everyone should respect that plan. They see not acting according to the plan as a mistake in the organization, and the fact that things go well is not enough to make them happy on their own.

They dislike spontaneous work, vacations, and friendships. Experiencing new experiences is not easy for them because they don’t like situations where they don’t know how things will go, and this may cause their assertive traits to fail to develop.

4. You don’t see them much on social media

S-Style people like to stay in the background and tend to keep their feelings and thoughts to themselves. Some people thrive on arguments, but S-Style people stay away from arguments as much as possible and don’t insist on their own opinions when they see a contrary opinion.

They find it pointless to constantly post on social media and care about their privacy. Unless you meet them face to face, it is unlikely that you will find out what they are wearing, what they are eating, or where they are going.

5. They stay away from arguments

They choose to stay away from disagreements and arguments because restlessness is one of their least favorite situations. They do their best to make everyone happy, they make things right between people. We can say that they are very good mediators, as long as the people around them get along well, they feel happy too.

It is a great advantage to have someone with this character among the team members who have difficulty in getting along. They calm the team, take responsibility, and make sacrifices to solve problems.

6. They are happy to help others

They always want to help everyone and are excellent teammates. They may sacrifice too much to keep other people’s business running, which may make them well-liked but exhaust themselves.

When friends and family need help, they are always available and can provide real help to solve their problems. They do not spare their money and time, especially from their loved ones.

7. Don’t ask them for changes

Changing even phone ringtones is a big problem for S-Style people. They don’t want any change, big or small, to happen in their lives. They do not want to be given another task at work and do not want to change their school or city.

When they realize that they can’t escape change, they try to adapt even if they don’t want to, but this is not an easy process for them. They will experience restlessness until they get used to the new order, you should give them time until this process is completed. If you want a big change from them, you have to allow them to make that change in small parts.

C-Style: The Compliant Personality

1. They don’t make decisions without analyzing

It doesn’t matter if it’s for small or big decisions, they always analyze and decide most comprehensively. They do not get bored of dealing with details, they do not care about the time they spend, all they want is to find the perfect one.

They gather a lot of information before making a decision, they don’t need much of the information they collect, but they cannot suppress their desire to be sure. Of course, they can’t make a wrong decision after such a long detailed analysis.

2. They do quality work

Details and nuances are their business, it’s like a passion for them and they don’t stop looking until they’re sure everything is right. If a product is to be produced, you should definitely give quality control work to people with this personality type.

They check a finished job over and over and test a finished product thousands of times. They can continue this work for weeks or even months, all they want is to produce a flawless job and they do their best to achieve it.

3. They are very good problem solvers

For them, the definition of success is very clear, it does not contain anything dramatized. They strive to do everything right and they believe that this will bring them success. They believe that no one can do their job better than themselves, and they want to control themselves once again, no matter what job they do.

It’s impossible for them to like what others are doing, they will find faults in every job and they think that the product cannot be perfect unless these defects are removed. Do not hesitate to give them very important responsibilities because they will do their best.

4. Everything should be in order for them

C-Style people cannot start work if their work environment is messy, for them everything from books to pens should be where it should be. If their workplaces, homes, and garages are not perfectly organized, this will disturb them.

They do not forget any of the special days such as anniversaries, everyone’s birthday is recorded in the calendars. They may seem like robots to you, but still, their friends enjoy being remembered and they create a positive impression of themselves.

5. They don’t like to take risks

Experiencing new experiences is not for them, they prefer to go the way they know and are skeptical of different proposals. Every situation that is new to them means risk and they do not find it right to act without thinking too much.

Friendships also progress very slowly because we cannot expect people with this personality type to trust other people quickly, who do not trust even a simple product. They only like predictable work, this goes for friendship as well.

6. You can’t learn too much about them

You can’t find out where C-Style people are going after work or on the weekend because they don’t like to share this kind of information. They do not want to share this information because it is their privacy, not because they are afraid of you or because they do not like you.

If you want to be friends with them, you should respect their personal space and not ask too many questions about their private life. As they trust you over time, they will give you more information about themselves anyway, so there is no need to rush.

7. They do not oppose authority

They can’t make sense of other people breaking the rules and engaging in unethical behavior. Everyone thinks that it is possible to live a life without problems after doing what needs to be done, and they do their best to live exactly that way.

When a new rule comes, they will accept it without question and adapt. Even if this rule is not beneficial for them, they prefer to try to get used to it instead of objecting. When friend groups make a decision on an issue, even if they do not like this decision, they accompany and do not express their opinions.


Thus, we have explained DiSC Personality Types to you, we hope you enjoyed reading the content we prepared. Through such personality tests, we can make better friendships by understanding our own and other people’s strengths and weaknesses. We believe that if we can establish better human relations, many of the problems in the world will disappear, and when we think personally, we can say that it is also important for our career.