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6 Male Personalities Explained: Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma

Every man is their own individual that is made up of various characteristics and values that contribute to how they approach life. We delve into 6 male personalities and their comparisons such as Alpha vs Beta vs Gamma vs Omega vs Delta vs Sigma in this post.

Although the way a man acts might seem random or standard to what is expected of a man in society, there are nuances. Certain details about decisions they make or how they present themselves determine the type of personality they are.

These personalities can help men, and other people, fully understand why they behave the way they do. Although it might not seem like it, there are six personality types that every man can fall under, let us explore those personalities.

The Alpha Male Personality

1. Confidence

Everyone has heard the term “alpha male,” the alpha is typically discussed surrounding the topic of animals. The alpha male tends to be the leader of the pack, and most times this is simply due to size and strength. This perception of the “alpha male” translates similarly to men in our society.

The alpha male is naturally confident, they know who they are and regard themselves in high esteem. When approaching any situation, the alpha will approach it with confidence. Now, this doesn’t mean that this male personality isn’t allowed to feel discouraged or nervous in certain situations. In fact, they can feel all these emotions but it is how they carry themselves with courage despite their fear that makes them an alpha male.

2. Humility

Typically the alpha male can be perceived as arrogant sometimes due to their confidence however, a true alpha male will also be humble. Their confidence works as self-assurance and presents itself as so. If they are succeeding they aren’t the type to brag about it excessively.

3. Leadership

Like mentioned previously, the “alpha male” is typically seen as the leader, especially in the animal kingdom when thinking of animals that live in packs. The alpha male personality is no different. They are natural-born leaders and thrive on leading and taking charge in different situations.

A true alpha male makes a great leader because not only do they work to inspire others but as a leader, they take it upon themselves to guide people should they need it. To be a successful leader they are aware that the team as a whole needs to not only work together but be successful individually as well.

4. Emotional Intellgience

Another great characteristic that this personality type possesses, that also breaks the stigma around the “alpha male,” is emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is having the ability to process, manage and perceive the emotions of others as well as your own. Being emotionally mature dismantles the misconception that alpha males are overly dominant and cocky men that care about no one’s needs but their own.

In an emotion-driven situation, the alpha male is able to think logically. So whether they are managing their own emotions or reading another person’s feelings, this male personality type can deescalate situations.

The Beta Male Personality

1. Reserved

The beta male is perhaps the most misunderstood male personality type out there. Often times the beta male is perceived as having a negative personality to have but the beta male is also portrayed as insecure and weak when that is not the case.

A common quality in beta males is that they tend to be reserved individuals. They are not quick to voice how they feel in a situation and sometimes that is to avoid conflict but not always. Oftentimes these males are shy and are more cautious about revealing how they truly feel.

This can sometimes lead to beta males avoiding social events or interaction than other personality types but that should not be mistaken for anti-social.

2. Submissiveness

The beta male personality is often deemed as this submissive man and it is painted in a negative light. Although submissiveness is a trait that is possessed by this personality type, it does not mean that the male is weak or inferior. It is just a method in which they approach life.

So yes, the beta male is submissive but this is usually to avoid conflict. This personality type is not confrontational and prefers to avoid altercations if possible. Although they are not likely to defend themselves at that moment, submissiveness in emotionally charged situations or conflicts is not a negative trait.

When it comes to altercations it is beneficial to be a beta male as they will usually deescalate situations by remaining calm and not making the matters worse.

3. Friendliness

One of the great qualities of a beta male is their friendliness. Although society likes to make fun of the beta male by assuming that they all get “friend-zoned” from a larger perspective, their friendliness and kind nature allow them to make connections easily and make lifelong friends.

Instead of deeming their friendliness as a negative trait, they should be appreciated for being able to create genuine connections with others.

4. Loyalty

Loyalty is another admirable trait that is possessed by the beta male, and it goes hand-in-hand with their friendliness quality. Since the beta male is usually regarded as those that assume the roles of “best friends” they actually tend to be quite loyal individuals. Now loyalty is not just exclusive to romantic relationships but also friendships and employment.

The beta male takes their role in other people’s lives seriously and they appreciate the connections they make. Loyalty is a trait that should be expected from every beta male.

The Gamma Male Personality

1. Adventurous

The gamma male is typically referred to as a mixture of most of the male personalities. However, if there is one trait that a gamma male personality type is known for is their adventurous nature. This male personality desires to have fun and genuinely enjoy their life, hence they like to seek adventure. Whether it is trying an exciting new food recipe or the next thrill guaranteed to instill adrenaline, the gamma male seeks it.

Unlike the alpha male, this male personality doesn’t try to please those around them or try to follow rules that have been set out. Their decisions are based on what is best for them. This male type is always encouraging their friends to try something new like a hiking trail or a trip to a different country.

2. Intelligence

The gamma male is also incredibly intelligent, now whether this comes naturally or they study for it depends on the person, but this male type enjoys knowledge and being an expert in their field. Like alpha males, they like to be successful and when they reach milestones in their lives they don’t tend to brag about how great they are. They appreciate intelligence but know that it doesn’t make or break a person.

In addition, to being book smart, the gamma male also tends to be socially knowledgeable. Whether it is in the form of comfort or advice, the gamma male thrives in helping those around them when it comes to social situations.

3. Awareness

One of the best traits that define a gamma male is their awareness of their actions and how they may affect those around them. This is not just a great trait for a man to have but it is an admirable trait in anyone.

The gamma male is also aware of how his loved ones are doing. This personality type is always thinking of what he can do to lessen any burdens, making them naturally empathetic individuals. This is one of the reasons why the gamma male is such a well-rounded personality, they make great friends, romantic partners, and family members.

4. Empathy

As discussed previously the gamma male is very aware of those around him, this awareness also has to do with their empathetic nature. This male type can be quite sensitive and kind and that makes them all the more special. They care greatly about the people they are close to but are also great at understanding the emotions of people they just met.

This is another great trait that makes the gamma male such a great mixture of the other personalities. This male type proves to be a great support system to have.

The Omega Male Personality

1. Intelligence

Oftentimes the omega male personality is presented as the “nerdy” type, this is usually because they tend to really value intelligence and logic. They are very aware of their intelligence but they don’t tend to use their genius to take advantage of other people.

Their intelligence really allows the omega male to take control of their world as they use it to navigate decisions and situations. This quality is really beneficial to the omega male who can oftentimes be misunderstood. They can use this trait to make themselves shine and prove their intellect.

2. Unique Interests/Hobbies

If there is anything that you need to know bout the omega male is that they are typically identified by their unique interests and hobbies. Intelligence, along with their unconventional interests are also what characterizes this male personality as “nerdy.”

That being said although their hobbies might seem odd to the collective, they don’t seem to care about other people’s perception of them. The omega male enjoys finding stimulation that is truly enjoyable so whether it is scraping, learning archery, or birdwatching, they take pride in their interests.

The omega male doesn’t seem to be interested in seeking validation from others and therefore feels free to do as they wish.

3. Not Competitive

The omega male personality is not competitive at all. They are not competitive when it comes to gaining the attention of women, or employment, or basically in any sense. Partly, this is because they are confident in their own abilities and potential but also partly because they don’t tend to seek attention often.

In a workplace environment, the male personality will not go above and beyond to compete for a new position. As long as they are happy with where they are, they don’t see the use for changing anything.

As for approaching women, the omega male does have any desire to compete for anyone’s attention. Now, that doesn’t mean that they won’t romance a woman, it just means that they believe if she is truly interested she too will make a move.

4. Self-Assured

The omega male’s self-assurance goes hand-in-hand with their confidence and non-competitiveness. As mentioned previously, this personality type doesn’t concern itself with the opinion or validation from others. Their self-assurance allows them to truly be themselves.

Although he enjoys spending time with friends and values what they have to say, they don’t need reassurance to feel confident. Oftentimes they become too wrapped up in their own that they fail to cultivate their friendships. This makes the omega male look a little self-centered as sometimes it seems all they care about is themselves.

The Delta Male Personality

1. Low Self-Esteem

The delta male personality is often referred to as the only personality that a man becomes over time, based on their past experiences. For this reason, the delta male tends to have low self-esteem. They feel very betrayed by their past experiences and therefore feel as though they are not deserving of relationships whether they are platonic or romantic.

Although it would seem that having low self-esteem would be obvious to the delta man, it isn’t always the case. They are not always aware or attuned to their emotions and fail to see that it is something they need to work on. This can often lead them to self-sabotaging their own friendships and relationships because they believe that they will be hurt again.

This sense of low self-esteem is actually a catalyst for a lot of other qualities that are found within the delta male personality.

2. Self-Sabotage

This quality of self-sabotage is in direct correlation to having low self-esteem. Without much awareness of his own faults, the delta male personality will revert to placing all the blame for his failures on other people. He will blame others for not wanting to reach out to him or for having hurt him in the past. The delta man lacks the awareness to truly see how he in fact might be standing in his own way.

Whether it is romantic relationships, friendships, or employment this male personality doesn’t seem to strive for anything. With the fear of failure and rejection, it is common for the delta male to remain stagnant and not evolve through life.

3. Loneliness

It is common for the delta male personality to experience loneliness. As I’m sure you are aware, this trait too correlated to the two previous qualities found in the delta male personality type. Without the incentive to connect to people or to find pleasure in socializing the delta man ostracizes himself and becomes lonely.

Like any human being, the delta male will crave social interaction but their fear of rejection prevents them from accomplishing anything. As a matter of fact, it may very well be that at one point in their life the delta male was the social life of any party or gathering but through their experiences, they became someone who feared building connections.

4. Resentment

This quality might not come as a surprise but the delta male personality remains to hold a lot of resentment. Although it might be normal for any human being to hold some resentment towards certain situations, the way in which the delta male is resentful is unparalleled.

They feel as though anyone who has wronged them in the past is responsible for any of their failures instead of taking accountability for their own shortcomings.

Whether someone who wronged him was a romantic partner or a friend, they will use that resentment to justify their unproductivity and unhappiness.

The Sigma Male Personality

1. Charisma

The sigma male personality is usually defined by their charismatic nature. As a very likable and approachable individual, the sigma male is able to get people to trust him. This allows him to blend in well with any and many friend groups, however, the sigma male doesn’t necessarily need those friend groups. In fact, this male personality type much rather enjoys being alone.

2. Manipulation

Now, being manipulative sounds like a negative feature to have and it definitely can be. The sigma male can be manipulative if they wish to be. This quality is beneficial and can be seen as a positive when thinking of a sigma male going after a job position. Manipulating the circumstances to go in their favor surely doesn’t seem so terrible if it’s how they strive to move up in the workplace.

It is important to be cautious, whether you know a sigma male or are one yourself. Their persuasiveness and charisma are able to get anyone to agree with them and do anything they please. As a sigma male, this sounds like a beneficial asset but to those on the other side, it can be unsettling.

3. Self-Prioritization

It should be no surprise that the sigma male puts themselves first before anyone else, after all, they are not dependable on their relationships with others. Their tendency to priority themselves obviously goes hand-in-hand with the fact that they are introverts. They don’t really care to adhere to any social norm to seek validation from others.

The sigma male would much rather prefer to choose their own path and do as they please.

4. Calculated

The last quality that the sigma male is resonated with is being calculated. Given that their main priority is themselves and that they also tend to be manipulative individuals, they like to fully assess a situation before jumping to any conclusions. This isn’t really because they are concerned with making the morally right decision but more about making the best decision that would benefit them the most.


Whether you are an alpha male or a delta male, every male personality has its own nuances that make them different and that explains why they behave the way they do. These personality types are not meant to put any man in a box and define how they must approach life but rather they are frameworks to further understand behavior.

Hopefully, these in-depth explorations of the six male personality types have provided insight into which personality type you are. Understanding where you fall in these types can be the awakening you need if you find that you are unhappy or unsatisfied.