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12 Facts About ENTP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility Male & Female

If opposites attract, then a relationship between an ENTP and INFJ is bound to be successful. Right? Long-term connection and growth between these two Myers-Briggs personality types are going to rely on a lot of understanding and compromise. Let’s explore more about the relationship compatibility between an ENTP and INFJ.


When looking at Myers-Briggs personality types, ENTPs are charming, quick-witted, and love to learn. Their energy and enthusiasm make them likable and popular, and they like nothing more than to debate topics of interest.

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INFJs are rare Myers-Briggs personality types and they can be very versatile. They are steadfast in their values and will stand up for them. But they also like to be quiet and subdued. They are creative, passionate, and always focus on the task at hand. 

12 Facts About ENTP and INFJ Relationship Compatibility

#1 First Impressions

ENTPs like to surround themselves with people – particularly those who are like-minded. They draw people to them with their charm and charisma, but they prefer discussing things other than themselves when meeting someone new.

INFJs seek connection with others, particularly with someone who shares the same ideas. They also charismatic, and tend to draw people to them, but they have little patience for people who come off as inauthentic.

When these two meet, there is a small chance that they will clash on some things – particularly the hesitancy of the ENTP revealing their true selves so early. But they also are both so charming, they will feel drawn to each other.

#2 Focus on growth

ENTPs like to understand things fully and brainstorm new, creative ways to improve existing systems.

INFJs have an altruistic nature and look to improve things for their community members. They also are very creative, and although they can be quiet and reserved, they will stand up and advocate for their causes.

As a couple, an ENTP and INFJ will work very well together, since they share a goal of improvement, and can think creatively, bouncing ideas off of one another.

#3 Support

When it comes to solving problems, look no further than an ENTP personality. They are going to use their confidence and quick thinking to help their partner work through a challenging situation.

INFJs also make very supportive partners. They desire to make the people in their life feel good, and they are natural cheerleaders.

In a  relationship, these two would provide each other great support, and they would balance each other out in the way that support is offered.

#4 Conversations

ENTP personalities love to engage in good conversations and to explore all aspects of a topic. They can be blunt and to the point with their rhetoric which can rub some people the wrong way. That being said, they are happy to skip the small talk, which their INFJ partner will appreciate.

INFJs feel satisfied when they can connect with another person. They won’t care too much about the topic of the conversation, but they will be happy to grow closer through a good conversation with their partner.

These two have the potential to get into some interesting a deep conversations. As long as the ENTP remembers to consider their partner’s feelings and try not to be too blunt, they will make a good match.

#5 Intimacy

ENTP and INFJs are both creative, thoughtful, and strive to improve. A physical connection between these two has good potential. This is especially true once the ENTP shows more of their true selves to their INFJ partner, and the emotional connection develops further.

#6 Difference in values

When ENTPs desire change, it is as a result of seeing a problem and wanting to solve it. They take a logical approach to solving problems and are usually emotionally removed from the situation.

INFJs wish to make improvements because they have a genuine interest in the welfare of other humans. They want to improve the world and are almost entirely motivated by their emotions and desire to end suffering.

Although ENTPs and INFJs both want to make improvements in the world around them, their motivation for doing so differs. This difference in approach may be a cause for conflict.

#7 Organization

Like a lot of “thinking” personality types, ENTPs are often absorbed in thought and care less about completing day-to-day tasks. They also dislike structured planning and organization and prefer a spontaneous approach.

Quite the opposite, INFJs thrive when they have a to-do list and a plan. They have a task in mind and can stay focused on it. Their perfectionist nature is enhanced by structure.

In this case, compatibility in a relationship will be built on balance. The ENTP can helo the INFJ loosen up and relax, and the INFJ can help the ENTP stay focussed on a task and achieve their goals.

#8 Spare time

ENTPs are energetic and love to spend time with other people. They are always looking to have fun and know how to relax.

INFJs tend to spend their energy on getting their to-do lists done and can be prone to burnout. That being said, they do know how to have a good time and like to spend time with people who share their passions and values.

In a relationship, these two will balance each other out well when it comes to spending time accomplishing tasks, or letting loose and having a good time.

#9 Conflict and resolution

ENTPs can stir up conflicts without meaning to. They strive to understand topics fully so that they can argue for the “correct” side. Unfortunately, they approach this with logic and not with consideration for their partner’s feelings. They can come off as cold, or argumentative and will need to take care to avoid this.

INFJs are sensitive and can take criticism poorly. They are empathetic enough to understand the emotional needs of their partner, but it will take effort on their partner’s behalf to see to their needs. This may be challenged further since INFJs prefer to be private and introspective when it comes to their feelings.

An ENTP and INFJ couple will need to have open and honest communication to avoid hurt feelings and festering resentments.

#10 Creativity

ENTPs and INFJs are both creative personalities. They can think of new and interesting ways to perceive the world and solve problems. In this regard, they are very compatible.

#11 Flexible thinking

Hand-in-hand with their creativity, ENTPs are very flexible thinkers. They approach situations by thinking of all angles and then deciding which is the most logical angle to support.

INFJs, on the other hand, are somewhat rigid in their thinking. They like structures and rules, and although they have the creativity to think outside the box, they find “the box” comforting.

In a relationship, an INFJ may be lured to think outside the box with a convincing argument from their ENTP partner.

#12 Energy and rest

According to the Myers-Briggs Foundation, ENTPs are extroverts and get their energy boost from surrounding themselves with people and an intellectual atmosphere.

INFJs are introverts and need to recharge their batteries with some quiet alone time.

As a couple, these two will need to recognize the energy needs of the other and give them the space they need to rest in the way that works best for them.


Overall, it would appear that opposites do attract. As long as the ENTP can manage their tendency to be a little argumentative, and the INFJ remembers to take a break and enjoy the little things, this couple is sure to succeed.