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8 Realities of ENFJ and ENFP Relationship Compatibility Male & Female

In an ENFJ and ENFP relationship, there is bound to be a deep connection and appreciation between the two. These personality types are extremely similar, only differing in their preference with how they organize their world – structured and full of to-do lists, or carefree and spontaneously. Is that difference the make or break between these two, or can they flourish in a relationship together?

8 Realities About ENFJ and ENFP Relationship Compatibility


ENFJs are warm, compassionate, and tuned-in to those around them. They take to leadership roles easily due to their passion and charisma. Both love to help others reach their full potential and foster personal and group growth easily. They are great communicators and will use these skills to tactfully help their friends and partners work through problems.

ENFPs are incredibly similar to ENFJs in that they are also warm, compassionate, and tuned in to the needs of others. They are free spirits who couldn’t care less about what activity they are doing, as long as they are building connections with the people they are doing it with. They are charming and the life of the party but can also focus and be serious when they need to be.

8 Realities About ENFJ and ENFP Relationship Compatibility

#1 First Impressions

Being as outgoing as they are, ENFJs will have no trouble approaching the life of the party (ENFP) and starting a conversation. ENFJs have a desire to connect with others and seek relationships built on emotional and intellectual compatibility.

ENFPs will draw attention and welcome introductions to new people. ENFPs love to share ideas and anecdotes, and this works very well with an ENFJ who loves to focus on others.

Regardless of who makes the first move between these two, they are highly likely to build a connection over an easy conversation the first time they meet.

#2 Intimacy

People with ENFJ indicators love being in a relationship, trust others easily, and desire a deep connection with their partners. They are excellent at anticipating the needs of their partners and will be super supportive in all aspects of the relationship.

ENFPs also take relationships seriously however, their impulsiveness also makes it difficult for them to keep long-term relationships. But, if they are committed, their spontaneity makes for an exciting and interesting physical relationship, and they have an appreciation for the person they choose to share affection with.

Intimacy is the cornerstone of successful relationships. Not only physical intimacy but also trust and emotions. When an ENFJ and ENFP find themselves in a committed relationship together, they are going to make the most of their connection on all levels.

#3 Conversations

As with most extroverted pairs, ENFJs and ENFPs both love to talk! They both have a desire to share their ideas with those around them. Unfortunately, this is where they may find themselves unable to be in a relationship with the other.

When both parties have so much to say, they need to remember to let their partner have their turn and speak uninterrupted. If they can both do this, they will have some very interesting, and long, conversations on which to build their connection.

#4 Disputes and Conflict Resolution

ENFJs dislike conflict and will avoid it at all costs. They are very patient and able to listen to the perspective of others. They can admit their own wrong-doing and are open to constructive criticism. However, they can be sensitive and struggle with self-confidence so hurtful words can have a strong effect on them.

ENFPs are overall easy-going and “go with the flow”. They are comfortable with discussing their feelings, and open to discussing the feelings of their partners. However, they can be emotional and tend to overthink things. This can lead to stress and a sense of being overwhelmed. Overall, they have the skills to overcome conflict, but it could be a rollercoaster ride to get there.

Both ENFJs and ENFPs enjoy peace and harmony in relationships and have the skills and the empathy to work through conflicts with their partners. If conflicts arise, they will be able to move past them with little issue and no grudges held.

#5 Decision-Making

As leaders and planners, ENFJs have a goal and will work towards it. They will be very decisive and have a to-do list ready to go to reach the desired end-product.

ENFPs, on the other hand, are carefree and spontaneous, and will have a rough idea of things they want to accomplish but will procrastinate making choices until necessary.

As different as these two appear, the pairing is incredibly compatible. Relationships are about balance, and the ENFJ will be happy to take the lead and make the decisions, keeping in mind the needs and preferences of their partner. ENFPs will appreciate a partner who can take control and make decisions for both of them.

#6 Motivations

As you might have realized by now, ENFJs like having a goal and a plan to achieve that goal. They will find motivation in their need to accomplish it and will work hard to execute their plan.

ENFPs, on the other hand, take a more relaxed approach to get the things they want out of life and enjoy thinking of the possibilities. They are motivated by a drive to live in the moment and enjoy life as it happens.

There is another opportunity for these two to balance each other out when it comes to what motivates them. However, it might be difficult for the driven and structured side of the ENFJ to get past the lackadaisical approach the ENFP has to reach their goals. They may need to push their partner, but not too hard.

#7 Energy and Rest

Both ENFJs and ENFPs have extroverted indicators. This means that both are outgoing, social, and energetic. When they do need to re-charge their batteries going out for a night on the town will seem very relaxing to both of them.

In this regard, they are so similar that the way they both expend and refill energy that they are perfectly matched.

#8 Core Values

According to the Myers-Briggs Foundation, ENFJs have a strong adherence to their values and will be unlikely to falter from their fundamental ideals. These ideals are probably going to center on improving the world around them, and they feel drawn to humanitarian efforts and charity work.

ENFPs value independence and exploring new ideas. They also like adventure and being free to make their own decisions (eventually) is something they fundamentally need.

These two types are well-matched concerning their values, as the humanitarian efforts the ENFJ is going to pursue will be an exciting adventure for the ENFP to participate in. Again, it’s a good opportunity for them to find balance in their relationship.


These two personalities are warm, energetic, and charming and will certainly connect. This can lead to a very compatible and successful pairing. As long as they balance each other, and let their partner speak without interruption, this couple can find harmonious love.

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