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9 Insights for ENFJ and INFP Relationship Compatibility Male and Female

A couple who is concerned with putting others first is destined to be a compatible match – or are they? How well do people with ENFJ and INFP Myers-Briggs personality type indicators in a relationship complement one another? Alternatively, how might they clash? Let’s explore 9 insights about ENFJ and INFP relationship compatibility.


We know ENFJs as people who take to leadership easily, have enormous empathy for others, and a great deal of patience. They are charismatic, charming, and want to improve the world around them. They can also struggle to make difficult decisions, overthink situations, and take criticism to heart.

ENFJ and INFP Relationship Compatibility for a Male and Female

INFPs are the shy, quiet, artistic daydreamers in our lives. They seek to help people and spend a lot of their time searching for a calling. They are often spontaneous and like to think and act outside the box and without a plan.

9 Insights About ENFJ and INFP Relationship Compatibility

#1 First impressions

ENFJs will draw people to them. In a social setting, they are going to mingle around the room and strike up conversations easily. They put effort into getting to know people and make connections easily.

INFPs are more introverted and can be shy, but they are still reasonably social. They like to spend time with others in smaller group settings and will happily engage in conversations – just not about themselves, at first.

When first meeting, ENFJs and INFPs might clash if the ENFJ wants to get to know the INFP for who they are sooner than the INFP is ready.

#2 Early in the relationship

In the early stages of a romantic relationship, ENFJs want to be as open and outgoing as possible to get to know their partner on a deep level. They tend to move very quickly in a relationship.

INFPs are the opposite and are very private and are hesitant to reveal their true selves early in a relationship. They also want to get to know their potential match and compare that person to their fantasized ideal partner.

In the early days of the relationship, the ENFJ will need to be understanding of the pace that the INFP needs to go to advance in the relationship. The INFP will need to be realistic about what qualities they are looking for in a partner.

#3 Emotional connection

In a relationship, and ENFJ and INFP will have no trouble connecting on an emotional level. They are both intuitive and feeling personalities, which allows them to understand their own emotions and the emotional needs of their partners very easily.

When it comes to connecting on a deep level, this couple will have no trouble as long as both parties are in a place to share themselves openly and honestly.

#4 Empathetic nature

As intuitive feeling personality types, ENFJs and INFPs also share their empathetic nature. They are both concerned with the feelings of others ahead of the feelings of themselves and look to end suffering in others.

They are both extremely thoughtful and kindhearted, and this will help their compatibility in a relationship.

#5 Communication

ENFJs are open-minded, passionate, and good communicators. This is why they often find themselves in positions of leadership. They have no hesitancy when discussing the things that need to be discussed in a relationship.

INFPs, on the other hand, are more quiet and will hesitate to communicate openly at first. Once they develop trust, they will open right up and will be an excellent match to their ENFJ partner.

As long as the ENFJ remembers to let their INFP partner have the floor when it is their turn, this couple will have very good communication. It may take some time to develop though.

#6 Humanitarian efforts

ENFJs and INFPs are both very altruistic and will work well together when focused on humanitarian efforts. They will find common ground working to improve their community.

This mutual desire for helping others will build their connection and will result in a compatible match.

#7 Conflict and resolution

ENFJs prefer to avoid conflic when they can. They are very patient and can view any arguments from both sides. They are happy to listen and can admit when they are in the wrong. They are sensitive and struggle with self-confidence, so their partner will have to be careful and “fight fair” when there is an issue.

INFPs desire peace in their lives and will avoid conflict at all costs. When a situation they are struggling with builds to its limit, it could result in an outburst of emotions and a conflict that is larger than it needed to be in the first place. They will need to take care to hold in saying hurtful things that they can’t take back.

When it comes to this couple getting into an argument, there is potential for a simple problem to get out of hand, but if both parties can handle conflicts maturely, they have the empathy and open-mindedness to forgive each other and move forward.

#8 Following structure

When it comes to following structure and tradition, these two are the absolute opposite. ENFJs thrive when they have a plan and a to-do list. They like a sense of order and dislike clutter.

INFPs feel uncomfortable in structured environments and look for more freedom. They are going to thrive in a space of “organized chaos”.

As a couple, they may balance each other out – but they also might clash if all the day-to-day tidying falls to the ENFJ.

#9 Energy and rest

ENFJs are social butterflies and will be inclined to go out for a night on the town when they need to let off steam or recharge their batteries.

INFPs are introverted, and they will appreciate a night in with a book, or perhaps doing something creative like writing or painting to feel rested and ready for the next day.

Both of these personalities are able to understand what their partner will need and are happy to give the other the space to do what they need.


Overall, a relationship between an ENFJ and INFP has excellent potential to be successful and compatible. They will need to make small adjustments to accommodate one another, but isn’t that just how relationships work?