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9 ESTP Compatibility Findings for Relationships and Dating Male & Female

Some people find certain traits attractive in a partner, while others are completely turned off by the same traits. When it comes to relationship compatibility and dating, ESTP Myers-Briggs personality types naturally make great partners for some personality types. For other personality types, however, the relationship will need some understanding and compromise to work long-term. Dating is the opportunity to get to know someone better, and ESTPs are exciting people to get to know.

ESTP Compatibility, Relationships, and Dating for Male and Female

Let’s explore more about ESTP’s compatibility for relationships and dating.

9 ESTP Compatibility Findings for Relationships and Dating

#1 ESTPs as individuals

Understanding compatibility in a relationship for ESTPs will first require some understanding of their character traits as an individual.

ESTPs are fun-loving, bold, original thinkers and tend to be popular. The rules and structures that often come with life don’t work to the advantage of ESTPs. Their preference for original thought, spontaneous action, and adventure usually means that they struggle in environments that require strict attention or discipline. It is normal for ESTPs to do poorly in school or corporate environments – not because they are unintelligent, but rather because they prefer to have more freedom.

These types are likely to find joy in professions with a touch of adventure. They often follow careers in emergency response roles as paramedics or police. They also do well in the athletics industry; their competitive nature lends well to a career either playing or coaching sports.

#2 ESTPs in social settings

As extroverts, ESTPs like group activities and being out and about in society. Their social lives are their source of energy when they are feeling drained. They enjoy being the center of attention and are skilled “minglers” – mainly because they get bored quickly and move on to the next conversation partner. They are observant and will take note of the little things. These observations have an immediate effect on the ESTP’s interactions, which gives them the illusion of deep empathy and emotional connection. Really, it is observation, logic, and quick-thinking at play.

#3 ESTPs as romantic partners

As a rule, ENTPs don’t fantasize about their true love or their dream wedding. Instead, they live in the moment and enjoy relationships with people as they come. They will stay in a relationship with a partner for as long as it is logical and convenient and likely won’t make an effort to make something work that isn’t worth working out. Their emotional detachment is something that will be a struggle for many personality types, but that will be a non-issue for others.

ESTPs are the kind of people who make excellent long-term partners only when they decide to be long-term partners. Like in their personal lives, ENTPs become bored quickly while dating. Their spontaneity and love for new and exciting things will likely lead them to have various partners throughout their dating lives.

#4 ESTPs and intimacy

ESTPs do not necessarily need to feel deep love or emotional connection to explore the physical side of a relationship. ESTPs apply their bold, original, and free-thinking ways along with their observational talents to their sexual interactions. While this might be an exciting and stimulating experience for some, the ESTP’s emotional disconnection from their partner may be a turnoff for others.

#5 ESTPs and commitment

While committed relationships are not something an ESTP dreams about, they make attentive, caring partners in a long-term relationship. They will likely need to make some adjustments to maintain a healthy relationship. However, their adaptability will help lessen the burden of compromise.

#6 Strengths in a relationship

ESTPs are such dynamic people and have a lot to offer as romantic partners. They are always full of energy and find the right relationship to be an exciting adventure in itself. Their partners are not likely to be bored since ESTPs love to explore new things. They are also adaptable and flexible, which helps them to mitigate conflicts when they arise.

#7 Weaknesses in a relationship

The biggest weakness ESTPs will have in a long-term relationship could be sticking around long enough to allow it to develop into something long-term. Their aversion to prioritize feelings and emotions over logic and reason might lead them to be overly frank or insensitive with their partner. They may also tend to be somewhat detached, which could hurt someone with a “feeling” personality type indicator.

#8 Most compatible relationships

ESTPs are not everybody’s cup of tea, but they are exactly right for some types of people. Here are the best matches for ESTPs:

ISFJ and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

ISFJs make great partners for ESTPs. Their warmth, supportiveness, reliability, and loyalty balance the weaknesses that ESTPs can exhibit in relationships. Their ability to tune in to their partner’s needs and offer their support allows their ESTP partner to have their emotional needs met without discussing their emotions. They are also fun-loving, rational, and imaginative, just like ESTPs.

ISTP and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

ISTPs and ESTPs have a lot in common. Although ISTPs prefer to be in their own company, ESTPs can observe and accommodate their partner’s needs for space and solitude. Their perspective on the world and the way they process information is very similar to ESTPs. They are also willing to make adjustments for their partner’s benefit. However, neither has a strong desire for deep emotional connection nor do they hold back on discussing topics frankly. Overall, these two make a great pair as a result of their similarities.

ESTJ and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

The most significant difference between ESTPs and ESTJs is that ESTJs like to have a plan, and they want structure. They are less flexible than their ESTP counterparts, but in most cases, this difference results in a good balance. ESTPs bring a little fun and spontaneity, and ESTJs bring some structure and focus to the tasks that need to be completed. Both of these personalities are sociable, logical, charming, and strong personalities. They should get along great based on these shared personality traits.

#9 Least compatible relationships

While some personality types have tendencies of behavior that might clash with the tendencies of ESTPs, it is essential to remember that all humans have the ability to adjust and make compromises to make the right relationship work. So while these are the least compatible relationships for ESTP personality types, it is not all doom and gloom for real-life relationships between the following couples:

INTP and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

INTPs enjoy all of the things the ESTPs tend to dislike. They enjoy deep conversations about theory and philosophy and can be quite eccentric. They seek relationships with their intellectual equals and look for genuine connections. Unfortunately, ESTPs struggle to make deep connections, leading to some challenges for an INTP and ESTP couple.

INFJ and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

While it’s true that opposites can attract, this is one of those cases where that proves false. INFJs are empathetic, emotionally-driven humanitarians who love structure and long-term relationships. They are sensitive to criticism and might take the blunt straightforwardness of the ESTP the wrong way. While both personalities are adaptable, it might take a lot of adapting for this couple to work in the long run.

INFP and ESTP compatibility in relationships:

INFPs are incredibly empathetic, emotional, and optimistic. They spend a lot of their time fantasizing about the perfect scenario and daydreaming about the future. This is precisely the kind of thinking that would frustrate an ESTP to no end. ESTPPs are rooted in logic, and they will have a hard time understanding the fantasy world INFPs tend to project onto the real world. While they are both free-spirited and open-minded, their differences are a lot to overcome.


In relationships and dating, everyone is different. Everyone has different things they are searching for in a partner – if they are even looking for a partner. ESTPs are interesting and complex individuals. Their logical and rational approach to processing life is a strange juxtaposition with their adventurous (borderline dangerous) impulses. That being said, they make great partners for the right people. Sometimes they fill the role of Mr./Mrs. Right, and sometimes they serve the function of Mr./Mrs. Right Now. Either way, they are worth getting to know to see if they may be compatible with you.