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David and Goliath Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants is a self-help book written by Malcolm Gladwell in 2013. In this David and Goliath summary, we dive deep into Gladwell’s perspective on methods that help you succeed in your personal and professional life.

We are sure that the strongest will win in a fight. But on the weak side, there are times when it wins. There are situations where we are all surprised and do not understand how it works. In this book, Malcolm Gladwell describes how people who were seen as impossible to win triumphed.

David and Goliath Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file

David and Goliath Summary with 20 Lessons Learned

Here are the 20 lessons to learn from David and Goliath Summary:

#1 Methods

Everyone should develop their method. Techniques that someone else has succeeded may not be a universal solution. You others do not have the same conditions. Maybe you’re better off, maybe worse. The areas in which you have talent may be different. You must find the system that will lead you to success. This can be found by having a high level of self-awareness.

#2 Your Ground

You must be on a field where your opponents are your equals. You can achieve average success in a field where everyone is very high level. You should find areas where there is less competition and where you are more advantageous than those around you.

#3 Analysis

Think hard before you do anything. Be sure of what and how to do it. Sometimes traditional methods can work, but whether it’s right for you or not is important. Be willing to return up with alternative solutions.

#4 Your Disadvantages

We don’t expect all our features to be good. Just because some of our traits are bad doesn’t mean we can’t win the race. We must identify our disadvantages and draw on the experiences of those who have previously achieved the same disadvantage but have triumphed.

#5 Similar Methods

Especially at the beginning of the road, previously proven techniques can work. Up to a certain level, doing what everyone else is doing will be enough to keep you in the race. There is no harm in progressing by doing what others have done until the conditions get tough and you develop your methods.

#6 Your Strengths

Don’t give up on working just because one of your features is strong. You have to strengthen that strong feature even more. It should come to such a level that it should prevent your other bad aspects from being noticed. Your strengths must reach a level that is extraordinary enough to win you the race even if everything goes wrong.

#7 Privilege Isn’t Always Better

Starting the race in good conditions may not be as good as you think. The more difficulties people face, the more they can improve themselves. Possibilities can even be considered an obstacle on the way to great success. You do not have a solid foundation as you move to the next stage without taking the necessary lessons.

#8 Career Change

Sometimes it can’t happen. Failure must be admitted. There are thousands of jobs and you can be successful in some of them. To find that field, you must have a good understanding of your characteristics and have made a career plan according to these characteristics. Your disadvantage in one area may give you an advantage in another.

#9 Being Unique

Being better than them in a skill that everyone has can help you win. But the real advantage is having a talent that no one else has. This makes you resistant to much stronger opponents. Especially thanks to an unexpected talent, you make a difference in the competition.

#10 Benefits of Disadvantages

A blind person may have excellent hearing. A disadvantage you also have can make you use another feature extremely well. Thanks to one of your features that you see as a deficiency, your other feature can bring you success.

#11 Number of People

The fewer people you have in the environment where you grew up, the weaker your development will be. In general, you are more likely to get high results in medium-sized crowds. In addition, in very large crowds, your talent may go unnoticed.

#12 Big Losses

Experiencing great losses can enlighten you in different ways. People who survive a major disaster often change their outlook on life. They begin to ignore simple problems. This allows them to quickly achieve success. Thanks to the increase in their self-confidence, they benefit more from their potential

#13 Getting Used to Success

People accustomed to success are extremely confident in their systems. But from time to time they need to step outside their systems and continue to improve themselves. Because when you get used to success with the same system, you may become unable to solve a different problem. Keep exploring different methods so you don’t falter in unexpected situations.

#14 The Limit of Money

Earning a certain amount of money does not change your life. The food you can eat and the countries you can visit are limited. The real happiness is that you can still achieve success in what you do. If you can still win against new opponents, new challenges, that’s the real happiness.

#15 Guaranteed to Win

No condition you have can guarantee you victory. No guarantee getting bigger or stronger will make you a sure winner. The one who is most suitable for the conditions he is in is the closest to success.

#16 Courage

Courage is not something you are born with. If you are lucky, you start to gain courage at a young age. Because the earlier such social skills are developed, the more effective they are. You may gain courage later on, but you have to practice.

#17 Adapting

You can’t make the whole world fit your ideas, but you can keep up with the way the world works. To do this, you must first accept the workings of order in the world. You cannot adapt to a situation that you cannot accept. Being deviant does not provide an advantage in fundamental matters.

#18 Bullying

You may need to use force to exercise authority. This use of force is acceptable and effective up to a certain level. No matter how strong you are, you must know your limits. Excessive use of force causes riots and riots. Your strength turns into your disadvantage.

#19 Having to

The best way to learn a subject is to be compelled to learn it. If you have decided to live abroad, you will learn the language of that country in a few months. But it takes years to learn any foreign language in your own country.

#20 Investing

Earning and spending money up to a certain amount is an ordinary job that everyone does. But making use of the money earned and turning that money into a fortune over the years is not a job for everyone.

Top 10 Quotes from David and Goliath

1. “Giants are not what we think they are. The same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness.”

2. “When the law is applied in the absence of legitimacy, it does not produce obedience. It produces the opposite. It leads to backlash.”

3. “Being on the outside, in a less elite and less privileged environment, can give you more freedom to pursue your own ideas and academic interests.”

4. “The best students from mediocre schools were almost always a better bet than good students from the very best schools.”

5. “Much of what we consider valuable in our world arises out of these kinds of lopsided conflicts because the act of facing overwhelming odds produces greatness and beauty.”

6. “There is an important principle that guides our thinking about the relationship between parenting and money – and that principle is that more is not always better.”

7. “Courage is not something that you already have that makes you brave when the tough times start. Courage is what you earn when you’ve been through the tough times and you discover they aren’t so tough after all.”

8. “Underdogs win all the time.  Why, then, are we shocked every time a David beats a Goliath? Why do we automatically assume that someone who is smaller or poorer or less skilled is necessarily at a disadvantage?”

9. “We spend a lot of time thinking about the ways that prestige and resources and belonging to elite institutions make us better off. We don’t spend enough time thinking about the ways in which those kinds of material advantages limit our options.”

10. “The contrast between the previous apprehension and the present relief and feeling of security promotes a self-confidence that is the very father and mother of courage.”

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