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Think and Grow Rich Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF

Think and Grow Rich: It is a book consisting of 6 chapters, describing the actions and ways of thinking that will lead you to wealth. In this Think and Grow Rich summary, we will dive deep into the strategic and pragmatic ways of thinking and improvement.

The book contains many examples and references from the past. In addition, Napoleon Hill was inspired by the philosophy of Andrew Carnegie while writing this book.

Think and Grow Rich Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file

Think and Grow Rich Summary with 20 Lessons Learned

Here are the 20 lessons to learn from Think and Grow Rich Summary:

#1 Falling In Love With Your Goal

Love, desire, passion… If you have these, you will not leave your work unfinished. Almost all the secret is hidden here. The stronger you want to be rich, the longer you can withstand the challenges you face. Difficulties pass. All the problems you have experienced so far are left behind, your present problems will be left behind. You just don’t give up.

#2 Clarify Your Dream

How much money do you want to have? 1 million dollars? 10 million dollars? Define clearly. As your goal becomes clear, your desire will become stronger. Keep your goal high and attainable. You will not lose the reality and your chance to see the endpoint will increase.

#3 Determine What You Will Do

What is the skill that will make you rich? What product or service will you offer people? Just like the money you want to have, you should clearly define them. You have to focus on your money-making skills. You have to develop them and increase their value.

#4 Someday

You will attain wealth not one day, but on a date determined by you. After money and skill, you should also set the date. Everything, everything must be clearly in front of you. You must have determined when, by what, and how to become a millionaire.

#5 Step by Step

You should not leave your progress to chance, to coincidence. You will need a detailed plan that will lead you to success. Of course, there may be changes in it, but having a roadmap will allow you to focus on your goal.

#6 Write

Take notes in your notebook, not in your memory. Seeing your progress as time goes on will motivate you a lot. You cannot remember everything. But if you take notes, you can see everything when you look back. You see the whole plan and understand where you are, what you did right, and what you did wrong.

#7 Read

But read it out loud. Just don’t think about it. Read aloud so your goals ring in your ears. Make it even more realistic. Read your goals aloud when you open your eyes in the morning and before you go to bed at night. It will make you believe that you will succeed.

#8 Cowards Can’t Get Rich

Because cowards can’t take their chances, can’t take risks. He is ashamed of making grand plans. The thought of becoming a millionaire bothers them. Be brave. You may not be able to do big things the first time, but show courage even for small jobs.

#9 Suggestion

You must be so focused on your goal that everything you see inevitably seems like an opportunity to realize your plans. If you manage to internalize your goals, your instincts will show you the right path. Just leave the rest to plan and flow.

#10 You Will Fail

I guarantee you that you will fail. Because nobody made it the first time. In the success stories of others, it is not written how many times he stumbled before achieving his first success. Focus on the big plan. Failures are part of the plan.

#11 Positive People

Stay away from negative people, those who criticize everything. Not everything is perfect in life. Do not think that all your troubles will be over when you become a millionaire. There is no end to the problems, but to solve these problems and stay strong, you must have solid friends around you. Complaining is easy and cheap. Stay away from such people.

#12 Follow Your Ideas

Nobody is much smarter than you. Trust your ideas. Don’t hesitate to try. Stand behind the decisions you make. Don’t drown in dozens of options. Your mind will stay on the option you do not choose, but you will not lose as much as you think.

#13 Take a Break and Continue

You will get tired, you will be bored, you will despair. These are all normal and you will experience them all. At this point, anyone can freeze. The feature that distinguishes millionaires from others is that they continue from where they left off after taking a break for a while. Others have already given up and started to hide behind excuses such as bad luck.

#14 Trust Your Subconscious

Relate your feelings to your goals. In this way, you will be able to stick to the plan and continue working as if you were on autopilot. If your goals are subconscious, you will be able to continue even if you lose your motivation.

#15 Don’t Doubt

For once in your life, run to a goal without a doubt. Take your steps by saying what will I do if not. You won’t believe the difference.

#16 Defeat

If you lose try again, if you lose again, change the plan. Correct the situation by going back one step at a time and move on.

#17 Other People

You have nothing to do with other people. Don’t waste your time with their thoughts, actions, words. Get so attached to your target that you don’t see anything else. As you achieve something, those around you will say, “We already knew”.

#18 Prepare Your Mind

As mentioned earlier in this Think and Grow Rich Summary, If your mind is focused on your goal and ready for success, all doors will begin to open to you. Things you say won’t happen will happen. Because if you’re ready, your environment will feel it and inevitably support it.

#19 Failures

Every failure will teach you incredible lessons. No success can give you the meaning of life. It cannot add a new ability. It cannot show you hit shortcomings. But even just one failure can be your greatest teacher.

#20 OK You did it. What About Now?

When that day comes, you will understand that the best part of the job is to struggle with difficulties, to reach the goal step by step. When you look back at the past years, you will see that the years that will make you smile the most are the years when you struggled with difficulties. The years you enjoy telling others the most will be the years when you work the most. Love the journey to your destination. Enjoy it.

Top 10 Quotes from Think and Grow Rich

1. “Truly, Thoughts are things—and powerful things at that when they are mixed with definiteness of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects.”

2. “Henry Ford never reached high school, let alone college. I am not attempting to minimize the value of formal education, but I am trying to express my earnest belief that those who master and apply the secret will reach high stations, accumulate riches, and bargain with life on their terms, even if their schooling has been meager.”

3. “One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat. Every person is guilty of this mistake at one time or another.”

4. “One of the main weaknesses of the human race is the average person’s familiarity with the word “impossible.” People know all the rules which will not work. They know all the things which cannot be done.”

5. “A burning desire to be and to do is a starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness, or lack of ambition.”

6. “You may as well know, right here, that you can never have riches in great quantities unless you can work yourself into a white heat of desire for money and believe you will possess it.”

7. “Beethoven was deaf, Milton was blind, but their names will last as long as civilization endures because they dreamed and translated their dreams into organized thought.”

8. “Knowledge will not attract money (or any other kind of success) unless it is organized and intelligently directed, through practical plans of action, to the definite end of accumulating money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that “knowledge is power.”.”

9. “Of all the ages of civilization, the one in which we live is the most favorable for the development of the imagination because it is an age of rapid change. On every hand we may contact stimuli which develop the imagination.”

10. “The great artists, writers, musicians, and poets become great because they acquire the habit of relying upon the “still small voice” which speaks from within through the faculty of Creative Imagination. It is a fact well known to people who have keen imaginations that their best ideas come through so-called hunches.”

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8 Steps to Get Rich (from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill)

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Think and Grow Rich Summary (5 Minutes): 20 Lessons Learned & PDF file