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12 INTP Compatibility Insights for Relationships and Dating

INTP people tend to be perceived as reserved individuals but they actually enjoy the unorthodox approach to life and tend to be quite creative individuals. In this post, we will analyze INTP compatibility in 12 categories specifically selected for relationships and dating.

Known as logicians, INTP folks spend a lot of time thinking and time to themselves, however, this does not mean that they are not interested in relationships, they are just particular with how they approach them.

INTP Compatibility Insights for Relationships and Dating

Once committed to a relationship, INTPs are loyal and tend to take their relationships seriously, they value them greatly. They enjoy learning and growing as individuals so their partner must be ready to encourage and support them while also partaking in learning and growing.

12 INTP Compatibility Insights for Relationships and Dating (Male & Female)

There are a few things to be aware of when it comes to INTPs in relationships, so whether you are currently in a relationship or pursuing one, here are twelve findings to keep in mind, that night also gauge whether you are compatible or not.

#1 They Are Not Fans of PDA

INTP personalities are known introverts, so although they might not mind small public displays of affection, it might make them uncomfortable. INTPs do not like being the center of attention and they like to keep their relationships somewhat private.

They would rather prefer to participate in romantic gestures when it is just them with their partner. Despite their lack of interest in showing affection, they still take their relationships seriously. So, if you’re dating an INTP and they don’t tend to partake in PDA, don’t take it personally.

#2 INTPs Need Their Independence

As introverts, it is expected for INTPs to need their alone time, however, getting enough alone time is vital for an INTP. Whether their alone time is packed with solo activities or the simplicity of daydreaming, their time alone is needed for an INTP to be truly happy.

Any compatible partner looking to start a relationship with an INTP must understand how important this can be. If this necessity isn’t respected or taken seriously, it is not likely for the relationship to work out.

INTPs are already wary of relationships, especially if they feel whoever they are dating is trying to hinder their independence. It is not smart to try to change an INTP by forcing them to engage or be more present when they truly want some time to themselves–this will only drive them away.

#3 They Need a Partner that Can Learn and Grow

A goal for the INTP personality is to continue growing and learning throughout their lives. A compatible partner for an INTP must recognize how important this is and not diminish it. Most importantly, it is best if a prospective partner also strives to learn and grow. Not only can they encourage each other but they can work together to achieve whatever goals they may have.

#4 Approach the Relationship as a Friendship

We have already established that INTPs can be quite cautious of relationships since it is a common fear that their partner will try to change them not to mention they are not really fans of public displays of affection.

So what is the best way to approach a romantic relationship with an INTP? If someone wishes to date an INTP personality, they should do their best to approach it as a friendship that gradually develops into a romantic relationship.

Not only will this ensure that a person with INTP compatibility truly wants to commit to the relationship, but it also guarantees that they won’t experience that wariness that comes from beginning a relationship. Once a friendship is established, an INTP can determine whether their future partner will try to change them or if they already accept them as they are.

#5 They Tend to Be Skeptical

INTPs actually tend to be quite skeptical. At a glance being a bit of a skeptic might be beneficial for their everyday life–constantly questioning and challenging things to ensure what is best for them. However, when it comes to relationships it might not be the best of traits.

Being skeptical can cause an INTP partner to feel as if their propositions or opinions might not be as important. Given their skeptical mindsets, it might just be an instinct to challenge their partner. If it is an occasional occurrence, it might not have much of an impact, but if constant questioning occurs, that can cause a rift between the relationship.

#6 They Need Direct Communication

INTPs appreciate direct communication, and any compatible partner must be confident that they can express themselves in a straightforward manner. It is a challenge for INTPs to understand subtle clues to their partner’s unhappiness. If someone in a relationship with an INTP is unsatisfied, they need to voice it clearly, otherwise, the INTP will not pick up on there being any issues present.

Now, if the comment that their partner makes is interpreted to be valid from a logical standpoint, it is highly likely that an INTP will do their best to improve. If, however, an INTP does not find the comment or issue to be valid it is not likely that they will budge.

#7 INTPs Tend to be Perfectionists

The constant desire to grow and explore can be as much a weakness as a strength for an INTP. The quest for perfectionism can blind an INTP or make it so that they never reach a decision. Perfectionism, when it comes to employment or other aspects of life can be beneficial, when it comes to dating and relationships, that might not be the case.

A relationship will never be perfect, and the constant need for perfection can be draining and drive away a partner.

#8 INTPs Like to Keep It Interesting

INTPs don’t find joy in constantly following a routine, they enjoy when there is spontaneity in a relationship. They are more than willing to experiment, and since growing and learning is an integral part of their personality that is no different when it comes to relationships. A compatible partner for an INTP will be able to keep their interest while also being okay with breaking away from the routine.

#9 Don’t Try to Change INTPs

INTP people start to become wary of relationships for one specific reason: they believe their partner will try to change them or diminish their need for individuality and independence.

As introverts, INTPs value their independence and alone time greatly. If they form any sort of inclination that their partner is trying to change that about them by making them more engaged or present when they need their alone time, it will scare away an INTP.

So if you are pursuing this personality type or already in a committed relationship with one, ensure that you comfortable with giving them the space they need to fully function and grow–otherwise it is guaranteed that the relationship might be doomed.

#10 INTP People Will Not Make the First Move

INTPs are not the most attuned to individuals and their feelings, so when it comes to relationships it is not very likely that they will decide to make the first move to approach someone.

In a social setting, it is even more unlikely for them to actively pursue someone, they would rather prefer an individual show that they are interested in them. This eases any anxiety that a person with high INTP compatibility might have about being in a social setting. However, just because INTPs are not likely to make the first move does not mean that they will not open up, they just need to know there is a connection between someone to express themselves.

#11 They Might Shut Down During Emotional Disagreements

It is already established that INTPs like to be logical and rational individuals. When it comes to emotional disagreements, this personality can just shut down. Firstly, they might not be capable to provide their partners with the emotional support they need, but not because they might not want to but rather because they don’t really know how to do so.

Their instinct might also be to use logic to try and prove themselves right and their partner wrong. The issue here is that not every disagreement should end with one person in right and the other in the wrong, but this is not how INTP people think when it comes to emotions. Their instinct is to follow logic.

#12 They Can be Blunt

INTPs value honesty greatly, and so it should be no surprise that they tend to be blunt. Their intention is not to be hurtful but they prefer to be frank in order to avoid any misunderstandings. A compatible personality must be comfortable with their honesty and must also be honest.

An INTP will not make an effort to make their words more palatable to spare their partner’s feelings. They believe that honesty and straightforward communication is the best way to establish a stable relationship.