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ENFP Compatibility For Relationships and Dating & Best Matches

ENFPs are social, free-spirited, and love to have a good time. But how do they behave in romantic partnerships, and what do they look for in relationships and dating? Let’s take a deep dive into how ENFP Myers-Briggs personality types experience compatibility for relationships and dating.

About ENFP personality

Understanding how a person will behave in a relationship will first require understanding how they are as individuals. People with ENFP personality type indicators have a lot going for them. They are creative, fun-loving, empathetic, and dream big.

ENFP Compatibility For Relationships and Dating

If you are looking to meet an ENFP out in the wild, you will likely find them expelling energy and doing something active. They love things like hiking, rock climbing, dancing, traveling, and skate/snowboarding. In addition, these types love having a hobby – you might connect through a creative activity like photography, music, art, or writing.

Some ENFPs might be lucky enough to earn an income from one of their creative hobbies. However, for those who don’t become professional musicians or athletes, a career path with a lot of freedom, limited hierarchical structure, and a heavy focus on people skills is where ENFPs will thrive. Entrepreneurial ventures, sales, teaching, social work, and physical therapy are all fields where they will excel.

When you get into a relationship with an ENFP, you will also be included in their social lives (if things get serious enough.) ENFPs tend to be supportive, loyal, and caring friends; they will always have their friend’s best interests in mind. They will be available to vent to or to inject some fun and light-heartedness into a situation when needed.

What an ENFP wants from a relationship?

Because ENFPs are so compassionate and kind, they look for the same traits in their romantic partners. They will not be interested in a relationship with someone who can be unkind, uncaring, or opportunistic at the expense of others. However, they are very open-minded and willing to give most people the benefit of the doubt when getting to know them.

Long-distance relationships are not uncommon for ENFP compatibility. One explanation for this is that they love to travel and often get to know people on their global adventures. They also don’t view distance as an obstacle – love is love, and it can overcome trivial things like distance. They are looking for commitment and are happy to demonstrate how committed they can be despite the distance.

Overall, ENFPs are looking for a partner with whom they can share activities and build a connection. They are always looking for a partner to grow through life with and who is going to prioritize the relationship the same way that they will. ENFPs are going to feel drawn to someone loving, caring, uninhibited by tradition, and affectionate.

ENFP in a relationship and dating

In the early stages of a relationship, ENFP folks are most likely going to keep things informal. Not for lack of belief in love or loyalty, but rather as a function of their aversion to strict rules or traditions. If your ENFP partner seems afraid of commitment, it’s not because they don’t love you; it’s because they don’t love putting themselves into a box.

One of the benefits to be gained from their aversion to tradition is that ENFPs are very free and adventurous regarding physical intimacy. They will use their observational skills, creativity, and open-mindedness to show you how they feel about you. While they will be happy to enter into a physical relationship very early, they take relationships seriously and will go all-in with the right person.

Later in more serious relationships, ENFP people will look for forward momentum. They will give all of their effort and attention to an exciting relationship that is continuing to develop and has growth potential. Even if they’ve been with their partner for years, ENFPs will be happiest in relationships with a goal to work towards (buying a house, having kids, retiring together, traveling together, etc.)

Strengths as a partner


ENFPs are very committed to their partners. They believe in true love, and their empathy and compassion for others prevents them from giving up on relationships. They will work hard to ensure that they are all in, and they expect the same from their partners.


People who have ENFP personality type indicators are very physically passionate in their relationships and hate to disappoint. They are happy to experiment and try new things in an effort to thrill their partners and demonstrate their love for them. This tendency toward physical connection extends to things like (appropriate) displays of affection in public.


Like most “feeling” personality types, ENFPs have an enormous capacity for empathy and great communication skills. They will be excellent support for hard days or if there is a conflict in a relationship. They will know when it is time for fun and games and when they need to be serious and provide a shoulder to cry on.


While their popularity and likability won’t necessarily directly affect your relationship, it is good to know that your friends and family will probably like your ENFP partner. ENFPs are flexible and fun-loving and will do their best to fit in to any situation and with any group of people. They are cooperative and social and will be loved equally by your book club group and your grandparents alike.

Difficulties of ENFPs in relationships


The negative side of the compassionate nature of ENFP compatibility is that they are very sensitive and can sometimes over-react. They take every criticism, failed relationship, and setback personally. As a result, it is very easy to hurt their feelings, and their partners need to remember that things said in an argument are taken to heart, even if it’s not what was really meant.


ENFPs have a constant need for affirmation, compliments, and praise. As extroverts, they seek outside sources of assurance to validate that they are doing the right things. ENFPs will not do well if they feel like they are being ignored or unappreciated.


For some people, the free-spirited nature of ENFPs is a huge positive; for others, it is not as well appreciated. People who live their lives with a lot of structure and routine will have a hard time being in a relationship with an ENFP. So, forget that restaurant you go to every Thursday night – ENFPs want to try something new.

ENFP Compatibility

ENFPs are very flexible and are happy to give people the benefit of the doubt. This means they are compatible with many different types of people. And, as with all relationships, compatibility isn’t defined strictly by personality type indicators but rather by a couple’s ability to navigate challenges and find happiness together.

That being said, ENFPs are going find compatibility easiest with other intuitive, empathetic, free-spirited, and supportive personality types.

Who they are compatible with?

The best matches for ENFP folks are:


INFJ people are also creative, passionate, and goal-oriented. Their versatility and flexibility regarding activities and topics of interest will keep things interesting in a relationship between an ENFP and INFJ. However, INFJs love structure, so they might struggle with that a little, but both are capable of compromise and understanding.


Sharing most of the core characteristics of ENFPs, INFPs make very compatible matches. They are a little more shy and private, but generally, INFP people are popular, likable, warm, compassionate, and creative.


On paper, INTJs are a little bit opposite to ENFPs. They are “bookworm” types who constantly analyze and desire to learn everything about their topics of interest. However, they are also free-spirited, independent, and focused on positive growth, drawing ENFPs to them.


ENFJ people are very similar to ENFPs – they will share their warmth, compassion, altruism, and social popularity. ENFJs care most about building a connection with their partners, and ENFPs will be happy to oblige. Their shared values and energy levels lead to great chemistry and compatibility.


It goes without saying that this personality type is well suited for a like-minded individual. They tend to seek reciprocation for their actions in relationships, and who better to offer that than someone who naturally behaves the same way they do. As long as conflicts or arguments don’t get out of hand, a pair of ENFPs will be a very compatible couple.


ENFP people have a lot to offer in a relationship. They are willing to put it all on the table and give everything they have to a relationship. Most personality types will share some sense of compatibility with an ENFP.

While some relationships might be more challenging than others, these warm, caring, flexible, fun-loving personalities make great partners. They are worth getting to know regardless of your own Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators.