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120 Powerful Confidence Affirmations to Boost Self-esteem and Self-love

We have to rely on ourselves to discover and utilize our full potential. We can’t achieve extraordinary success if our hard work is not supported by self-confidence. Confidence affirmations are powerful tools to build confidence and boost self-esteem.

Think about the people you admire. They are most likely self-confident. They believe in themselves so much that they wouldn’t even think they would fail.

Being an expert in your field is sometimes not enough to be self-confident. This is because self-confidence is a collective belief and it starts in the mind. That’s why we need to keep reminding ourselves the potential we have, to boost self-confidence and motivation. Using confidence affirmations is a powerful way of realizing our potential.

Self-confidence comes from within. Internal trust needs to be built. In order to create this, we must love ourselves, know our potential, set clear goals, and think positively. We can achieve positive thinking by inspiring ourselves.

We may have negative thoughts that we are not aware of. These thoughts grow and become a problem over time without us even realizing it. We start to be reluctant in business life. They may cause the lack of motivation. That’s why we need positive thoughts in order not to lose our energy and desire.

Positive affirmations lead to positive thoughts. Words coming out of the mouth affect the mind. Therefore, it is in our control to change our minds. An easy way to increase self-confidence is to repeat these 120 affirmations regularly.

120 Powerful Confidence Affirmations to Boost Self-esteem

Here are 120 confidence affirmations that will increase your self-esteem instantly:

#1 I am strong enough to do any job.

#2 I have a consistent character.

#3 I am always ready and I know what I can achieve.

#4 My being is divine beauty.

#5 I have the perfect destiny and I live that way.

#6 I don’t need all conditions to be perfect to do something.

#7 I reflect all the beauty of the world.

#8 I love all the features of my character.

#9 I am an unforgettable person.

#10 I have unique traits that will contribute to the world.

#11 I am the hero of my own story. I don’t need a savior.

#12 I’m not afraid of getting new experiences.

#13 My background reminds me how much I’ve improved.

#14 I have all the beauty of nature.

#15 I can always do better, more. I have this power.

#16 My talents can lead me to unlimited success.

#17 I don’t believe any limits my mind creates.

#18 I am unique and part of the universe, just like any other person.

#19 There is no one more of me in the world.

#20 I have traits that people can draw inspiration from.

#21 I forgive myself for all the mistakes I have made. I know that thanks to those mistakes I improved myself.

#22 The whole universe works harmoniously for me.

#23 I keep my strength and do my best in any situation.

#24 No one can stop me.

#25 I won’t waste time comparing myself to others.

#26 I am aware of who I am and what I can achieve.

#27 I have talents the world would want to see.

#28 I have a unique presence.

#29 I always want to experience more.

#30 I let the power in me unobstructed.

#31 Sorry for doubting my own worth in the past. I am precious and special.

#32 I love and respect myself very much.

#33 I am not satisfied with what I have accomplished. I am ready to do more.

#34 I’m ready to tackle any obstacle that will come in my way.

#35 I’m getting stronger every day.

#36 I know challenges help me improve myself.

#37 I am the sum of all the beauty in the world.

#38 I want more than status and success.

#39 I don’t stay away from fun and adventure.

#40 I continue my life in a cheerful and active way.

#41 I love and accept who I am.

#42 I’m self-sufficient.

#43 I’m the best in my own league.

#44 My love for life makes me look good.

#45 No fear or exaggeration. I really love myself.

#46 I enjoy the moments I breathe.

#47 I have amazing life energy and everyone around me feels it.

#48 I continue to improve myself in my field of expertise with the help of self confidence affirmations as a positive booster.

#49 I have no doubts about myself.

#50 I do whatever work I can afford.

#51 I continue to contribute to the world.

#52 I am someone people need and value.

#53 I don’t let my fears stop me.

#54 I’m in the world for a special reason.

#55 I see mistakes as lessons and continue to learn.

#56 I am a mentor for people after me.

#57 I feel confident because I know who I am.

#58 I know fears are normal and I never give up.

#59 I have a circle of people who know my worth.

#60 I’m ready. I am always ready.

#61 I love living life without limits.

#62 My mind may get blurry but I trust my feelings.

#63 I’m getting bigger and bigger.

#64 I can improve myself thanks to the difficulties.

#65 I don’t let fear stop or slow me down.

#66 I know other people believe me too.

#67 I do everything with confidence.

#68 I am proud of all my attributes.

#69 I feel whole with the universe.

#70 I’m moving forward with determination and the power of confidence affirmations.

#71 Being at peace with myself attracts other people.

#72 I’m always ready to show my highest performance.

#73 I am the embodiment of peaceful but invincible energy.

#74 I’m looking for new heights.

#75 I am ready to achieve new achievements.

#76 I am full of love and courage.

#77 I am in the lead role of my life.

#78 I shine like a star every day.

#79 I stand behind my decisions to the end.

#80 I trust my feelings.

#81 I enjoy every moment of life.

#82 My gestures show my grace and confidence.

#83 I am unresponsive. I approach things smartly and calmly.

#84 I feel my rise.

#85 I’m the best in my field.

#86 I don’t doubt what I know and I work without hesitation.

#87 I am strong enough to forgive critics.

#88 I’m just racing with myself.

#89 I love to live and see results.

#90 I don’t try to be anyone else and I enjoy being myself.

#91 It feels great to be yourself.

#92 I’m a mysterious being and I know I’m special.

#93 I am satisfied with the position I am and with my personality.

#94 Nobody can block me.

#95 Being myself gives me freedom.

#96 I can accomplish any job if I want to.

#97 I am the center of power.

#98 I feel more confident every day.

#99 I live a life full of success.

#100 I feel perfect.

#101 I have all the features that bring me success and I enjoy leveraging confidence affirmations to boost my self-esteem.

#102 I am aware of my potential.

#103 People are right to trust me.

#104 I deserve a perfect life.

#105 I have no rivals but myself.

#106 I look at the obstacles with a smile.

#107 My plans and ideas lead to success.

#108 I have a sharp mind.

#109 I give confidence around me.

#110 I’m not avoiding taking responsibility.

#111 I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

#112 I’m proud to be such a person.

#113 It excites me to discover myself.

#114 I start every day with confidence.

#115 No difficulty can daunt me.

#116 I am always aware of my gift and I share it freely with the world.

#117 I make a difference every day by showing up and doing my best.

#118 I believe in my skills and express my true self with confidence and ease.

#119 I am happy with my imperfections. They make me unique and I love them.

#120 There is absolutely nothing I am not able to overcome. I always find a way to thrive and grow.

Do you know confidence affirmations that work perfectly to boost your self-esteem? Share with us!