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ENFJ Compatibility for Relationships and Dating & Best Matches

Compatibility in a relationship is dependant on a few factors: How a couple navigates challenges together, how a couple views their future potential, and how naturally well-suited they are for one another. ENFJ people are charismatic leaders with an empathetic, altruistic force that drives them. Let’s take a closer look at compatibility factors for relationships and dating an ENFJ.

About ENFJ personality

Before exploring a relationship with an ENFJ, you will want to understand a little bit more about their natural tendencies as an individual.

ENFJs are warm, popular, charismatic, confident people who use their confidence to rally the troops towards humanitarian causes. They steadfastly adhere to their core values and will put others’ happiness ahead of their own in some situations.

ENFJ Compatibility for Relationships and Dating & Best Matches

You are likely to find ENFJ folks taking part in team sports like football, baseball, or hockey. They generally love being outside and enjoy spending time with others gardening, hiking, or swimming. They are happy to organize events and bring everyone together as a group.

For hobbies, ENFJs will probably find a humanitarian outlet and might enjoy volunteering for a social cause. They also have a creative side and will enjoy things like art, music, and literature, and can probably be found enjoying a museum, concert, or book expo.

In their careers, ENFJs will be found in leadership roles, which their colleagues won’t mind – ENFJs focus on people, not on mechanics. They are also likely to be drawn to a career with a social or ethical cause driving it. Many of the world’s lawyers, politicians, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs are ENFJs.

What ENFJs want from a relationship?

When looking for a romantic partner, ENFJs will look for someone who balances them well and who can support them in the areas they are lacking. They will also feel strongly about certain topics or causes, and they will look for a partner that feels the same way. Unfortunately, ENFJ people can struggle to understand themselves, and so they might go through several incompatible matches before finding the right one.

ENFJ folks also love being in a relationship and feel quite traditional about the progression of them. They are going to look for someone interested in a serious and monogamous partnership. They are also happy to evaluate a relationship early and jump into a commitment.

Being as flexible as they are, ENFJ compatibility is not particular about finding a specific set of traits attractive in a partner. While they enjoy being organized and in control, having a list of characteristics for their partner is one thing they will not pre-plan. They care most about building a connection with someone for who they genuinely are.

ENFJ in a relationship and dating

People with ENFJ personality type indicators are built for long-term relationships, and having a happy, healthy, successful relationship will be their intention most of the time. They make very loving and caring partners, and they will work hard to ensure their partner’s needs are being met.

ENFJ people have a huge capacity for empathy, and they are going to put effort into checking in with their partner and affirming that they are happy. Even if you don’t tell them something is wrong, they will trust their gut and get to the bottom of the issue. They are excellent at working through emotions and problem solving, even at the expense of their own happiness sometimes.

In a relationship, ENFJs are very supportive and will help their partners reach their goals as if they were their own. Anyone in a relationship with an ENFJ will know they have a reliable and focused support system cheering them on. The sky is the limit when you have an ENFJ in your corner cheering you on and providing hands-on help when needed.

Strengths as a partner


ENFJs can be depended on to do what is needed or asked of them. They are not going to shirk a job if they don’t want to do it. They also can apply their leadership skills and take ownership of the tasks they undertake; they will always complete them to the best of their ability.

Team Players

When you enter into a relationship with an ENFJ, they will take the perspective that your relationship is a true partnership, and they will treat it as such. To an ENFJ, no one’s voice is more important than another’s. They are open to collaboration and welcome discussion on even minor decisions to be made.


ENFJs find comfort in routine, habit, and scheduling. As a result, they are not likely to surprise you with spontaneous and poorly thought-out purchases or decisions. They make very stable partners whose actions can be depended on.


While all people have different opinions that form their core values, ENFJs will stand firm in the face of opposition when it comes to those values. If you share the same values as your ENFJ partner, you will have someone willing to fight for what’s right on your side. Their altruism is a significant motivator for them, and it will drive them to improve continuously.

Difficulties in ENFJ relationships


Since ENFJs take their relationships so seriously, their partners can sometimes feel like they’re too much of a focus. It can be annoying to be asked “what’s wrong” constantly. The attention paid to their partners is a way that ENFJs show their love. However, it can be a lot for someone who prefers to be more independent.

Take Over Projects

ENFJs are natural leaders, and they can fall into these tendencies when it is not appropriate or when they do not mean to. For example, if they try to be helpful with a project or goal, they might accidentally take it over. Usually, with some gentle reminding, they will back off.

Conflict Avoidance

As partners, ENFJs will be entirely focused on the happiness of their partners. As a result, they get themselves into trouble because they will avoid addressing their own issues in the relationship until they can’t bear it anymore and blow up. This tendency to bottle up their own emotions and needs can cause a minor problem to become more significant than it needed to be.

Emotionally Self-unaware

Despite being very tuned in to the emotional statuses of their loved ones, ENFJs are terrible at looking inward and recognizing their own situation. As a result, they get confused about their feelings easily and might lash out when it’s uncalled for. Anyone in a relationship with an ENFJ will hopefully help them work things out and self-manage their emotions.

ENFP Compatibility

In relationships, ENFJs really only need a committed partner and to know that their partner is happy. Of course, it is a little bit more complicated than that. However, those are the two basic pillars on which ENFJs will build a compatible relationship.

Generally, ENFJs will have an easier time getting what they need from a compatible relationship with some personality types than with others.

Who they are compatible with?

The best matches for ENFJs are:


INFJ people also have the altruistic nature and adherence to core values that ENFJs do. In addition, their personalities and needs are so similar that they will have an easy time working out any challenges that their differences might cause. As a result, INFJs will undoubtedly provide the balance that ENFJs need from a romantic partner.


As creative, quiet daydreamers, INFP folks will also be partners that provide ENFJs with balance in a relationship. Their sense of adventure and spontaneity will break an ENFJ out of their rut, and it will be appreciated. They also share compassion, empathy and are both love to connect deeply with their partners.


Free-spirited ENFP people desire nothing more than to be in relationships that share a deep connection. They also have a constant need for assurance and affirmation, which ENFJs are going to provide happily. As a couple, they might be challenged when making plans since ENFPs don’t love routine or structure; however, overall, they make a very compatible match.


Another personality that will be a source of balance for the ENFJ, INTJs are bookworms with a preference for logical thought and a desire to learn about everything. However, INTJs also like adhering to their core values. They take conflicts seriously and approach them like a problem to be solved. Any differences between these two should result in balance instead of fighting.


ENFJs are the charismatic people we are drawn to when it comes to accomplishing a common goal. They are lovely to be around and take care to ensure their loved ones are happy. Their caring nature is one of their best features, and they are a joy to get to know.

Most people will find they gain something from being in a relationship with an ENFJ, and compatibility is worth working towards with these brilliant, charming, and devoted people.